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Media survey analysis


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Media survey analysis

  1. 1. Music magazine survey results analysis
  2. 2. Since the majority of people who answered my survey where aged 16-20 years old, I decided to aim my magazine at this age group. Existing popular music magazines had the same target audience age, NME had the median age of 23 while Kerrang had 22.
  3. 3. I decided to focus on rock music as I found from my survey that it was the most popular genre of music amongst my participants. From my analysis of existing magazines, I have found that rock focused music magazines were the most popular.
  4. 4. I decided to focus mainly on NME magazine when researching existing music magazines to find ideas for my own. Although it was not the most popular music magazine, it focused on rock music wich is the genre I have chosen. Spin magazine has also influenced me as it features a range of different genres of music, appealing to different kind of audiences.