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SharePoint 2013 Document Management Out of the Box


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My presentation of SharePoint 2013 Document Management Out of the Box. Many principles can be applied to SharePoint Online (Office 365), SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010, and even SharePoint 2007. Illustrated a case study at Deeley Harley-Davidson of Canada.

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SharePoint 2013 Document Management Out of the Box

  1. 1. SP 2013: DocumentManagement Out of the BoxSharePoint Saturday – MONTRÉAL2 février 2013 – February 2nd 2013
  2. 2. Merci à nos commanditaires! Thanks to our sponsors!
  3. 3. { About.Me() }• Current SharePoint MVP• Author for two SP 2010 development books• SharePoint Architect for Infusion• Speaker at International Conferences on SharePoint, at user groups, and at SharePoint Saturdays• Certified Trainer for the industry leading SharePoint training from Critical Path Training• Telerik “Insider”• Holds all MS certifications for SharePoint 2010• Harley-Davidson ™ Enthusiast!
  4. 4. London Kraków Dubai New York Toronto Boston
  5. 5. And, yes, I do really have a Black Belt. 
  6. 6. Published Books
  7. 7. Prize! Telerik DevCraft Ultimate Collection
  8. 8. SharePoint Document Management Out of Box
  9. 9. The Good Old Team Site!
  10. 10. Who is Deeley Canada?• Manufacturer – USA• Importer – Distributor• Independent Retailer
  11. 11. The Challenge – Typical!• Quarterly Business Planning Exercise• Sensitive information for senior management• Secured on a file share• Changes e-mailed in password protected files• Cut and paste to Excel and PowerPoint• “Versions” postfixed with dates / initials• Where is the definitive version?• Where is the latest version?
  12. 12. Solution is SharePoint! – Right?• Team Site thrown up for collaboration• Information dumped into document library• Not much thought or planning to the site• SP is just a glorified web based file share• Little governance of the activity being performed• People still e-mail around and edit docs offline• Site becomes yet another content “ghost town”• Failure!
  13. 13. Information Architecture• Site Collection: A boundary for a site hierarchy, starting with the top level site (root site)• Content Type: A defined schema for your content (think database schema), that includes meta data, documet template, and workflow
  14. 14. Content Type Hub• Defined Site Collection to specify content types• Enterprise wide sharing of SharePoint schema• Other site collections can subscribe to content type hub
  15. 15. Site Collection or Site?• Create a new boundary (site collection) if: – A unique group of collaborators (i.e. Security) – A singular purpose for collaborations – Site Administration and Ownership of content – Large size for content database (or quota)
  16. 16. Governance!• Get Executive sponsorship and participation• Define your document lifecycle and workflow• Define everybody’s role (and security)• Define responsibilities and accountability• Define policies and procedures• Define communications, operations, and support plans• Conduct role specific training
  17. 17. Content Type Hub – How To• Create dedicated site collection with blank site template – define content types – Control publishing of content types• Designate site collection as content type hub in Managed Metadata Service• Timer Jobs Content Type Hub and Content Type Subscriber drive publishing• From Site Collection Admin, one can view “Content type publishing”
  18. 18. Managed Meta Data Service• Content Type Hub is part of the Managed Meta Data Service, and the web application “attached” to it• You can have multiple defined Managed Meta Data Services if you need to partition Content Type Hub and/or certain taxonomies.
  19. 19. Deeley Content Types
  20. 20. Content Types in Hub
  21. 21. Key Content Type Settings• Advanced Settings – Document Template• Workflow Settings – Associate workflow templates• Information Management Policy – Define retention stages – Enable Auditing
  22. 22. Content Types in Hub• Control of Publishing content types
  23. 23. Document Management Site
  24. 24. Doc Management Site Settings• Site Collection Administration -> Content type publishing
  25. 25. Business Planning Document Library
  26. 26. Document Library Settings• Allow Management of Content Types• Configure only specific content types• Require content approval for submitted items• Configure OOTB approval workflow• Create major and minor versions – Set limits for major versions and drafts!• Draft Item security – only users who can edit• Require document check out
  27. 27. Conclusions• Top down executive support• Define document schema enterprise wide in a content type hub• Define a site collection for collaboration with a singular purpose in mind• Define poeple’s roles and implement using SharePoint groups• Define document libraries that use only specific content types• Role specific training!
  28. 28. Remerciements / Thanks Questions et réponses / Q&
  29. 29. Merci à nos commanditaires! Thanks to our sponsors!
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