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Drop of poison analysisnew


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Drop of poison analysisnew

  1. 1. Drop of Poison Analysis
  2. 2. • They film locations of Bristol and fast forward the time so we see the clouds moving and the sun going down throughout the day. These shots are used when the chorus begins, when there is no rapping. This helps extend the music video whilst showing the artists hometown of Bristol, which is featured in most of their music videos.
  3. 3. • Graffiti is featured in the background, a strong convention in British Hip Hop and also featured in the videos “Ain’t Amused” and “Face It”. They also use the fish eye lens, something featured in many of their video’s. These are recognisable techniques used by the band which allows the audience to familiarise it with them.
  4. 4. • Their clothes are typical of the British Hip Hop genre as they are wearing hats and hoodies, clothes also associated with gangs with well known brands such as Adidas, Reebok and Hurley.• Many of the shots are medium close-ups and close ups of the artists while they rap to the camera.
  5. 5. • They use hand gestures to help express their feelings throughout the music video. These movements are typical of British Hip Hop and can be seen in their videos “Ain’t Amused” “Face it” and “No Mixer”. They use many medium close ups and close ups of the artists.