First Look Webcast: OneCore Storage SDK 3.6 Roll-out and Walkthrough


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Technological innovations are driving a wave of embedded solutions, such as sophisticated solid state disk (SSD) storage products, networks appliances, backup engines, and storage arrays. To meet the needs of these applications, Emulex has developed a comprehensive set of reference drivers to accelerate the development of feature-rich products and solutions based on Emulex connectivity technology.
These slides for this webcast focus on the following:
Outline the latest features and enhancements of the OneCore Storage 3.6 release
Provide a walkthrough of our HTML-based driver development documentation
Discuss upcoming SDK release features
Cover the most common questions fielded by our Development team

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First Look Webcast: OneCore Storage SDK 3.6 Roll-out and Walkthrough

  1. 1. OneCore Storage SDK 3.6 Roll-out and Walkthrough Eric McLaughlin John Cedillo Director, Engineering Sr. Marketing Manager
  2. 2. Webcast Agenda Getting Clear OneCore Storage SDK Overview OneCore Storage SDK 3.6 Features and Roadmap Driver Architecture Overview OneCore Storage SDK API Walk-Through Questions Prize Drawing © 2013 Emulex Corporation 2
  3. 3. Accelerate Time to Market of Storage Solutions OneCore Storage Software Developer Kit The Preferred Device Driver Extensive Training and Platform Source Code Documentation Support PCIe 3.0 16GFC  Initiator and Target  Reference  Online developer’s Adapters Drivers manual, quick start portal 1200K IOPS  Linux FC, FCoE and guide, and release  Online training 1,2,4 Ports iSCSI reference notes modules, and Converged-Fabric drivers  Utility reference support forum (10GbE/16GFC  FreeBSD FC/FCoE guide  Access to dedicated Capable) reference drivers  SLI-4 architecture application engineer Advanced Features  NPIV and T10-PI spec through support Advanced Features  Protocol and adapter forum management command guides © 2013 Emulex Corporation 3
  4. 4. Getting Clear –The Preferred Enterprise Development Platform Emulex Engine (XE) 201 ~12 Million Ports Installed Converged Fabric Controller  8GFC, 16GFC, 10GbE, FCoE, and iSCSI connectivity  Rock-solid reliability  >10 million hours MTBF  10th Generation FC HBA  10% improvement in thermal  76% market share characteristics Optimal Performance The Platform of Choice  1.2 Million IOPS  PCIe 3.0 with backward  Awarded Every 16GFC Design- compatibility to PCIe 2.0 in to Date  Cuts Latency by 75%  Ultimate in deployment flexibility  T10 PI offload  Cloud scalability  NPIV support More Than Just Incredible Performance! © 2013 Emulex Corporation 4
  5. 5. Getting Clear –The Preferred Enterprise Development Platform The fastest generally available 16GFC HBA* Delivers 11x better CPU utilization* Delivers 7x IOPS performance* Rock-solid enterprise reliability; highest published MTBF* 11x more server energy efficient; IOPS per server watt* 124% faster Oracle Database performance* 137% faster Microsoft SQL Server performance* 4.6x faster in 8GFC mode**Demartek Emulex LPe16000B 16 Gb Fibre Channel HBA Feature Comparison, December 2012 © 2013 Emulex Corporation 5
  6. 6. Overview
  7. 7. OneCore Storage SDK Highlights OneCore Storage SDK provides a common driver framework for: – All Emulex SLI-4 product platforms (XE201*, XE4310R, and future platforms) – All the Storage Protocols (FC, FCoE and iSCSI) OneCore Storage SDK replaces: – The Emulex iSCSI TDK – The Emulex FC TM SDK OneCore Storage SDK is on its 3rd Major Release – Over a dozen Storage OEM customers – Even more Development Portal customers OneCore Storage drivers can shorten development time in a number of ways: – Use “as-is” with a standard or custom Back-end interface – Leverage components of the driver as building blocks for your driver – Use as reference code along with the Emulex SLI-4 specifications to write your own driver * The XE201 is capable of Fibre Channel and Ethernet © 2013 Emulex Corporation 7
  8. 8. 3.6 Features &SDK Roadmap
  9. 9. OneCore Storage SDK 3.6Features and Hardware Support Linux FC/FCoE BSD FC/FCoE • RHEL 6.3 • FreeBSD 9.1 • Target and Initiator Support • CAM Initiator and Target Support • ELX RAMD • CAM Target Layer (CTL) w/ • T10-PI block, file, etc. • NPIV • camcontrol and ctladm support • High-Login Mode • ELX RAMD • SCST (Tech Preview) • T10-PI (ELX RAMD) • User-Space Driver (Tech Preview) Management Linux iSCSI • New Management API • RHEL 6.3 • elxsdkutil reference utility (BSD/Linux) • Target Support • ELX RAMD HW Support • iSCSI Level 0 ER • XE201*, XE4310R * The XE201 is capable of Fibre Channel and Ethernet © 2013 Emulex Corporation 9
