P.L.A.N. To Succeed Online


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Model for succeeding with online advertising. Introduces the Online P.L.A.N model to guide marketers in planning, executing and measuring successful online campaigns. Applies P.L.A.N. model to P&G's Old Spice Social Media Campaign, Harry Reid's incredible Senate win and the making of Inception the movie

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P.L.A.N. To Succeed Online

  1. 1. Emma Battle @emusing on Twitter P.L.A.N. to Succeed Online November 18, 2010
  2. 2. Emma Battle @emusing on TwitterP.L.A.N.To Succeed Online During my12 years in B2B and B2C online marketing, I’ve seen conversion rates increase anywhere from 10% to 300%+ as a result of improvements in planning.
  3. 3. Emma Battle @emusing on TwitterP.L.A.N.To Succeed Online SUCCESS ONLINE IS CRITICAL FOR B2B MARKETERS... Source: SiriusDecisions
  4. 4. Emma Battle @emusing on TwitterP.L.A.N.To Succeed Online ...AND FOR B2C MARKETERS
  5. 5. Emma Battle @emusing on TwitterP.L.A.N.To Succeed Online PLANNING OFTEN FOSTERS SUCCESS, BUT NOT ALL PLANNING IS SUCCESSFUL • not just online • not just for marketing
  6. 6. Emma Battle @emusing on TwitterP.L.A.N.To Succeed Online • Strategic Plan - Successful company, happy shareholders • Marketing Plan (Brand, Product, Corporate Communications, Field, Online) • Campaign Plans global, local, awareness, lead generating, nurturing - includes online and offline • Implementation and Assessment Collaboration YES,WE PLAN AT RED HAT
  7. 7. Emma Battle @emusing on TwitterP.L.A.N.To Succeed Online BASIC ELEMENTS IN A GENERIC ONLINE PLAN • Goal - Increase awareness about a new product • Target - Data Center Managers • Pain - Want to learn more about open source options • Consideration Stage - Early (awareness, researching) • Channels - Search engines, websites, forums, friends, mobile • Online tactics - Web content, SEM,Twitter, Communities • Online offers - White papers, videos, blog posts, webinars • Success metrics - Clicks, views, traffic referrals, registrations
  8. 8. Emma Battle @emusing on TwitterP.L.A.N.To Succeed Online 3 POINTSTOTAKE AWAYTODAY 1. Online P.L.A.N. model - Prepare, Launch, Assess, Nurture 2. A.I.M. acronym - Avoid Insta-Marketing 3. “Realtime Marketing” is not “Insta-Marketing”
  9. 9. Emma Battle @emusing on TwitterP.L.A.N.To Succeed Online 7 “P”S FOR ONLINE MARKETING SUCCESS Proper Planning & Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance Source: Adapted from BOT International PMO Comics 7 “P”s - Common US military saying I have read your Online Marketing plan. There are a number of good ideas and tactics, but I don’t understand your goals and objectives for the campaign.
  10. 10. Emma Battle @emusing on TwitterP.L.A.N.To Succeed Online MY ONLINE P.L.A.N. MODEL 1. Prepare 4. Nurture 3. Assess 2. Launch P A N L
  11. 11. Emma Battle @emusing on TwitterP.L.A.N.To Succeed Online This Prepare Launch Assess Nurture A.I.M. TO SUCCEED AVOID INSTA-MARKETING NotThis Pluck Lob Assume Needle
  12. 12. Emma Battle @emusing on TwitterP.L.A.N.To Succeed Online A.I.M. TO SUCCEED AVOID INSTA-MARKETING This Prepare - research, target Launch - deploy strategically Assess - analyze results Nurture - engage prospects NotThis Pluck - a few tactics Lob - them into cyberspace Assume - tactics are working Needle - prospects w/spam
  13. 13. Emma Battle @emusing on TwitterP.L.A.N.To Succeed Online REAL-TIME MARKETING? YES! Reach broadly Engage often Authentically influence Listen actively TIMEly respond
