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E Healthcare Systems Executive Summary Sept 2010


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Published in: Business, Technology
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E Healthcare Systems Executive Summary Sept 2010

  1. 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYA GROWING MARKETThe aging of America’s populace and its extended life expectancy, results in an unprecedented and increasing demand for the growthof long term care facilities in each state.In recent years the state and federal governments have mandated laws and regulations to improve this industry’s healthcare well-beingfor the aging population that makes up the long term care industry.In President Busch’s second term in office he got a mandate passed that now requires ALL healthcare providers to switch frommanual record keeping and storage to ELECTRONIC RECORD KEEPING to be implemented from 2010 thru 2015.As shown in a report by the Census Bureau, “1997 Population Profile of the United States”, the American population is projected togrow to 394 million by the year 2050, a 58 percent increase over the 1990 total. Between the 1990 census and 1997, the U.S.population has grown by almost 18 million people. Projections show that, on average, people will be much older and needing long-term care.E-Healthcare Systems will exceed this mandate with a revolutionary Open Source, cloud computing software package sold asa monthly rental model. We offer the greatest depth and breadth of all the 65 known software competitors while being theonly vendor to service all 11 segments of the long term care market from one program that will be offered to the industry at a pricesignificantly lower than any competitor.PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONSProblem:The Vendor Industry has become stagnant in the development of software for the Long Term Care (LTC) Industry. In the year 2010they still produced DOS and Window solutions, the same as they have done for the past 12 years. These software programs continueto be difficult to learn, tedious, and slow in performance. The new millennium has provided the world with World Wide Web (WWW)software programs on the Internet. The growth of the Internet has spawned a revolution of software programming that can be simpleyet sophisticated.Solution:Heartbeat is a completely new designed Clinical Record software program for the LTC Industry. The software is designed andprogrammed based exclusively on Internet/Intranet browser technology, utilizing an online Open Source (PHP) application with acombination of Extended Markup Language (XML), Virtual Reality Language (VML), Flash, JAVA Script and applets.Heartbeat is fully scalable and supports an unlimited number of clients in an Intranet environment. It uses SQL database technology,offers instant access and software updates via the Internet, has integrated multimedia, animation and sound/speech, and an interactivehelp system.Heartbeat will be provided for those facilities that want e-Healthcare Systems to maintain their databases via Application ServiceProvider (ASP) technology or SaaS (Software as a Service) technology. In addition, the software will be provided for those that wanta stand alone software program installed on their hardware equipment.Heartbeat is a software program that is unique in the way it utilizes the latest advances in Internet technology. Its flexible architectureallows for easy integration of newly mandated government regulations and facility requirements. At the present time no other softwarevendor offers a program of such magnitude or features. It will take years for them to re-write their software platforms to competewith the Heartbeat revolutionary software program. The Heartbeat software program will never require replacement; thesoftware will only require updating.
  2. 2. Heartbeat is also being developed with the features of Electronic Health Records (EHR) format and compliancy. Inaddition, interoperability across all platforms being utilized by users everywhere which at the current time the long termindustry does not have available to them.MARKET EVALUATIONThe e-Healthcare Systems Heartbeat software program is a copyrighted software program created and established in 1995 by Dr.Thomas Schuler and has a current valuation of $1.5 million.Separate Business and Marketing plans are available to show how we will spend and make money and who our prospective clients are.A comprehensive investor package including detailed financials is also available.PROJECTED REVENUE (this supports a $250K investment)In 1999-2000 the Health Care Industry was a Billion Dollar a year Industry. Today it is a Trillion Dollar a year Industry with continualgrowth. Gross Income: Year 1: 333,422 Year 2: 1,145,160 Year 3: 2,093,832 Year 4: 3,042,504 Year 5: 3,991,176 Total Operating Expenses: Year 1: 161,556 Year 2: 342,849 Year 3: 561,348 Year 4: 791,844 Year 5: 791,832 Total estimated Net projected profits: Year 1: (274,612) Year 2: 181,935 Year 3: 612,444 Year 4: 1,330,620 Year 5: 2,279,304At present the U.S. Long Term Care Industry is comprised of more than 100,000+ facilities comprised of eleven different segments.Traditional nursing home facilities provide the elderly with long term care services and represent the largest segment. In addition tothe skilled nursing facilities there are other types of facilities that provide patient care (i.e., board & care, assisted living, respite care,therapy, mental health, hospice, homecare, independent care, adult day care, intermediate care, and CCRC.)FUNDING REQUIREMENTS for Heartbeat Software Program:e-Healthcare Systems will then be seeking a total debt/equity investment of $250,000, with a possible second round of two milliondollars.