  10. 10. OneCore Storage SDK Roadmap 2013 3.6.x Release 4.0 Release 5.0 Release CQ1 CQ2 CQ4Linux FC/FCoE (RHEL 6.3) Linux FC/FCoE Linux FC/FCoE (RHEL 6.4)• Target and Initiator Support • RHEL 6.4 • LIO Support• T10-PI • SCST Support • FC-Tape Support• NPIV • User-Space Driver• High-Login Mode Linux iSCSI (RHEL 6.4) • XE201 FCoE Support• SCST (Tech Preview) • LIO Support • LIO Support (Tech Preview)• User-Space Driver (Tech Preview) • T10-PI Linux iSCSI • CHAPLinux iSCSI (RHEL 6.3) • RHEL 6.4 • MC/S• Target Support • SCST Support• iSCSI Level 0 ER BSD FC/FCoE • Initiator Support • FreeBSD 9.2BSD FC/FCoE (FreeBSD 9.1) • User-Space Driver Management• CAM Initiator and Target Support BSD FC/FCoE (FreeBSD 9.1) • Skyhawk Support• CAM Target Layer (CTL) w/ • XE201 FCoE Support block, file, etc. • Core Dump Management• camcontrol and ctladm support • Configurability • CIM Provider (iSCSI/FCoE/NIC)• T10-PI (ELX RAMD) HW Support HW SupportManagement • XE201, XE4310R • XE201, XE4310R, and Next Gen• elxsdkutil ref utility (BSD/Linux) PlatformsHW Support Customer Requested Features • XE201*, XE4310R * The XE201 is capable of Fibre Channel and Ethernet © 2013 Emulex Corporation 10
  11. 11. Driver ArchitectureOverview
  12. 12. OneCore Storage SDKKernel Driver Block Diagram © 2013 Emulex Corporation 12
  13. 13. OneCore Storage SDKDriver Components Service Level Interface 4 (SLI-4) – The SLI-4 component implements the commands and processing defined by the SLI-4 Architecture Specification, SLI-4 FC and FCoE Command Reference, and the SLI-4 iSCSI Command Reference – The SLI-4 component provides a lightly-abstracted application programming interface (API) that enables access to the device hardware without enforcing a specific policy Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) – The HAL component provides an abstracted interface to the SLI-4 component to perform common operations, such as, port initialization, shutdown, and I/O - these operations can be performed without having to know the semantics of the SLI-4 interface – The HAL component also provides APIs for port and node management, command and event processing, as well as I/O handling Transport – The transport components provide protocol-specific and general transport handling – The FC/FCoE transport sub-component includes discovery, logins and BLS/ELS handling – The iSCSI transport sub-component includes connection establishment, connection offload and session management © 2013 Emulex Corporation 13
  14. 14. OneCore Storage SDKDriver Components (Continued) SCSI API – Part of the Transport layer – Provides a SCSI-like API for back-end initiator and target connectivity – Common across all three storage protocols (FC, FCoE, and iSCSI) – Includes APIs for sending/receiving SCSI commands and TMFs, sending/receiving data and SCSI status, as well as aborting I/O Operating System – Provides the OS services required by the OneCore Storage driver through an OS-independent API – Separate component are provided for Linux, FreeBSD, and User-Space drivers – Functionality includes: • Memory allocation, free, and cache coherency • Locking for concurrency protection • Linked list creation and handling • OS-specific PCI driver entry points and MSI-x/INTx interrupt handling © 2013 Emulex Corporation 14
  15. 15. OneCore Storage SDKDriver Common ObjectsThe OneCore Storage Driver Common objects provide a mechanism throughwhich the various OCS driver components share and track information. Thesedata structures are primarily used to track SLI component information, but canbe extended by other components, if needed. The main objects are: Domain – The ocs_domain_t object represents the SCSI domain, including any infrastructure devices such as FC switches and FC forwarders. The domain object contains both an FCFI and a VFI. SLI Port – The ocs_sport_t object represents the connection between the driver and the SCSI domain. The SLI Port object contains a VPI (virtual port indicator). Remote Node – The ocs_node_t represents a connection between the SLI Port and another device in the SCSI domain. The node object contains an RPI (remote port indicator) DMA – The ocs_dma_t object describes a memory region capable of performing direct memory access (DMA) transactions. © 2013 Emulex Corporation 15
  16. 16. OneCore Storage SDKBack-End Support © 2013 Emulex Corporation 16
  17. 17. OneCore Storage SDKLinux User-Space FC/FCoE Driver Block Diagram © 2013 Emulex Corporation 17
  18. 18. OneCore Storage SDKLinux User-Space FC/FCoE Driver Overview The Linux User-Space FC/FCoE Driver is composed of three components: – Kernel Module – Common Linux FC/FCoE Front-End Components (same as kernel driver) – Emulex RAMD (same as kernel driver) Kernel Module (ocs_uspace.ko) – The User-Space driver includes a small kernel module (ocs_uspace.ko) that provides access to PCI resources, DMA buffer management, etc. – The Kernel module functionality includes: • Read/Write PCI configuration space registers • Read/Write per PCI function BAR memory regions • Mapping of per PCI function BAR memory regions to user space • Allocation and freeing of kernel resident DMA buffers and mapping buffers to user space. • DMA buffer synchronization (maintaining cache coherency) • Wait on interrupt © 2013 Emulex Corporation 18
  19. 19. API Walk-Through
  20. 20. OneCore Storage SDK API Walk-Through Documentation Dashboard © 2013 Emulex Corporation 20
  21. 21. Q&A
  22. 22. OneCore Storage SDK Resources Product Page Developer Portal White Paper Data Sheet © 2013 Emulex Corporation 22
  23. 23. © 2013 Emulex Corporation 23