Emulex Presents Why I/O is Strategic Global Survey Results


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This webcast is the first in a monthly series on why I/O is strategic for the data center. Emulex will present findings from a global survey of more than 1,500 IT professionals that demonstrate the strategic importance of I/O in the data center across four key technology trends: virtualization, cloud, big data and convergence.

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  • Emulex Presents Why I/O is Strategic Global Survey Results

    1. 1. The Strategic I/O SurveyShaun WalshSVP of Corporate Marketingand Development 1
    2. 2. Industry Trends 2
    3. 3. Key IT Trends Virtualization Global Cloud Big Data Converged Caching Delivery Analytics Networking Storage Pervasive server The mobility of Disparate data Growth of 10GbE SSD/Flash and storage the data center, characterized by will drive will change I/O at virtualization are application and increased velocity, consolidation of IP every tier of theimproving hardware device will drive variety & volume traffic evolving to data center &utilization, speeding global cloud will be converted convergence of IP drive optimized deployment, implementation into actionable & Fibre Channel cloud delivery delivering IT agility & consumption information, driving delivering and laying the profits simplicity, foundation for manageability and cloud computing TCO savings Networking is the Foundation for Global Information 3
    4. 4. The Bandwidth Big Bang Growth in8 Zettabytes8,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 2X East-West Data TrafficStorage Expanding by 3X by 20141 33% CAGR in data networking2 78% CAGR in Mobile Data3 Virtual Machine Density Web90% Video & Pictures1 3X on „Romley‟ Servers4 Sources: 1:IDC Predictions 2012: Competing for 2020 (#231720, December 2011), 2:Cisco Global Cloud Index: Forecast and Methodology, 2010–2015, 3:Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, February 4 2012 , 4: Enterprise Strategy Group: Data Center Networking Trends, January 2012 and 2016
    5. 5. I/O Industry Roadmap 2012 2013 2014 2015Key Industry SRIOV RDMA (RoCE) PCIe 3.0 MR-IOV PCIe 4.0Technologies Overlay NetworksHigh Performance 10Gb 40Gb 100GbNetworking Kernel BypassConverged 10Gb 40Gb 100GbNetworking10GbE 10Gb 40Gb 100GbNIC/iSCSIUniversal 40Gb 40Gb 10GbLOM & Modular LOM Blade LOM Rack LOMFibre Channel 8Gb 16Gb 32GbMulti-Fabric 8FC & 1GbE 16FC & 10GbE 32FC & 40/100GbEAdaptersInfiniBand FDR (56Gb) EDR (100Gb) 5
    6. 6. Survey Results 6
    7. 7. The Strategic I/O Survey August 2012 survey of 1,529 IT staffers across North America and Europe Explored the state of data center networks and the strategic networking mission of IT departments Understand the rate of adoption of key networking and IT technologies Understand the key challenges facing IT managers between now and 2016 7
    8. 8. Key Findings of Survey said growing demand believe storage81% 78% for increased network and data networks bandwidth is one of will inevitably the most critical converge into a issues facing data single unified centers today network Network I/O Is Strategic Convergence Is HappeningCritical to Data Center Growth Bandwidth Will Grow to 100Gb believe network I/O said their76% is the most critical potential bottleneck in the data center 54% networks will operate at 100Gbps by 2016 Source: Emulex IT Survey 8
    9. 9. From 1 to 100GbE by 2016100Gb 54% of IT managers expect to have deployed some 100GbE by 2016 10Gb 1Gb 2008 2012 2016 9
    10. 10. The Drivers for Increased I/O Server Network Cloud Big Virtualization Convergence Computing Data85% 45% 43% 30% Server virtualization  45% of classified  43% said the same  30% cited big data is the #1 trend the convergence of of cloud adoption as a “very driving the need for storage and data  BYOD & application significant” or increased I/O in the networks as a “very” transitions to the “extremely data center or “extremely cloud are driving this significant” catalyst 69% rating it “very” significant” factor in trend for increased or “extremely” the need for I/O in the data significant” increased I/O center 10
    11. 11. VM Density Growing by 4X Over Next 4 Years 100VMs 100 VMs driving I/O and network 75 demands per physical server 50 24VMs 25 10VMs 2008* 2012* 2016Sources : *Enterprise Strategy Group: Data Center Networking Trends, January 2012 and 2016 11
    12. 12. Go East-West Young Man… East-West Traffic North-South Traffic Faster Growing Use of Biggest Volume Use of Bandwidth in Data Centers Bandwidth in Data Centers Server Virtualization Application to Application vMotion Network Convergence Big Data NAS and iSCSI HPC Cloud and BYOD 12
    13. 13. Cloud Networking Growth 53% See Cloud Demand A majority of respondents (53%) indicated that adoption of the cloud had driven the need for additional network bandwidth in the corporate data center 40% See Over 25% Growth 40% indicated that migration to the cloud brought with it a need for at least 25% more network capacity in the data center 13
    14. 14. Cost Savings Are the #1 Driver of Cloud Adoption What are the primary drivers for adoption of the cloud in your organization? – Nearly half (45%) of survey respondents said cost savings was45% 45% a driver of cloud40% adoption in their organization, making it35% the #1 reason 31% organizations are30% 30% 30% 29% moving to the cloud25% 26% – Scalability and speed20% of deployment were the #2 and #3 cloud15% 16% catalysts, being cited10% by 31% and 30% of respondents5% respectively0% Cost Dynamic Speed of Data Reduced IT Improved Security Reduction Scalability Deployment Protection Burden Uptime 14
    15. 15. Big Data Is Driving Bandwidth 50% 58% 19% Say Say Say 50%+ 50%+ 100%+Increase in Bandwidth Increase in Storage Increase in Storage in in Next 2 Years in Next 2 Years Next 2 Years Big Data Is Driving Both Networking and Storage 15
    16. 16. Big Data Not Just for the Cloud What is the nature of the big data applications within your organization? Search Engine Applications Other – Big data applications 5% 1% Social Media Analytics are dominated byRetail Analytics 6% Scientific Applications business intelligence 5% 11% (24%), financial Financial Applications (18%), security Website Analytics 18% (11%), and scientific 11% applications (11%) Medical Applications 8% Business Intelligence Security Applications 24% 11% 16
    17. 17. Convergence Is Inevitable… 10GbE Network Storage Romley and VMs Virtualization Growth– 10GbE on Blades – Fabric-based – IP Driven via– Growth in 10GbE on Computing Networks NAS, iSCSI and Big Racks – 10GbE is the Network Data– VM Density of Choice – FCoE Growing with – 10/40/100GbE Co-exist 10GbE Market– VDI & BYOD 78% Inevitably Will Converge Networking and Storage 17
    18. 18. Network Convergence 68% 64% say that managing a of IT organizations have converged network is either moved to a singlesimpler than maintaining converged network for separate storage and data and storage, or data networks have plans to converge 66% 47% say that the “pros” of Say politics or consolidating disparate organizational structure data and storage is preventing them from networks into a single moving to a converged converged network network outweigh the “cons” 18
    19. 19. Final ThoughtsMore Data, Users and Bandwidth Is InevitableGlobalization of Data and DeliveryConvergence Is ContinuingUse the Right Tools for the JobI/O Continues to Be Strategic to Business 19
    20. 20. QUESTIONS 20