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Face it analysisnew


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Face it analysisnew

  1. 1. Face It Analysis
  2. 2. • This video goes along with the conventions of British hip hop and is similar to the video “Ain’t Amused” with lots of graffiti on the walls in urban locations. The target audience will most likely be able to associate with the video as the surrounding may be familiar. They will be of the younger generation: 16-25.• This video is similar to “Ain’t Amused”, as they are surrounded by graffiti, with someone in the background painting the walls in graffiti which emphasizes the British hip hop genre.
  3. 3. • They also use a fish eye lens like to “Ain’t Amused” and jump cuts to make the video more interesting, as they have a very simple style. They emphasize their originality through their use of camera angles and editing which makes this video different to their others such as “Aint Amused” and “Drop of Poison”.
  4. 4. • Their clothes are similar with them wearing esm tops, the clothing brand which supports the Split Prophets and supplies their clothing.