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Rules procedures


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Published in: Education
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Rules procedures

  1. 1. RULES AND PROCEDURES Room 219 Fifth Grade
  2. 2. Rules ! Think about it: Why do we need rules in the classroom?
  3. 3. What happens when you make a choice? Consequences follow! “You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of your choice.”
  4. 4. Classroom Clip Chart All students begin on “Ready to Learn.” You can move up or down throughout the day. ANY adult on campus can “move” your clip, up or down! The goal is to end the day on “Outstanding.”
  5. 5. Classroom Clip Chart If you end the day on “Outstanding,” you earn a Backman Band. Backman Bands are saved and traded in for privileges EVERY TWO WEEKS. YIPPEEEE! All adults working on campus will be handing out Backman Bands. You can earn them at any time while you are in school!
  6. 6. Classroom Clip Chart When you reach “Chance,” considered yourself warned. I will be speaking to you about your choices. Remember, you can still work your way up on the clip chart.
  7. 7. Classroom Clip Chart If you reach “Consequences,” you will lose a privilege. The punishment will fit the “crime.” For example, if you are chatting with a neighbor, you may be asked to move. If you come in late from recess, you will make up the time after school.
  8. 8. Classroom Clip Chart If you reach “Buddy Room,” you will be visiting third grade (Mrs. Guzman) for 15 minutes with a “Think Sheet.” I will also be making a phone call home. If I can’t speak with your parents, I will send a letter home that will need to signed. If the letter is not returned, I will make a visit to your house.
  9. 9. LEVEL I: (loss of ticket) Not following classroom expectations/procedures Not following directions the FIRST time Talking out of turn Not keeping hands, feet and other objects to self Arguing with classmates Gum/food Bringing toys or objects from home Coming late from recess In the wrong place/assigned area
  10. 10. LEVEL II: (2 tickets, phone call) Throwing objects (snow, rocks, toys, other) Spitting Rough housing, play fighting Inappropriate physical or verbal contact Repeated misbehavior Verbal aggression (put downs) Swearing Cheating Lying Stealing items worth less than $10 Verbal/Physical Threat Disrespect towards adults Using pretend weapons
  11. 11. LEVEL III: (Office Referral) Bullying (physical/verbal/social) Seriously inappropriate language Fighting Stealing items worth more than $10 Leaving campus Bringing weapons or using weapons Bringing or using illegal substances Vandalism/destruction of property Repeated Level I and II infractions

  12. 12. Backman Bands Every other Thursday, you will count and cash in your bracelets for a privilege. If you have 10 or more bands, you can choose to cash them in or bank them. If you bank them, you are finished until the next count day. If you cash in your bands, you can purchase ONE privilege. Turn in your bracelets and select a privilege from the menu. You MUST cash in your bracelets when you reach 40. BANDS MUST NEVER GO HOME!!! Keep them on your wrist or in your baggie in your pencil box. 

  13. 13. 10 Backman Bands Draw on a white board for 5 minutes Take a 5 minute chat break with a friend. Choose music for the class to listen to for 5 minutes. Sit by a friend from another class at lunch. Sing a song for the class.

  14. 14. 20 Backman Bands Take a 10 minute chat break with a friend from any class. Enjoy a 10 minute visit with the counselor. Choose your seat in the classroom for a day. Play on the computer for 10 minutes. Go to lunch 5 minutes early with a friend.

  15. 15. 30 Backman Bands Chew gum for the day. Sit in the teacher’s chair for half a day. Wear a hat to school for a day. Take photo booth pictures with a friend. Visit the principal or assistant principal for a positive visit.

  16. 16. 40 Backman Bands Use the principal or assistant principal’s chair for the day. Eat lunch with the principal or assistant principal. Dress out of uniform Monday. Bring a toy from home to show to the class. Have an extra recess. 

