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  2. 2. What is Ergonomics?• The physical, psychological and social characteristics and the working status of man inwhich the design is the systematic application of everything.• So, how we define ergonomics in our daily lives? In short, to raise a healthy work forceand increase the efficiency of "minimum inconvenience maximum benefit."
  3. 3. • All engineering products used in the past to the present has shown great development in terms of ergonomics.The simplest example of this development as a garden scissor mention formerly of change over time, showing a flat, ergonomically developed with scissors.
  4. 4. • An indispensable part of our daily lives as the greatest ergonomic carts can give examples of development, people without hesitation ways no longer want to continue in the same tool paths. For this reason, they want to provide comfort to them the tools they use.
  5. 5. • Back seats of cars I used to go forward at an angle, and only had a function, steering wheels big and unusable, the indicators were not very clear, but all this changed over time to drop the desired information to drive improved
  6. 6. • Ergonomics is a very important place in our lives. But the important thing is not working inergonomics ergonomics of the product.
  7. 7. Ergonomic workareas and mustmeet theemployees convenience. The mostdifficult workingconditionsand the mostbeautifulexample of anergonomic work
  8. 8. • Because there is really very compellingbody posture, over your knees shake constantly digging think it is very difficult to work with such a body posture for a long time. If you want to design an ergonomic workplaceyou have to appeal to audience of 90% for the portion of the remaining 10% can docustom manufacturing.
  9. 9. • At past, people fell into shape according to machines or materials and people designed to workplace according to machines or materials too. Now, all this things are absent. People thought materials and workplaces order according to person.
  10. 10. • Allright, How can people order to workplace for workers? If materails are to be proper, workers could to work more quickly and comfortable. Occupational safety and health is very important for Ergonomics. Because; when Ergonomics is not proper people can to have stability illness on their joints or different illness.
  11. 11. • For example; actually keyboards are very dangerous objects. When people made improper use keyboards, they can to have “ Carpal Tunnel Syndrome”. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is fingers to fall into line with. Because; nerves on the hands packed. And Carpal Tunnel Syndrome therapy is only operation.
  12. 12. • Who are using emerging technologies at a dizzying pace that it needs the human beingunderstands how the ergonomic. No w, scientific studies, Ergonomics shape the new world by feeding each other with the same parallelism is developing.
  13. 13. • Ergonomic regulations to implement the industrial engineering is the most appropriate engineeringand so it proved to be the undisputed place and importance of discipline.