Brtish GRI 2012 - Brochure


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Brtish GRI 2012 - Brochure

  2. 2. TOTAL REAL ESTATEn INvESTORS & DEvELOpERS n DEBT & cApITAL MARKETSINSTITuTIONAL INvESTORS IN RE - What’s the best strategy? DISTRESSED ASSETS & DEBT – Which will sell first?OppORTuNITY FuNDS - How to take advantage of today’s environment? LENDING DROuGHT - What sources of senior debt are there going to be in the future?uK INvESTMENTS - Is there life outside the capital? DEvELOpMENT FINANcING - Bottleneck or closed door?n SEcTOR pROGRAM n REGIONAL pROGRAMcENTRAL LONDON OFFIcE MARKET - Is it overvalued? RuSSIA INvESTMENTS – What is the strategy today?EuROpEAN RETAIL - East or West, which is best? INvESTMENTS IN BRAZIL – What is “the sunniest” sector to give the return?cOMMERcIAL REAL ESTATE - Recovery or agony? OppORTuNISTIc RETuRNS IN GERMANY - Dream or reality? n Up-to-date Attendee List Scan with your smartphone to visit the webpageall material throughout this brochure is subject to change without notice.Michael acratoPulo ben aloGo richarD bentleY DaViD boYle Meka brunel clark coffeeHead of UK Origination Investment Management Head of UK Executive Director Executive VP, Europe Director,eurohypo Director Real Estate Finance morGan Stanley ivanhoÉ cambriDGe Commercial Real Estate neinver helaba europe DeutSche bank
  3. 3. wELcOME The job of Discussion Chairs at the GRI is not to talk. It is to make others talk, engage and connect. On 15-16 May 2012, the GRI will bring together in London the leading British and international decision-makers driving the real estate industry for a series of informal and collegial discussions. Like all GRI meetings, the British GRI will have no speakers, no panelists, just freewheeling conversations in small groups where all present participate. If finding new business partners or connecting with industry peers on topics of mutual interest can be useful to you, we would be delighted to welcome you. Reserve your place now. See you in London! Emrah Senel Henri Alster Senior Director, British Chairman GRI – Global Real Estate Institute GRI – Global Real Estate InstituteJeffreY Dishner Mark Donnor GerharD kent GarDner brian Garrison anil kheraSenior Managing Partner Managing Principal DunstheiMer Chief Executive Managing Director PrincipalStarWooD capital europe WeStbrook partnerS Deputy CEO evanS ranDall foreSt city international the blackStone Group ece proJektmanaGement
  4. 4. TIMETABLE TUESDAY 15 MAYTUESDAY 15 MAYn 13H30 Check Inn 14H30-17H30 British GRI Programn 17H30-18H30 Drinks ReceptionDress Code: Business casualSOFITEL LONDON ST JAMES6 Waterloo Place, London SW1Y 4ANTel: +44 20 7747 2200www.sofitelstjames.comAref Lahham Dale Lattanzio Michael Marx Greg Michaud Christian Jonathan OferFounding Partner CIO & Managing Director CEO Senior Vice President - Nickels-Teske Managing DirectorOrion Capital Managers Duet Private Equity Development Securities Head of Real Estate Head of Treasury The Deerbrook Group ING Investment Europe & Capital Markets Management Americas Prologis
  5. 5. WEDNESDAY 16 MAY TIMETABLE 16 MAY WEDNESDAY n 08H00-09H00 Check In n 09H00-15H45 British GRI Program n 13H15-14H15 Lunch n 15H45-16H45 Closing DrinksBernard Penaud Ronald Rawald Klaus Schreiner Thilo Wagner Matthew Webster Andreas WuermelingCOO, Europe Partner & Head of Managing Director Head of Property, Europe MD, Global Head of Managing Director,Tishman Speyer European Real Estate Westdeutsche Henderson Real Estate Finance Head of Secondary MarketsProperties Cerberus ImmobilienBank Global Investors HSBC Bank Deutsche Pfandbriefbank
