Knowledge sharing & communication mechanisms


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Knowledge sharing & communication mechanisms

  1. 1. Knowledge Sharing &Communication Mechanisms
  2. 2. Regional Collaboration• Sec/CT attend CO Project Launch with Key Stakeholders• Meeting, Annual Review Workshop: Face to face• Capacity Building, Cross-border visits• EMPHASIS Webpage part of CARE Website -integration• EMPHASIS Social Networking site - integration
  3. 3. Communication Strategy• Chat, Tele or video conference: Skype• E-mail Forum or group: • Web based : Ning • E-mail based: Yahoo, or Google groups in Ning• Collaborative document: Google Docs in Ning• Blog: Ning, Blogger in Ning• Knowledge Assets: Consolidated Replies, Strategic Papers, - Ning• Archives: Reports, Guidelines, budgets - Ning• Resources: Documents, Websites, Contacts, Organizations• Wiki – link to Emphasis Wiki from Ning
  4. 4. Communication Strategy - contd• SMS: Twitter & GupShup in Ning• Calendar of Events – Google Calendar in Ning• Community Walk Map – Google Map in Ning• Photos: flicker, Photobucket in Ning• Videos & Audio: YouTube in Ning• Poll: Poll Daddy in Ning,• Action Groups: Ning• Transliteration: Nepali, Bengali, Hindi,• Inter/Intra Linkages: CARE, UN, KARAM, IOM, ILO• Social Nets: Facebook in Ning, Explore Orkut, Bebo, Linked in, Plaxo,
  5. 5. E-Forum: Q-R-CR Format• Query: Moderated to bring out best responses – Type: Advice, Experience, E-discussion• Replies: – Reply by - average 15 days – Moderated for appropriate and technical content• Consolidated Reply: – Discussion Summary plus Recommended Resources like Documents, Websites, Contacts, Organizations
  6. 6. Collaborative documentPurpose: A Group of people linked virtually producing any MS Office document collaboratively in NingTasks:• Determine whether Google docs is better in Ning• Testing: Groups to test Huddle Workspaces which is slower than Google
  7. 7. Communication Flow chartChat, Tele, Video Conf Discussion TranscriptsE-forum discussion Discussion summaryBlogs Consolidated RepliesSMS Final BlogGroup work Collaborative DocumentUploading of Reports, Guidelines, budgetsTransliteration Translated docs
  8. 8. Communication Flow chartDiscussion Transcripts Knowledge Assets or ResourcesDiscussion summary consisting of Recommended Documents,Consolidated Replies Websites, Contacts,Final Blog Organizations…Collaborative DocumentReports, Guidelines, budgets ArchivesTranslated docs
  9. 9. Action points• Define role of Facilitator• Develop criteria for appropriate materials• Define purpose of social networking site for info-sharing and function for KM• Use template to consolidate e-forum discussions• Criteria for Membership, rules of participation – written in Help page
  10. 10. Time Line - KM StrategyClarify integration with CO website Dec 09Develop Concept Note, purpose, function, CMS, consult Nov 09& finalizeIdentify in-house Facilitator & develop TOR End NovDesign and train facilitator in implementation - 2 days Mid DecDesign Orientation Program & train CT Rep on KM Mid DedLaunch web site 1 Jan 10