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Conventions of british hip hop


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Conventions of british hip hop

  1. 1. Conventions of British hip hop
  2. 2. Graffiti and British Hip Hop• Graffiti is commonly featured throughout British hip hop music videos, particularly in Split Prophets – “Ain’t amused”, “FACE IT” “Drop of poison” and “No mixer”. Graffiti often expresses social and political messages . Gangs use graffiti to show other gangs it is their territory.• The Split Prophets originate from Bristol, where the famous street artist Banksy began.• Graffiti is intertwined with British hip hop culture.
  3. 3. • British Hip Hop artists tend to se graffiti on their album covers, and use the style to write their name. This is a recognisable feature of Hip Hop.
  4. 4. • British hip hop artists perform in small gigs around the UK, very few bands reach major popularity due to the small, niche fan base. This means fans have a more personal experience with the artist’s.
  5. 5. • Skateboarding is featured in many hip hop music videos including the Split Prophets “Ain’t Amused”. It is a common convention of British Hip hop.• Violence can be seen in many British Hip Hop music videos and in their lyrics.