  6. 6. DIScuSSIONS 2012 uK INvESTMENTS - Is there life outside the capital? MARK DONNOR GILES KING managing principal emea head of investor services wESTBROOK pARTNERS uk cBRE GLOBAL INvESTORS uk JOE FROuD SpENcER STEADMAN Mark Donnor Joe Froud Situl Jobanputra managing partner finance director cOLuMBuS cApITAL MANAGEMENT uk LuMINA REAL ESTATE cApITAL uk SITuL JOBANpuTRA head of uk & cee real estate investment banking DEuTScHE BANK uk Giles King Spencer Steadman OppORTuNITY FuNDS How to take advantage of today’s environment? DEAN HODcROFT ANGuS HENDERSON partner, uk & ireland head of real estate head of business development ERNST & YOuNG uk F&c REIT uk Dean Hodcroft Kevin Cooper Basil Demeroutis Jeffrey Dishner KEvIN cOOpER REDA KHATIM managing partner managing partner LONGBOw REAL ESTATE cApITAL uk pALM cApITAL uk BASIL DEMEROuTIS cAMERON SpRY managing partner partner, head of investments FORE pARTNERSHIp uk TRISTAN cApITAL pARTNERS uk JEFFREY DISHNER senior managing partner, Angus Henderson Reda Khatim Cameron Spry head of re acquisitions and debt investments STARwOOD cApITAL EuROpE uk LENDING DROuGHT What sources of senior debt are there going to be in the future? MIcHAEL AcRATOpuLO EDOuARD FERNANDEZ head of uk origination director EuROHYpO uk wAINBRIDGE uk Michael Acratopulo Richard Bentley Asis Dey DONALD BELANGER cOLIN HuMpHRIES managing director business development director DEuTScHE BANK uk cANADA LIFE uk RIcHARD BENTLEY ANIL KHERA head of uk real estate finance principal HELABA uk BLAcKSTONE uk ASIS DEY real estate finance international Edouard Fernandez Colin Humphries Anil Khera DEuTScHE pFANDBRIEFBANK uk
  7. 7. DIScuSSIONS 2012cENTRAL LONDON OFFIcE MARKET – Is it overvalued?pAuL KENDRIcK LANcE TAYLORpartner & chief financial officer chief executiveEvANS RANDALL uk RIDER LEvETT BucKNALL ukHAMISH MAcDONALD BRucE THOMpSON Paul Kendrick Hamish Macdonald Jonathan Oferdirector - europe acquisitions directorMGpA uk DORRINGTON ukJONATHAN OFERmanaging directorTHE DEERBROOK GROup uk Lance Taylor Bruce ThompsonEuROpEAN RETAIL – East or West, which is best?BEN ALOGO RAIMuND KIRcHLEITNERinvestment management director senior asset manager projects eastNEINvER spain IMMOFINANZ austriaISABELLE cLERc MATTHIAS ScHMITZ Ben Alogo Isabelle Clerc Gerhard Dunstheimer Anthony Khoihead of asset management - central europe managing partnerAEw EuROpE france AcREST pROpERTY GROup germanyGERHARD DuNSTHEIMER DR. cHRISTOpH ScHuMAcHERdeputy ceo management board memberEcE pROJEKTMANAGEMENT germany uNION INvESTMENT INSTITuTIONAL pROpERTY germanyANTHONY KHOI THILO wAGNERpresident head of property, europecENOR GROup france HENDERSON GLOBAL INvESTORS germany Raimund Kirchleitner Matthias Schmitz Dr. Christoph Schumacher Thilo WagnerOppORTuNISTIc RETuRNS IN GERMANY – Dream or reality?ALEXANDER FIScHBAuM HEIKE pINEAuinvestment director executive directorORION cApITAL MANAGERS uk LONE STAR germanyANIL KHETAwAT DAMIAN vON STAuFFENBERG Alexander Fischbaum Anil Khetawat Ali Otmarvice chairman & managing director principalRAMESwARA GROup ENTERpRISE india STAuFFENBERG cApITAL ukALI OTMARexecutive directorTRISTAN cApITAL pARTNERS uk Heike Pineau Damian Von Stauffenberg
