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Wearable technologies that i would like to see


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Wearable technologies that i would like to see

  1. 1. wearable technologies that i would like to see in the future İsmail emre eker 107572
  2. 2. Gaming Sector I would like to use this technology in the games. Of course using this technology adds more realism to the games ,it also helps to the video gaming companies to icrease profits .More realisim makes sales will explode … Imagine you are playing horror-fiction game and this technology can lead to heart attack s
  3. 3. Military • We must use this wearable technologies in the military systems because battles changes their faces,nowadays we are facing more asymmetric battles ,soldiers are using more communication devices than old times. Wearable technologies can be very usefull for soldiers to detecting enemies,getting commands etc…