  17. 17. PROCEDURES A special way a performing a task
  18. 18. Coming to Attention Give Me 5!
  19. 19. Before School Starts Place your backpack in the class line. Go directly to the field. When the bell rings, WALK to our class line. Get your backpack and stand in line. Wait for Miss Langdorf to open the door, SMILE and walk quietly through the halls.
  20. 20. Beginning the Day Take materials out of your backpack. Place your coat and backpack in your locker. Be respectful of other students. Be patient. Place your homework in the corner of your desk. Get started on bellwork. When bellwork is complete, read silently. ALWAYS have a book in your desk.
  21. 21. Entering the Room Enter the room quietly and politely. Do not interrupt other students. Begin work or... Wait for instructions from the teacher.
  22. 22. Lining Up Stand up quietly and push in your chair. Take all necessary materials. Line up without talking or touching others. Face forward and watch where you are going.
  23. 23. Restroom Procedure You are expected to use the restroom before school, during recess, and lunch. You will be given 10 tickets at the beginning of each month. If I am not teaching the whole class, quietly walk over to me with your bathroom ticket. Only one girl and one boy may use the restroom at a time. Take the hall pass with you. You have two minutes to use the restroom. Unused tickets are collected at the end of the month
  24. 24. Getting a Drink When I am not teaching the class, you may get a drink from the drinking fountain. There should only be one person at the fountain at a time. Do not talk. Wipe away any water that you spill.
  25. 25. Getting a Tissue You may get a tissue whenever you need one. Throw away used tissues immediately. Make sure it lands in the trash can. Get right back to work.
  26. 26. Throwing Away Trash When I am not teaching the whole class, you may throw away trash whenever needed. Do NOT play basketball with your trash. Make sure all trash lands in the trash can, even if it isn’t yours.
  27. 27. Sharpening Your Pencil You may NOT sharpen your pencil during the school day unless given special permission. If your pencil breaks, walk quietly to the pencil station. Place your broken pencil in the appropriate container
  28. 28. V.I.P.s Each day, I will choose one girl and one boy to be my V.I.P.s. These students are my special helpers throughout the day. Their responsibilities include: passing out papers acting as line leader or door holder sharpening pencils any other tasks Miss Langdorf may assign
  29. 29. Table Leaders ! Each day, I will select table leaders. Their responsibilities include: collecting and turning in assignments gathering and putting materials away for the group acting as spokesperson for the group
  30. 30. Table Groups We will be working together to achieve our learning goals. Miss Langdorf will award table points for groups that: Work as a team, with every member contributing. Follow directions the first time. Work quietly during independent work time. Are neat and tidy. Show respect and kindness.
  31. 31. Ending the Day YOU are responsible for making sure you have all homework materials. When your table group is called, you may gather your backpack. Check your folder for papers. Clear off your desktop. Pick up any trash around your desk (even if it is not yours!) Stand quietly behind your desk when you are ready to be dismissed.
  32. 32. Using the Class Library During your silent reading time, you may take a book from the class library. There should be no more than 3 people at the bookshelves. Take only ONE book at a time. Write the title of the book on an index card. Please take care of the book. Keep it in the classroom.
  33. 33. Passing in Papers When I collect papers, each table will hand their work to the day’s table leader. The table leader will quietly place the work in the appropriate basket.
  34. 34. Headings on Papers Make sure you write you name on ALL worksheets! Any assignments completed on a sheet of lined paper need a heading. On the top right hand side of your paper, write your first and last name. Under your name, write the day’s date. Points may be deducted from papers with no names or headings.
  35. 35. REWARDS
  36. 36. Compliment Chart You’re being watched! As an upper grade class, students and teachers look to you to set the example! Whenever an adult on campus gives our class a compliment, we earn a sticker on our compliment chart. When we get 20 stickers, we will decide how to celebrate our accomplishment.
  37. 37. Tickets You will get 10 tickets at the beginning of each month. You can also earn tickets throughout the day as you move up the classroom clip chart. At the end of the month, there will be a special raffle drawing. The more tickets you have, the greater chance you have for prizes.
  38. 38. Table Points The table with the most points at the end of the week is the winning table. Each member of the winning team gets 2 Backman Bands.
  39. 39. Table Points The table with the most points at the end of the week is the winning table. Each member of the winning team gets 2 Backman Bands.
  40. 40. Pride Parties Students who show a commitment to outstanding attendance, behavior and academics will be invited to attend a PARTY!! You will each get a homework and attendance card. Each time you are late or absent, Ms. L will punch a hole in your card. If you have fewer than 3 absences/tardies, fewer than 3 missing homework assignments and ZERO office referrals, you get to attend an EPIC party.
  41. 41. Questions?