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U cicle(1)

  1. 1. The Team CEO & Founder Emran Kamal Founder of UCICLE and one of the UK’s best known online charities; Chief Operating Officer Anthony Gray Manages all aspects of UCICLE’s design and operating model. Ensuring customer data and user journeys are captured and optimised. Marketing Director Candace Gerlach Manages all things brand and marketing. Ensuring plans are continually optimised and the long term strategy is developed.
  2. 2. Content ● Executive Summary ● What is UCICLE? ● Market Opportunity ● Competitive Environment ● Objectives ● UCICLE Customers ● Marketing and Sales Strategy ● Revenue Model ● Why invest in UCICLE? ● Appendix
  3. 3. Executive Summary UCICLE will offer an aggregated solution for people wanting to recycle old electrical goods. Things like mobile phones, laptops, TVs, radios and consoles. We see a huge opportunity to not only launch a customer centric platform into a market where there are few competitors, but in a world in which recycling is becoming more day to day. Our key objective is to create a solution that enables our customers to earn money from their unwanted goods and in turn contribute to a healthy environment. We want to turn people’s attention to the environment and how recycling can not only earn them money but vastly improve the world that we live in. We will develop a fully integrated marketing plan that brings in a revenue of £3 million in the first two years. This pitch highlights how UCICLE aims to drive profitable business whilst putting the customers at the heart of what we do.
  4. 4. What is UCICLE UCICLE is the UK's first comparison website designed to make it easy for consumers to find the best deal when looking to recycle unwanted or old electrical goods.
  5. 5. What is UCICLE We are committed to finding the best price for old or unwanted products and we are dedicated to saving the customer time and money. We also care about the environment. You can find us across a range of digital platforms..
  6. 6. What is UCICLE To ensure our customers find the right price for the products they don’t want, we work with a range of trusted brands to provide a breadth of coverage and the best deals. We don't charge our customers for using our services and we don’t add fees to the prices they compare. Instead we make money by charging our partners a small fee on every sale that is made.
  7. 7. What is UCICLE Our mission is to educate the world on the importance of a healthy environment through the promotion of straightforward recycling. Keeping consumers’ needs at the heart of what we do by offering them transparent and forward thinking solutions.
  8. 8. PEST Analysis Political •Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) directive represented the world's first comprehensive e-waste legislation. •Current challenges on the directive; struggling to sufficiently promote the re-use and and recycling of valuable electronic resources. Economical ●Nearly 25% of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) that’s taken to household waste recycling centres could be reused, worth around £200m gross a year. ●By pursuing opportunities for reuse, the UK could reduce its reliance on raw materials, including precious metals, by as much as 20% by 2020. ●Due to the current economic climate, consumers are seeking ways to make their money/budgets go further.
  9. 9. PEST Analysis Sociological ●Consumer electronics contain precious metals and plastics,which can be recycled, saving energy and resources. ●The substances found can be cause devastating effects if released into the environment and has been linked to cancers and other disorders found in humans and animals. ●Electronic scrap accounts for 70% of the overall toxic waste found in landfills. Technological ●As technology improves, a consumers desire for the most current technology increases. With the average shelf life of a mobile phone being as little as 18 months, we can expect the amount of unused items per household to increase. ●The multiple platforms available for the consumer to access the internet has resulted in 60% of the UK turning to comparison sites to research and make a purchase.
  10. 10. SWOT Analysis Strength •As an aggregator site we are not regulated like direct recycling companies will be. •We offer an aggregated solution for other electronic goods, not just mobile phones. •We have a mobile optimised site and a scannable app. Leading the way not only in our solutions but in our technology too. •We offer value to the consumer - there’s a lot of money to be made! And we’ll help them find the best deal. •. Weaknesses ●We cannot IP the business due to the nature of its operating model. ●We are reliant on other companies/3rd parties.
  11. 11. SWOT Analysis Opportunities •Market value of 7b in the UK between now and 2020. •WEEE directive makes it compulsory to recycle or dispose of# electronic products the right way. •Short product life cycle generates unwanted electronic products faster than before e.g. new phone every 18 months. Threats •Competitors copying our business model due no IP. •Further legislation changes could harm the performance of the business.
  12. 12. Competitive Environment UCICLE is in a strong position when it comes to the competitive landscape. Although there are a number of websites promoting the recycling of old mobile phones for cash, there are not many aggregator sites helping customers find the best deals. Not only that but there are even fewer aggregator sites that look beyond just the recycling of mobile phones. The two key players and present consumers with broader solutions, by comparing companies that recycling an array of electrical good. These are the two we need to watch. But UCICLE will be unique. Other aggregator sites iinclude and but as previously mentioned, both sites focus on mobile phones only.
  13. 13. Competitive Environment Another site to be mindful of is (10 ways to make money..) Although not a direct competitor, the site’s content already offers advice on the same subject matter to our target audience. The title ‘10 ways to make money..’ is certainly likely to grab people’s attention when they’re searching online. The only site currently in the PPC space is Understanding our target audience is key to leveraging our brand and becoming number one in the market. Our competitors don’t appear to have differentiated themselves, giving us a huge opportunity to go out there and start talking about something different. With the development of our app we’ll also be leading the way in technology and start appealing to a younger demographic.