  8. 8. DIScuSSIONS 2012 DEvELOpMENT FINANcING – Bottleneck or closed door? ALAN ARTuS KLAuS ScHREINER director managing director GENERATION ESTATES uk wESTIMMO uk JOHN RuBBERT EFFI SHAKED Alan Artus John Rubbert Klaus Schreiner Effi Shaked director, origination managing director EuROHYpO uk DEuTScHE BANK uk ASSET MANAGEMENT – What difference does it make? pETER BRIGHAM MARTIN ROBERTS managing director principal ROuND HILL cApITAL uk ADDINGTON cApITAL uk pETER DOvE MARcuS SpERBER Peter Brigham Peter Dove Marcus Sperber ceo and head of asset management head of real estate emea cORDING cApITAL uk BLAcKROcK uk cOMMERcIAL REAL ESTATE – Recovery or agony? KENT GARDNER SERGE MATON chief executive director EvANS RANDALL uk cARvAL INvESTORS uk BRIAN GARRISON SATH SABENDRAN Kent Gardner Brian Garrison Serge Maton managing director partner FOREST cITY INTERNATIONAL uk MSS REAL ESTATE uk JOHN HuMBERSTONE partner ORcHARD STREET MANAGEMENT uk DISTRESSED ASSETS & DEBT – Which will sell first? pIETER BOGAARDT ALEX pRIcE managing director ceo OLYMpE cApITAL uk pALMER cApITAL pARTNERS uk SAMEER DALAMAL RONALD RAwALD Pieter Bogaardt Sameer Dalamal Aref Lahham Alex Price commercial real estate debt partner & head of european real estate OcH-ZIFF cApITAL MANAGEMENT uk cERBERuS uk JENNY HAMMARLuND DAN SMITH investment professional head of uk restructuring vARDE pARTNERS EuROpE uk EuROHYpO UK AREF LAHHAM MATTHEw wEBSTER founding partner managing director, global head of real estate finance ORION cApITAL MANAGERS uk HSBc BANK uk Ronald Rawald Dan Smith Matthew Webster
  9. 9. DIScuSSIONS 2012REFINANcING – Are new lenders re–shaping the market?cLARK cOFFEE JAMES pETITdirector, commercial real estate head of ukDEuTScHE BANK uk RREEF ukTIMOTHY JONES ANDREAS wuERMELING Clark Coffee Timothy Jones Michael Larsen Andreas Wuermelingmanaging director md, head of secondary marketsBAwAG pSK austria DEuTScHE pFANDBRIEFBANK AG ukMIcHAEL LARSENsenior managing directorHARBERT MANAGEMENT cORpORATION ukEuROpE – Are investors shying away or gearing up?MEKA BRuNEL SIMON pIGGOTTexecutive vice president europe directorIvANHOÉ cAMBRIDGE EuROpE france SEE pROpERTY FuND monacoJONATHAN DRIScOLL ANDREw SIMMONS Meka Brunel Jonathan Driscoll Scott O’Donnell Bernard Penaudceo partnerBREAM REAL ESTATE GROup germany BROOKFIELD FINANcIAL ukScOTT O’DONNELL ANDREw BRENT SMITHsenior managing director managing directorHARBERT MANAGEMENT cORpORATION uk cATELLA FINANcIAL ADvISORY swedenBERNARD pENAuD LILA vADcoo, europe ceoTISHMAN SpEYER pROpERTIES france c.v. STARR INvESTMENT ADvISORS russia Andrew Simmons Andrew Smith Lila VadINSTITuTIONAL INvESTORS IN RE – What’s the best strategy?DAvID BOYLE FREDRIK ELwINGexecutive director, portfolio manager real estate managing directorfund of funds, alternative investment partners GREENHILL REAL ESTATE cApITAL ADvISORY ukMORGAN STANLEY ukLAuRENT DE SpIRLET David Boyle Laurent De Spirlet Fredrik Elwingreal estate directorINTEGRALE belgiumpRIME RESIDENTIAL IN LONDONBeating the rest or overheating?pAuL BAYNHAM MIcHAEL MARXprincipal director ceopRIME DEvELOpMENT uk DEvELOpMENT SEcuRITIES uk Paul Baynham Stuart Jenkin Michael MarxSTuART JENKIN pAuL SILvERdirector of fund management executive directorFROGMORE uk DORcHESTER GROup uk
  10. 10. DIScuSSIONS 2012 INvESTMENTS IN BRAZIL What is “the sunniest” sector to give the return? RuI N.p. cAMINHA BARBOSA JOSE DAMASIO SANTOS lawyer - partner ceo cAMINHA BARBOSA & SIpHONE LAw FIRM brazil DAMASIO SANTOS GROup portugal Rui Barbosa Roberto De Abreu Pereira Marcelo Michalua Ken Wainer ROBERTO DE ABREu pEREIRA KEN wAINER director managing principal ETOILE brazil vBI REAL ESTATE brazil MARcELO MIcHALuA managing partner RB cApITAL brazil MEZZANINE DEBT – Back and here to stay? SEAN KELLY-RAND JOHN pEDERSEN director, business development managing partner MADISON INTERNATIONAL REALTY uk EKISTIcS pROpERTY uk DALE LATTANZIO wITOLD wITKIEwIcZ Sean Kelly-Rand Dale Lattanzio Wilson Lee cio & managing director director DuET pRIvATE EQuITY uk AERIANcE INvESTMENTS luxembourg wILSON LEE MIcHAEL ZERDA managing partner director – special situations and FIRST GROwTH REAL ESTATE cApITAL uk structured investments LASALLE INvESTMENT MANAGEMENT uk Witold Witkiewicz Michael Zerda RuSSIA INvESTMENTS – What is the strategy today? SERGEI GuTNIK DMITRY REvIN senior banker, property&tourism team director, finance and business development EBRD uk EuRASIA RED kazakhstan cHRISTIAN JAMISON cHRIS vAN RIET Sergei Gutnik Christian Jamison Svetlana Kara md, head of real estate investments managing director DELIN cApITAL uk RADIuS GROup russia SvETLANA KARA head of capital markets pRAEDIuM ONcOR INTERNATIONAL russia Dmitry Revin Chris Van Riet
