Prajwal V Kumar: TR35 Awards


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Prajwal V Kumar: TR35 Awards

  1. 1. Name :Prajwal V Kumar 1
  2. 2. MIT Technology BEFORE AFTER 1. Using this technology one can avoid the strain of walking behind or along with the tiller continuously for hours together controlling its direction using a handheld wireless remote control electronics device . 2. Operator can stand peacefully under a shade avoiding exposure to elements and irritating engine noise. Physical damage to knees and the shoulders of the operator can be avoided. 3. Even an unskilled operator can operate the power tiller just by the touch of a button, thereby saving time and money required for the skilled labor. 2
  3. 3. Technical Features • Technology comes in the form a kit that can be attached to any power tiller. Kit consist of 3 components 1. Hand held remote control device 2. Controller Unit 3. Air compressor •Hand held device used by the operator to control the power tiller from a farm off point, operates on a reachable battery power with 3 different function which includes left , right and brake •Controller unit is mounted on the power tiller include pneumatics actuators , valves and electronics controller module . Pneumatics system drives the lever and brakes of the power tiller and electronics system controls the pneumatics system . Electronics circuits are powered by the power tiller dynamo •Air compressor is coupled to the engine and it powers the pneumatics systems •RF ( Radio Frequency ) Wireless communications follows the standards and norms as per the Indian telegraph and wireless act of 1933 and FCC •Patented in India and patent pending in several different countries. 3
  4. 4. Market and Product Vision • For Indian Market potential customers or our OEM’s are Bangalore based VST Tillers and Tractors Ltd . Company has set requirement of 5000 pieces for present year. • Product will be manufactured by company Mangalore Robotronics Technologies , Surathkal. • Export markets prominently include China, Japan, Italy, Korea, Taiwan, Switzerland, Indonesia, and turkey. With chine being the world largest manufacturers of power tiller • This innovation will be encouraging kind of a product for those farmers to restart the process of agriculture who has stopped farming due to lack of skilled labour. •Vision also includes the way of making peoples life easier ,better and safer when comparing to prior method of cultivation. Also to boost the net productivity in food grains to support the economy of the country. 4