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Innovation Games™


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Presentation on Innovation Games ™ - What are Innovation Games and for what you can use them... Questions over questions... ;-)
Here you get the answers!

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Innovation Games™

  1. 1. Innovation Games Michael Tarnowski Plays-In-
  2. 2. Innovation Games ‒ The Seriously Fun Way to Do Work! Innovation Games:  a set of originally market research oriented, facilitated and directed games, developed by Luke Hohmann.  13 core games at the beginning; now more than 20 games. Free account to play online:
  3. 3. Gamestorming ‒ Another Playful Way to Do Work! Gamestorming:  A similar approach, initiated by Sunny Brown, David Gray.  More games ― collection of “traditional games”, and not limited to a certain business field. Recently, Luke Hohmann (Innovation Games) and Gamestorming started a co-operation  aka “Community Games”.
  4. 4. Games 1/2 Games involve a high level of emotion. Emotions help us to  Focus  Remember  Decide  Perform  Learn TED Video: Stuart Brown: Why Playing is vital?
  5. 5. Games 2/2 Games  involves people  have structure and goals  operates more like a real-world system  results are unpredictable  small changes in variables generate dramatic differences in the result.
  6. 6. Business Process Result of a well-designed and well- executed business process are standard, repeatable, scalable results.  chain of cause and effect,  leading to a predictable result
  7. 7. World is a Complex System... ...made up of many complex systems, all of them interacting with each other in complex, dynamic and unpredictable ways.
  8. 8. Business Process vs. Creative Process (Game) Business Process  Same result every time  Framework for Predictability Game  Different result every time  Framework for Possibility and Creativity
  9. 9. Games *) 1/3  Games are alternatives to standard business meetings.  Games are structured activities. A facilitator leads a group towards some goal by way of a game, that provides scope for thinking freely, even playfully.  Games require a few props such as sticky notes, poster paper, markers, random pictures from magazines, or other thought provoking objects ― “Fluffy Stuff”. New Ideas Agreement Problem Solving Planning Deep Understanding Unraveling complexity *) Innovation Games, Agiles Games, LEGO Serious Play
  10. 10. Innovation Games ‒ The Seriously Fun Way to Do Work! Innovation Games: Focussed on real-time collaborative games to engage customers and stakeholders to reveal what really matters to them and to get breakthrough ideas.
  11. 11. Innovation Games ‒ The Seriously Fun Way to Do Work! Ways of  customer feedback about a product or service  prioritising issues, features, meanings, options, possibilities, ...etc.
  12. 12. Innovation Games ‒ The Seriously Fun Way to Do Work! Serious games to solve a wide range of product strategy and management issues across the whole market lifecycle.
  13. 13. Innovation Games ‒ Fields of Application Not only applicable for market research and product design, but also for  Portfolio management,  Requirements management,  Project management  ..... ...any number of tasks of  Innovative Thinking  Brainstorming  Collaboration / Team building  ...
  14. 14. Scenario: You have a bunch of smart people in a room
  15. 15. Option One... …One Question leads to the other
  16. 16. Option Two... …One dominates the meeting ― the dullest one most
  17. 17. Option Three... …Chaos of Creativity
  18. 18. Solve Scenario Problem by… …Gamestorming …Agile Games …Innovation Games
  19. 19. Core Set of Innovation Games: 13 Games Product Box Spider Web Make My Day Speed Boat Buy a Feature 20/20 Vision Me and My Shadow Hot Tub The Apprentice Remember the Future Show and Tell Prune the Product Tree My Worst Nightmare
  20. 20. 13 Innovation Games 1/5 Product Box: customers work individually or in small teams to create and sell their ideal product. Me and My Shadow: discover hidden needs by carefully observing what customers actually do with your products. Buy a Feature: customers work together to purchase their most desired features.
  21. 21. 13 Innovation Games 2/5 Give Them a Hot Tub: customers provide feedback on outrageous features to establish what is truly essential. Remember the Future: understand your customers’ definition of success by seeing how they shape their future. (This game is related with Future Perfect from Agile Coaching) Spider Web: participants work individually or in small teams to create vivid pictures of how your products and services fit into their world.
  22. 22. 13 Innovation Games 3/5 Start Your Day: participants collaboratively describe when, how, and where they use your product(s). Participants describe their daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly events related to their use of a product. Show and Tell: customers describe the most important artifacts produced by your system to you and other customers. The Apprentice: an engineer or product developer uses the product as an end-user.
  23. 23. 13 Innovation Games 4/5 20/20 Vision: customers negotiate the relative importance of such things as product features, market requirements, and product benefits. Prune the Product Tree: customers work in small teams to shape the evolution of your products and services. Speed Boat: customers identify their biggest pain points with your products and services.
  24. 24. Innovation Games (Core) 5/5 My Worst Nightmare: Discover hidden and/or unconsidered worst-case scenarios to develop better understanding and planning. Participants imagine and draw a caricature of their “worst nightmare” related to the product or service that you’re researching.
  25. 25.
  26. 26. Discover  Cover Story Think big to uncover your company’s potential  Empathy Map Understand what your stakeholders want from the business  SWOT Analysis Uncover how to attain your desired end state  Whole Product Differentiate your product Shape  Impact/Effort Matrix Find the most efficient way to reach your goal.  Learning Matrix Think of effective improvements for your iteration Free account to play online: games/ + a Bunch of more Games aka „Community Games“ 1/2 Gamestorming, Agile Games
  27. 27. Shape  Bang for the Buck Collaboratively rank a project backlog based on estimated value and estimated cost  How Now Wow Matrix Form original ideas to implement Act  Plus/Delta Game Collect constructive criticism to improve future events  Pros/Cons Game Organize your thoughts to make careful decisions  Actions for Retrospectives Discover how you can improve an event for the future  Circles and Soup Improve your past projects  Circles of Influence Identify who can help you reach your goal + a Bunch of more Games aka „Community Games“ 2/2 Gamestorming, Agile Games
  28. 28. Product Box
  29. 29. Spider Web
  30. 30. Start your Day
  31. 31. Speed Boat
  32. 32. Buy a Feature
  33. 33. 20/20 Vision
  34. 34. Me and My Shadow
  35. 35. Give Them a Hot Tub
  36. 36. The Apprentice
  37. 37. Remember the Future
  38. 38. Show and Tell
  39. 39. Prune the Product Tree
  40. 40. My Worst Nightmare
  41. 41. Books  Luke Hohmann: Innovation Games. Creating Breakthrough Products Through Collaborative Play. Addison-Wesley, 2006  Dave Gray, Sunni Brown, James Macanufo: Gamestorming. O'Reilly, 2010. Web Links  Innovation Games:  Gamestorming:  Michael Tarnowski (Article)  Further Reading
  42. 42.      www.phillip,      DownOnEarth, ttp:// 58564123@N05/   Official Innovation Games Trained Facilitator course material (Luke Hohmann, Maarten Volders) Graphics Acknowledgements
  43. 43. Website:, Twitter: Xing: LinkedIn:
  44. 44. Competencies:  Trained Innovation Games Facilitator & Trained LEGO Serious Play Facilitator  Certifed Scrum Master, Agile Coaching  ISO 15504/Automotive SPiCE Prov. Assessor  Requirements Engineering & Management consultancy  Quality Assurance & Management consultancy  Project Management & Configuration Management consultancy ISO 15504 Assessor Industrial Sectors:  Automotive, Finance  Logistics & Public Transport  Defence , Aerospace  Aviation & Air Traffic Management