  11. 11. DIScuSSIONS 2012EMERGING MARKETS – Where are the best deals?MAN MOHAN BAGREE OLEG pAvLOvvice president partnerSOuTH cITY pROJEcTS (KOLKATA) india cuBE cApITAL ukcHIA BOON KuAH AMIT puRI Man Mohan Bagree Abhijit Das Shakti Nath Oleg Pavlovexecutive director & coo director-business developmentFAR EAST ORGANISATION singapore IvANHOE cAMBRIDGE indiaABHIJIT DAS MALcOLM RIDDELLpresident presidentBOSTON EAST INDIA HOTELS india RIDDELLTSENG usaJuGAL KHETAwAT MIcHELLE SMALLchairman senior bankerRAMESwARA GROup ENTERpRISE india EBRD uk Amit Puri Malcolm Riddell Michelle Small Maxim SterlyagovTOM MALAYIL MAXIM STERLYAGOvmanaging director partnerZZIMLIA ENGINEERING india AMG russiaSHAKTI NATHchairman & mdLOGIX GROup indiaLOGISTIcS INvESTMENTS AND DEvELOpMENTSIs the timing right?MIcHAEL EISENKOLB cHRISTIAN NIcKELS-TESKEvp special property finance head of treasury europe & capital marketsAAREAL BANK germany pROLOGIS netherlands Michael Eisenkolb James Markby Christian Nickels-TeskeJAMES MARKBYdirector -head of european industrial & logistics investmentcBRE ukuS REAL ESTATE – European investors to return?EDwARD LApuMAmanaging directorLcN cApITAL pARTNERS ukGREG MIcHAuD Edward Lapuma Greg Michaud Dilan Urunsenior vice president - head of real estateING INvESTMENT MANAGEMENT AMERIcAS usaDILAN uRuNvice presidentTANSEv & ASSOcIATES usa
  12. 12. REGISTRATION NOTESBRITISH GRI 2012 London 15-16 Maywww.globalrealestate.org4 EASY wAYS TO REGISTER SpONSORSHIp OppORTuNITIES1. Tear out and Fax the Form on the right to : +44 20 7388 87402. Scan and email the completed Form to: Take the opportunity to strengthen your position in3. Download another copy at Call: +44 20 7121 5060 the real estate market and reach a senior audience of real estate professionals across the globe.vENuESOFITEL LONDON ST JAMES The GRI has a limited number of commercial6 Waterloo Place, London SW1Y 4AN packages available and our sponsorship team willTel: +44 20 7747 2200 be happy to tailor a package to ensure you your return on investment.Lodging costs are not included in conference fees.BADGESDelegates must wear badges at all times.Admission will regrettably not be possible otherwise.ADMISSIONS & cANcELLATION pOLIcYRegistrations are per person and cannot be shared between colleagues.Registrations can be transferred to colleagues any time prior to the event.Cancellation and transfer to colleagues must be in writing.90% refund will apply if cancellation is received before (5 April 2012).We regret no refunds are possible for cancellations received thereafter.Onsite cash RegistrationsFee for onsite payment (credit card or cash only) £100 (+20% VAT).