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CellnFLY Online Air Ticket System


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IATA travel agents and operators of online ticket selling process needs a web-based solution that produces software for online ticket sales system.

TK - AnadoluJet (Websdom), SunExpress, Atlasjet, SkyAirlines, Borajet, Galileo, TravelFusion (LowCost) and negotiated the entire airline system that allows the sale of air tickets online using web services.

Airline ticket sales provides the flexibility and convenience,

All the World Airline tickets to domestic and foreign companies, branch offices and sub agents, sub-agents can book through the website,

Online sales channels to follow and report on all property, lower agency CellnFLY'ın thanks to the advanced versions of the screens and customer sales representatives, a special sub-agents through the web sites that allows the realization of an instant online air ticket booking,

CellnFLY, IATA agents and sub-agencies are integrated and coordinated with each other is important to offer a combination of solutions. In this way, the agent of IATA, sub-agent, sales points and web sites on a single system all the business processes occur. Movements during the procedure and powers of all the units can be monitored and reported to the extent

CellnFLY, a visual design for your company's corporate identity can be customized according to your needs and has a module structure. In this way, business processes, is transformed into a structure appropriate to the target customer service lets you offer your customers more quickly.

CellnFLY, the end-user customers with easy availability of user-friendly, step by step, can offer a screen, a professional sales agent of your employees screens provide customers with more practical and quick to respond.

CellnFLY, from users, requests, suggestions, recommendations and supplier of systems for continuous updates and new features developed in a host structure. This allows customers to offering the latest features at any time.

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