Rules and Procedures


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Rules and Procedures

  2. 2. Rules Let’s decide together! Think about it: Why do we need rules in the classroom?
  3. 3. What happens when you make a poor choice? Consequences follow! First warning- lose a ticket Second warning- lose another ticket, lose morning recess Third warning- lose both recesses, parents notified
  4. 4. Coming to Attention Give Me 5!
  5. 5. Before School Starts Place (do not throw) your backpack along the wall outside. Go directly to the field. When the bell rings, WALK back to class. Get your backpack and stand in line. Wait for Miss Langdorf to open the door, SMILE and GREET.
  6. 6. Beginning the DayEnter the room politely.Take materials out of your backpack.Put your backpack on a hook. If there is not room, placeagainst the wall.Place your homework in the corner of your desk.Get started on bellwork. When bellwork is complete, readsilently.
  7. 7. Entering the Room Enter the room quietly and politely. Do not interrupt other students. Begin work or... Wait for instructions from the teacher.
  8. 8. Lining UpStand up quietly and push inyour chair.Take all necessary materials.Line up without talking ortouching others.Face forward and watchwhere you are going.
  9. 9. Using the RestroomYou are expected to use the restroom before school, during recess,and lunch.You will be given 10 tickets at the beginning of each month.If I am not teaching the whole class, quietly walk over to me withyour bathroom ticket.Only one girl and one boy may use the restroom at a time.Take the hall pass with you. You have two minutes to use therestroom.Unused tickets are collected at the end of the grading period.
  10. 10. Getting a DrinkWhen I am not teaching the class, you may get adrink from the drinking fountain.There should only be one person at the fountain at atime.Do not talk.Wipe away any water that you spill.After lunch....
  11. 11. Getting a TissueYou may get a tissue whenever you need one.Throw away used tissues immediately.Make sure it lands in the trash can.Get right back to work.
  12. 12. Throwing Away Trash When I am not teaching the whole class, you may throw away trash whenever needed. Do NOT play basketball with your trash. Make sure all trash lands in the trash can, even if it isn’t yours.
  13. 13. Sharpening Your PencilYou may NOT sharpen your pencil during the schoolday.If your pencil breaks, walk quietly to the pencilstation.Place your broken pencil in the appropriate cup.Take a newly sharpened pencil from the cup.
  14. 14. V.I.P.sEach day, I will choose one girl and one boy to be my V.I.P.s.These students are my special helpers throughout the day.Their responsibilities include: passing out papers acting as line leader or door holder sharpening pencils any other tasks Miss Langdorf may assign
  15. 15. Table LeadersEach student is assigned a tablenumber.Each day, a number will be postedon the board. The student who isassigned that number is the tableleader for the day. He or she isresponsible for: collecting and turning in assignments gathering and putting materials away for the group acting as spokesperson for the group
  16. 16. Cooperative Table GroupsWe will be working together to achieve our learninggoals. Miss Langdorf will award table points for groupsthat:Work as a team, with every member contributing.Follow directions the first time.Work quietly during independent work time.Are neat and tidy.Show respect and kindness.
  17. 17. Ending the Day Take out your assignment book. When your table group is called, you may gather your backpack. Check your cubby for papers. Clear off your desktop. Pick up any trash around your desk (even if it is not yours!) Stand quietly behind your desk when you are ready to be dismissed.
  18. 18. Using the Class Library During your silent reading time, you may take a book from the class library. There should be no more than 3 people at the bookshelves. Take only ONE book at a time. Please take care of the book. Keep it in the classroom. When you have finished the book, return it to the shelf.
  19. 19. Headings on PapersMake sure you write you name on ALL worksheets!Any assignments completed on a sheet of lined paper needs aheading.On the top right hand side of your paper, write your first and lastname.Under your name, write the day’s date.Points may be deducted from papers with no names or headings.
  20. 20. Passing in Papers When I collect papers, each table will hand their work to the day’s table leader. The table leader will quietly place the work in the appropriate basket.