  14. 14. Objectives ● To offer an aggregated solution for consumers looking to make money from recycling old goods. ● Ensure specific KPI’s are set so that we can continually evaluate performance and stay ahead of our competitors. ● Our goal is to get 1 million customers recycling their unused electrical items by the end of 2015. ● Currently forecasting £3 million in revenue in the next 2 years. ● Full mixture of media will be used to drive direct & brand response. ● We will be investing in £2 million in marketing spend.
  15. 15. UCICLE Customers UCICLE has mass market reach appealing to tech-savvy customers young or old who want to earn some cash from their unwanted electrical goods. As a business we focus on the follow Mosaic customer segment groups: Suburban Mindsets Liberal Opinions Careers and Kids Professional Rewards
  16. 16. UCICLE Customers
  17. 17. Marketing and Sales Strategy
  18. 18. Marketing & Sales Strategy BRAND RESPONSE TV We’ll use TV to launch our brand into market and work with our media agency to buy spots when viewing figures are high. Research tells us that people recycle unwanted electrical items at specific times of the year so we’ll plan our TV bursts around that time. TV is a great way to build brand awareness and in the long term, brand preference. Radio For launch we’ll also use a national radio campaign to build brand awareness. Coupled with TV, although expensive, we can rely on this media to reach a wide audience and help get our brand message out there.PR & Events Press release of the product will be distributed to major newspaper and magazine online and offline. This will help to reinforce the message used in other channels. Events at retailers shops throughout the country will help to raise awareness. Social Media The aim is to engage with our target audience using the main social media channels such as Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest. The goal will be raising product and market awareness and changing perceptions.
  19. 19. Marketing & Sales Strategy DIRECT RESPONSE Email We’ll buy in data that mirrors our target audience and use it to send out targeted email campaigns, to build awareness around recycling itself but mainly to drive them to our site. Once we’ve built up a successful following on our site we’ll also produce monthly newsletters for our customers. A great way to build brand affinity and keep people interested in what we’re doing. National Press Buying space in titles that we know index well against our target audience, we’ll have continued presence in national press. Partnerships To broaden our reach, we will take our product in store by creating partnerships with the UK largest retail outlets.
  20. 20. Marketing & Sales Strategy DIRECT RESPONSE Display DR & BR lead display campaigns will run tactically throughout the campaigns will run across desktop, tablet and mobile and across GDN (Google Display Network) as other media partners. Mobile/APP strategy App Store Optimization will take a key lead in getting the UCICLE app visible on Apple’s app store and Google Play Store. Mobile PPC campaigns will be delivered supported by landing pages to improve customer journey. In-app display campaigns via Ad-Mob and iAd networks will be used to deliver traffic to the app/play store to get customers to download the app.
  21. 21. Marketing & Sales Strategy DIRECT RESPONSE PPC An aggressive PPC strategy will be implemented to focus on key terms such as “sell my phone”, “laptop recycling”, “compare and recycle” which we are aiming they will to bring 30% of the traffic. Campaigns will run across desktop, tablet and mobile across Google Bing & Yahoo. Ensuring that PPC campaigns are fully optimised. SEO The aim of the SEO strategy will be focused around getting the website appearing in the top 10 organic listing on Google on volume driving terms. Content strategy will be delivered - this will focus on the creation and aggregation of content be it articles, quizzes, press releases and videos. Off-site - content will be syndicated to blogs or relevant publishers/sites for SEO links.
  22. 22. Revenue Model UCICLE will generate most of its revenue from sending quality traffic to merchants sites such as, in return the business will receive commission from sales referred via the site/app. Commission generated will be between £3-10/sale Revenue through on-site/off-site real estate: o On site and in-app display spots sold on CPM (£2-£4 CPM) o Allowing advertisers to feature on solus/non-solus e-mails/newsletters. (Rate card: £1,000 non-souls, £2,000 solus) Longer term objective of UCICLE will be building the capability of selling on precious metals from electronic waste. Our analysis tell us that there’s a revenue potential of £1.4 million based on recycling metal from 1 million mobile phones.
  23. 23. Why invest with UCICLE Opportunity There is a clear opportunity in UK market, as well as scope to launch on a global scale. UK’s First We will be the first in the UK to adopt this type of business as an aggregator. Buoyant Market With the average life of consumer electronics decreasing and the constant introduction of new products to the market, we can expect the market to remain buoyant for the foreseeable future.
  24. 24. For any questions please email.. Emran Kamal Anthony Gray Candace Gerlach Carolina Torres Serrano Thanks for listening
  25. 25. Appendix - research ● • • • • •
  26. 26. Appendix - competitors Useful websites - some for cash some without. Gives some interesting insight into the market. ‘Find a metal recycler’ - aggregator (natural) - Direct (ppc) - businesses only. Costs - Direct, ppc. Costs. - Direct, ppc. Free service. - Aggregator, natural search. Finds somewnere in your area. - Aggregator, natural. Revenue?? Natural search - mobiles, digital cameras, laptops, tablets. DIRECT. Charity wanting unwanted electrical goods - threat. - Tesco Club Card; 200 green Clubard points when you recycle a working mobile phone or 100 points for a printer cartridge. - Boots Advantage Card; points when you recycle a mobile phone, dgital camera, MP3 or sat nav. - Sony Bravia; £150 off next buy when trade in your old TV for scrappage. (which) - mobiles, MP3 & digital cameras. - (which) - cash for MP3 players. mobiles, laptops & sat navs. (which) - mobiles only (natural) (music only) PPC (mobiles only) PPC (everything) PPC (PCW)