  14. 14. Emma Battle @emusing on TwitterP.L.A.N.To Succeed Online Social media is an important part of online marketing, but... “50% of Companies Entering Social Media Have No Plan” 88% of the “planless” agree “it is important to have such a plan, suggesting perhaps the lack of a cohesive planning process is preventing the company from moving forward to adopt strategies for the social channel”. Source: Socialtimes.com & Digital Brand Expressions Study http://bit.ly/aLzVzY
  15. 15. Emma Battle @emusing on TwitterP.L.A.N.To Succeed Online P.L.A.N. REVIEW A RECENT, POPULAR CAMPAIGN Prepare- 70 years of Research suggested shift in purchase dynamics. About 6 months of planning for a 6 month campaign. Targeted female shoppers. Used “an integrated approach”. Launch- Multi-channel roll-out. A workflow and clear guidelines, principles for the real-time engagement resulted in “controlled chaos”. Aligned message to media. Assess - Market position grew to #1. Gained 90% share of voice vs competitors. Traffic up 300%. Searches up 2,500%. Sales up 107%. Nurture - Quick response videos part of the plan. Had a dedicated “seeding strategy” for fans and followers. Worked to create deeper relationships with consumers. P&G Marketer’s Goal: “Engage our consumers in a way that’s not only entertaining, but also relevant, humorous and worthy of their attention.” http://bit.ly/c3MCVT http://bit.ly/dvd59Q
  16. 16. Emma Battle @emusing on TwitterP.L.A.N.To Succeed Online HARRY REID’S CAMPAIGN Prepare- Planning started 5 years early in 2005 he realized leadership role would drive his negatives up and started preparing by researching and reducing GOP competition giving them important assignments. He targeted Latinos as an important voting block. Launch- Focused $20M to define his opponent early. Kept efforts local and focused on hammering home the same points over and over and over. Assess - Took and trusted his own polling which never showed him as being behind. Didn’t panic when the public polling did show him behind. Nurture - created iphone app for the base to donate and stay up on campaign. Started building GOTV operation 5 years before needing it. “In a signature display of tactical prowess and tenacity, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s methodical and at-times Machiavellian campaign plan, years in the making, allowed him to survive.” http://bit.ly/dyj4py http://bit.ly/9fI1Jj http://bit.ly/dztyp6
  17. 17. Emma Battle @emusing on TwitterP.L.A.N.To Succeed Online THE MAKING OF INCEPTION Prepare- Christopher Nolan started planning Inception10 years earlier with the idea for the dream heist written in an 80 page “treatment” and submitted to Warner Brothers. He then spent 10 years pondering and analyzing his own process/dreams in lieu of third party research. Launch- Filming spanned 6 countries and 4 continents, used high quality photography and huge sets. Premiered in London and released to critical acclaim. Assess - Budgeted for $160M, took in $21M on opening day and $63M opening weekend. As of Oct. 30th revenue reported at $477M. Nurture - Multiple Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas interviews. Possible video “...It took me a while to figure out how to make an emotional connection with the material...it had to be more about the human condition... I had to work on the characters—the things that help an audience connect... http://bit.ly/aI2B09 http://bit.ly/aaRwOq http://bit.ly/anvJwB
  18. 18. Emma Battle @emusing on TwitterP.L.A.N.To Succeed Online CHECK OUTTHE MOVIE INCEPTION AN ONLINE MARKETER’S PLAYBOOK • Architects / Planners / Marketers • Messaging • Clear goals and success metrics • A Plan within a Plan within a Plan • A Launch • Prospect on a journey: awareness consideration conversion
  19. 19. Emma Battle @emusing on TwitterP.L.A.N.To Succeed Online PLANT O SUCCEED ONLINE Inception Marketing
  20. 20. Emma Battle @emusing on TwitterP.L.A.N.To Succeed Online • Twitter Twestions? @emusing or DM @emusing hashtag #ISUM10. Thank you!