  3. 3. CURRENT MANAGEMENTDr. Thomas Schuler – Founding Father, OwnerSchuler possesses over 40 years working experience in the health care field. Educated at Wayne State University School of Medicine,Tri-State University and Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), he has worked for Armour Pharmaceutical Company as a medicalresearcher, he also worked for the Michael Reese Research Foundation as a researcher and developer of hematology and diagnosticproducts. Schuler also worked for Sherwood Medical Industries and headed the team that developed the “Mono-jet VacutainerBlood Collection Tubes”. He holds several co-patents with Sherwood Medical regarding these tubes. His specialty of bloodcoagulation proved to be an asset that included him as one of the charter members of the “Clinical Thrombosis Society”. Schulerwas also the Chief Toxicologist for Bio-Con labs in California. Schuler was also a consultant for the USC development for the “MRSIMS” project which was a computerized Mandroid that allowed anesthesiology students to practice their training. His most notableachievement was being in the 1992-1993 “Who’s Who in leading American executives” book.Paul Berney - Equity PartnerA multifunctional executive, Mr. Berney has extensive experience significantly increasing profit while implementing cost savingefficiencies. He is skilled at turning flat or under-performing operations into profitable, growing concerns. His track record ofsuccess has repeatedly been demonstrated during his tenure with such industry leaders as General Foods, Borden, Evenflo, andCosco/Safety 1st. His current consulting practice has contributed greatly to start up clients in the development of their businesses in themedical field.Mr. Berney is a graduate of Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. In his free time Mr. Berney participates in big game hunting,fishing, golf, and bridge. He also has taken many active roles on a number of boards throughout his career. He is a past ViceChairman of the Canada Safety Council where he was an active board member for over 15 years. You can view his full BIO atwww.pbassociates.bizR. Spencer Robinson Legal Council – Attorney at LawMr. Robinson is a 1982 graduate of the J. Reuben Clark Law School at Brigham Young University, where he was a research andteaching assistant during his second and third years to Prof. Woodruff J. Deem. Following graduation, Mr. Robinson worked in theappeals unit of the Clark County District Attorney’s Office in Las Vegas, NV. In 1983, he accepted a position as an Assistant CityProsecutor for West Valley City, Utah.e-HEALTHCARE SYSTEM’S STAFFINGOwner/CEO - Dr. Thomas SchulerCo Owner/Sr. VP Marketing & Sales - Paul BerneyCPA - Annie SeelyCFO - outsourced and then to be recruitedPresident - to be recruitedOperations Director - to be recruitedDoug Ware - Public RelationsChief Technical Officer – Dr. Tom SchulerSecretary - Currently Paul Berney is acting as the SecretaryResearch & Development - Dr. Thomas SchulerIT - Alec Lebedev
  4. 4. Legal Council - Spencer RobinsonLynn Ventura - Industry Advisor – RCFE (Elderly Care/Board & Care)Chad Godfrey - Industry Advisor – Home CareMary Monroe - Industry Advisor Personal Health Records – PHR (Personal Health Records)Marie Grosh, RN, LNHA – Industry Advisor (Assisted Living, some SNF, some Home Care)Don Hester – Advisor FinancialChris Anderson – Advisor SEC Legal Ballard SpahrKim Terry – Advisor SaaS and Cloud computingRon Porter – Advisor Co Author “Bootstrapping Business” bookDevon Taylor – Advisor VP Information Technology