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How did you attract your audience


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How did you attract your audience

  1. 1. How did you attract/address your audience?
  2. 2. • I firstly conducted some market research using surveys to collect the data. One of my main questions was what colours did they associated with the rock genre. The answers mostly consisted of red, black, white. Because of this, I used red, black and white as the colour scheme of the front page, contents page and double page spread. From my research I also found what people wanted featured in a music magazine, and found they wanted to read interviews with artists, so I made sure to put this on my contents page.• I also found the price people were willing to pay, £2.20, and set it to that. The most important factor of attracting the target audience was the image on the front cover.• My technical codes for the magazine had to be right to attract the right audience. These were things such as language, mise-en-scene, colour schemes, images, fonts and layouts. I chose to use a question and answer format when interviewing my artist as it gives a more personal, relaxed feel to it. This is what my readers would want as they are young and looking for a fun, chilled out article to read.
  3. 3. Uses and Gratifications• My magazine provided information for readers about upcoming events, tours and festivals they may want to visit. It also informed them on the best new artists and albums and their release dates and tours.• My magazine was a way in which readers could find their own personal identity through identifying with their role models and the good example they provide. This is very important for my target audience of teenage girls who many are at a period of confusion in their lives looking for guidance.• My magazine was also a means for entertainment, in which teenagers could find enjoyment and escape from their lives. They could do this through the interesting images, and fun interviews. The magazine is also an inspirational method for teenagers as many of the target market are involved in music, the magazine furthers that interest.• Readers are able to identify with musicians featured and other readers who are all interested in rock music and other things associated with it. My magazine can be something readers can share with their friends and interact around.