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Recce report


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Recce report

  1. 1. RECCE Report
  2. 2. • We need to take into considering the following whilst creating our RECCE report:• Health and Safety concerns• Parking or equipment access• Electrical outlets/ power supplies• Lighting sources (natural and artificial)• Filming permission
  3. 3. Location• We chose this, Bishy Bumps, as one of our locations to shoot our music video in as it is very conventional of British hip hop culture: a popular skating location covered in graffiti.
  4. 4. Props List• Cigarettes• Duck• Lava lamp• Camera• Tripod• Storyboard• Clothes• Cars
  5. 5. • We will shoot some scenes with the use of cars as props which will be in keeping with British Hip Hop culture.• Cigarettes are common in the British hip hop culture so we will incorporate them into our music video.
  6. 6. • We need the camera Canon 650d in order to film our music video.• We need British hip hop style clothing to allow our music video to relate to the genre.