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  1. 1. pitchLuke, joe and emma
  2. 2. Artist: Split Prophets• Song: Stuck in their Strategy• We have chosen this artist because we are interested in the hip hop scene. We believe we can make an interesting video that follows the conventions of existing British hip hop videos.
  3. 3. Audience profile • Predominantly male • Age: 17-20 • Urban skating style clothing • No specific ethnic backgrounds • They will relate to British urban territory with themes such as drugs, graffiti, sex, rebellion and violence
  4. 4. Our Music VideoWe will incorporate an underlying story using the lyrics:As I walk out my house and place feet on the pavementDebating on which hard path to partake inCause we’re all just the same thingSome look to change things, others stay the sameThey’re tamed to the ways they were raised inA place where a statement in part can place you incarceratedIts bait and no one seems to see itWe’re living in a prison with the vision of the freestDemocracy’s hypocrisy properly got us seeingLife like we’re free human beingsBut I’m still seeking tramps in these streets that we pee inWhen we’re too pissed for seeing, proper 2D visionLicked off that liquor tripTripped to submission, too pissed for the missionRinsing pricks if they’re dissing, mincing chicks in positionsQuick spliff intermissions got me laid backI’m off track like a train crashSwallow clips of hollow tips so when I spit thisSee this strange flash, flicker of lightAnd then your brain splats, stained flats???? of main gashSee my life is a strange mash of graff, beef, buds and bait yatsDon’t waste facts
  5. 5. Our Video• We will use fast paced editing and portray the stereotypical British Hip Hop culture.
  6. 6. Artwork