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Studentforce v2 overview higher_edsummit_ems_09012011.pptx (1)

  1. 1. studentforce July 7, 2011
  2. 2. Higher Ed – A Tremendous Opportunity!   4,314 Public and Private Universities   10% > 10,000 students   $15.0 Billion est. IT Spend thru 2015!   19 million enrolled students   99.7% mobile   53% smartphones (34% Oct 2010)   “…… have arrived at the schoolhouse doors with their consumer market technologies”
  3. 3. Higher Ed IT Challenges!   Redundant data silos!   Hard coded integrations – requiring maintenance!   Dependent upon legacy Academic and Administrative solutions!   Students use more advanced technology as consumers!   Unaddressed natural social enterprise!   Mobility expanding across all touch points!   Requires benefits of centralization; flexibility of decentralization!   Security
  4. 4. Point Solutions Are Solving Specific Pains While creating enterprise level problems
  5. 5. What’s the Next Step in Higher Education? The Social Enterprise Delivered through an “Education Cloud” Academic and Residential Research Partners Career Services Management Backend Systems Website Online Communities Mobile Apps Education Cloud Academic, Administrative, Research Publishers Alumni Programs Faculty & Administration
  6. 6. Studentforce Model + ( ) studentforce
  7. 7. studentforce DEMO
  8. 8. Processes effected!   Collaboration + MOBILE in the hands of users who really know how to use the technology!   Retention collaboration > increased retention!   Content Distribution eTextbooks, Lectures on Demand, Libraries!   Intra/Inter- University Collaboration research, study abroad, transfers
  9. 9. Solutions available NOW!   Mobile Apps for students studentforce Mobile!   Community inter and intra campus!   Higher Ed AppExchange publishers, booksellers, financial services, wireless, career, travel!   University Web Site Development siteforce!   Administrative and Academic Applications recruiting, admissions, compliance, alumni, fund raising, study abroad
  10. 10. studentforce Business Model Components! licenses for students, faculty, admin studentforce - complete cloud infrastructure with no capital cost!   Dell Boomi Cloud based Integration!   Partnership with Distribution Channel Business and technical solutions (Dell Higher Ed Professional Services)!   Partnership with eTextbook Provider(s)
  11. 11. studentforce V2 Features August 31, 2011 Ed Schlesinger social. mobile. open.
  12. 12. User Interface!   UI is too ‘rigid’; ‘business like’!   Develop:   student-friendly UI   Must be configurable by each university   Page/Sites templates (color, branding) at Enterprise level, School/Department level, individual student user level!   Use:   Chatter UI configurable as above   Social Enterprise UI (Sites) configurable as above
  13. 13. IntegrationDell Boomi embedded!   ERP/SIS PeopleSoft, SunGard, DataTel, Other!   Enterprise LMS Blackboard, Moodle, Instructure!   Enterprise Custom integrations!   eTextbook, Lecture Capture/Video, Content Platforms Kno, Inkling, Chegg, Tegrity!   Student Consumer/Financial Services ZipCar, Banking, Mint, Quicken, Insurance, Health Care, etc.!   Career/Internship/Scholarship Sites Fastweb, Monster College, School Career Services Site
  14. 14. Tablet AppiPad or Android!   Configurable skins   Configurable templates   Content Distribution eTextbooks, Video and other Course Materials!   studentforce Mobile
  15. 15. eTextbooks and Course Materials Required Course Materials Student Chooses eTextbook and Access Online regardless of associated to the Class for one Vendor from studentforce Platform eReader with one click click acquisition
  16. 16. studentforce – Annotate/TrackAnnotate, Highlight, Bookmark ….. posted to eTextbook and Class Record
  17. 17. Lectures on Demand!   Curate video/lecture capture to class records!   Video can be ‘broadcast’ to web TV’s and/or other video streaming services (Apple TV) for view/discussion by a TRUE study group!   Enables greater collaboration among students!   Protects University/Professor’s Intellectual Property
  18. 18. eProfile/studentforce Community!   Privacy Options chosen by students!   Lists their accomplishments (Higher Ed LinkedIn)!   Inter-school Collaboration/Research; Intra-school sharing!   eProfile Page
  19. 19. Higher Ed (Social) Enterprise Pricing!   Standard Boomi Integration pricing EMBEDDED with studentforce!   Social Enterprise Pricing for student users modeled after Dreamforce ’11 announcement