(1) cHEcKCheck and methods of payment other than credit cards incur an additional£50 charge.Pay “GRI”. Mail check and registration form to:GRI, Walkden House, 10 Melton Street, London NW1 2EB For more information contact: Hassan Gani, International Project Director(2) GROup RATEGroup rate is per person. Tel +44(0) 20 7121 5084Applies to groups of 3 or more participants. hassan.gani@globalrealestate.orgNeed not be from the same company.Note that registration fee reductions are not cumulative.To claim the group rate across multiple companies please enter the othercompany name/s in the ‘Reference:’ field on the registration form. INQUIRIES AND FURTHER INFORMATION: INDUSTRY PARTNER For general event enquiries contact: Main Office: Tel: +44 20 7121 5060 511 Ave of the Americas - Suite 4100, New York, For chairing opportunities contact: N.Y 10011 USA Emrah Senel Senior Director, British | Turkey | MENA European Office: Tel: +44 20 7121 5073 Walkden House, 10 Melton Street, MIPIM March 2013 London NW1 2EB Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France For media & partnerships contact: All material throughout Berna Kosal this brochure is subject Marketing Manager to change without notice. Tel: +44 20 7121 5087 Ongoing updates at: Ongoing updates at www.GLOBALREALESTATE.ORG
  13. 13. BRITISH GRI 2012 REGISTRATION FORMfax to: +44 20 7388 8740 or scan and email to: Mr/Mrs/Dr First Initials Last Register by 13 April and save up to £300! Plus, send the team for great discounts with our Group rate! (III/Jr/...) NickNAME BRITISH GRI 2012 SINGLE Group Discussion London, 15-16 May Non Member per person (co-)Chair position/job title Before 13 Apr  £1,675 (+20% VAT)  £1,575 (+20% VAT)  £1,275 (+20% VAT) Direct tel After 13 Apr  £1,975 (+20% VAT)  £1,775 (+20% VAT)  £1,475 (+20% VAT) Email Fee for payment methods other than credit card:  £ 50 (+20% VAT) Fee for onsite payment (credit card or cash only):  £ 100 (+20% VAT) company REFERENCE: assistant ASSISTANT Tel ref: 1wb n PAYMENT DETAILS A receipt will be returned. ASSISTANT email Please tick q Visa q Mastercard q AmEx q check (+£50)(1) Address Card Number Name on Card City State/province/county Expiry *CSC/CVV (MANDATORY) Postcode Country Signature Division’s web address (ex: Credit Card Billing address, if different from above (important, please provide) q INVESTOR q LAWYER q PENSION (Investor) q A&E (Architect/Engineer) Street Address q PROPERTY COMPANY (Developer) q TITLE (COMPANY) q INFRASTRUCTURE COMPANY q GOVERNMENT (Officials) q LENDER q ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT City State/County/province Postcode q HOTEL (Company) q ACADEMIC (Think Tank) q INVESTMENT BANK q MEDIA q CORPORATE (User) q TRADE (Group/Exhibit/ q AGENT (Surveyor) Conference Organiser) *The CSC is the final three digit number printed on the reverse of your card along the signature strip. q ADVISOR (Accountant/Tax) q OTHER_________________ for american express cards, please provide the four digit cvv located above the card number.
  14. 14. INVESTISSEMENT ET DÉVELOPPEMENT IMMOBILIEREUROPEAN REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT & DEVELOPMENT THE 15 TH ANNUAL GRI EUROPE SUMMIT 2012 pARIS 11-12 SEpTEMBERInquiries for chairing a discussion at the GRI Europe Summit 2012:Keziah Augsburger, Director - Europe tel. +44. 20 7121
  16. 16. RE AL ES TAT E I N V ES T M EN T DEUTSCHE BRITISH CHINA 2012 GRI2012 GRI2012 ACROSS THE WORLD GRI 2012/2013 EVENTS DEuTScHE GRI 2012 BRITISH GRI 2012 cHINA GRI 2012 Frankfurt, 2-3 May London, 15-16 May Shanghai, 6-7 June RUSSIA INDIA BRAZIL GRI 2012 MENA GRI2012 GRI2012 GRI2012 GRI EUROPE SUMMIT 2012GRI EuROpE SuMMIT 2012 RuSSIA GRI 2012 MENA GRI 2012 INDIA GRI 2012 BRAZIL GRI 2012Paris, 11-12 September Moscow, 19-20 September Doha, 25-26 September Mumbai, 3-4 October Sao Paulo, 6-7 November ASIA USA GRI 2012 2013 GRI2013 New Europe GRI2012 Turkey TürkiyeGRI 2013NEw EuROpE GRI 2012 ASIA GRI 2012 TuRKEY GRI 2013 GRI EuROpE cHAIRMEN’S uSA GRI 2013Warsaw, 26-27 November Hong Kong, 3-4 December Istanbul, 8-9 January RETREAT 2013 New York, April St Moritz, January Event British GRI 2012 #britishgri Group British GRI Network - Global Real Estate Institute @globalrealest