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Emphasis pres-sep 1-2010-12nb

  1. 1. Enhancing Mobile Populations’ Access to HIV & AIDS Services, Information, and Support (EMPHASIS) CARE New Delhi 06 Sep 2010
  2. 2. EMPHASIS• EMPHASIS is a 5-year initiative funded by the Big Lottery Fund, UK• The programme aims to – reduce the vulnerability of key mobile populations to HIV & AIDS along two mobility routes between Bangladesh/India and Nepal/India by delivering focused interventions at source, transit and destination points – influence national and regional policies relating to safe mobility through evidence generated regionally.
  3. 3. Goal and Objectives• Programme Goal: – To reduce the vulnerability to HIV&AIDS of populations mobile across borders of Bangladesh, India and Nepal and to mitigate the impact on affected communities, with a specific focus on women.• Programme Objectives – To demonstrate effective good practice models for HIV prevention, care and support for mobile populations vulnerable to HIV&AIDS across India, Bangladesh and Nepal – for replication and scaling-up. – To enhance capacity and contribute to government/civil society institutions and communities’ efforts to reduce the vulnerability of mobile populations and their families to HIV and to mitigate the impact of AIDS. – To develop evidence-based advocacy and the creation of an enabling environment supportive of reducing vulnerabilities of mobile populations to HIV&AIDS
  4. 4. Approach• Programme Approach: – The programme approach will aim to answer the question: “What approaches work with cross-border mobile populations and their families to reduce vulnerability to HIV infection?”• The four areas of intervention will be: – Test a model of cross-border services. – Build knowledge about the mobile populations and their families and their vulnerability to HIV infection – Build capacity of partners in the programme approach – Influence changes in relevant laws, policies, practices, beliefs, attitudes, knowledge and behaviours
  5. 5. Where will EMPHASIS work?• Nepal-India route – Source area (Accham and Kanchanpur) – Transit area (Gaddachouki / Gaurifanta) – Destination area (Delhi - National Capital Region)(Mumbai) Gaddachouki / Banbasa Dhangadi / Gourifanta
  6. 6. Where will EMPHASIS work?• Bangladesh-India route – Source area (Jessore and Satkhira) – Transit area (Petropole and adjoining areas) – Destination area (Kolkata, Howrah and adjoining areas) (Mumbai) Source point Transit point Destination point
  7. 7. First Year of the Programme• Knowledge Building Phase – Build knowledge, information, and analysis while supporting existing services for the target group. – Using analysis, clarify assumptions about services for each of the two migration routes: Inputs → Outputs → Outcomes → Impact
  8. 8. Key Processes – Staff RecruitmentStaff Recruitment process started in September,2009 and all staff were recruited by January, 2010. Staff Name Designation Place Essa Mohammad Rafique Team Leader New Delhi Nabesh Bohidar Manager (M-E-D) New Delhi TBD Admn Assistant New Delhi Anupam Das Partnership Coordinator Kolkata Surajit Chakraborty Partnership Coordinator Bahraich Moushumi Kundu Partnership Coordinator New Delhi Jatin Juneja Finance Officer (part time) New Delhi
  9. 9. Key Processes – Workshops for Common Understanding• Induction Workshop (New Delhi-October 2009)• Inception Workshop (Kathmandu-Oct/Nov 2009)• NGO pre-orientation workshop (New Delhi-Dec 2009)• CARE Staff Induction workshop (Lucknow-February 2010)• NGO Induction Workshop (New Delhi-Feb 2010) for NGO staff of Delhi/NCR• NGO Induction Workshop (Kolkata-March 2010) for NGO staff of West Bengal• NGO Induction Workshop – (Bahraich – March 2010) for staff of Uttar Pradesh
  10. 10. Key Processes – NGO Partners Contracted• As the NGO partners were pre-selected, a process of NGO assessment was carried out with all the five NGOs. (Nov-Dec 2009)• The NGO assessment was carried out by a team comprising of both programme staff and finance staff of CARE.• Draft NGO contracts were sent to BIG through the Secretariat.• Approval of the contracts were received in late February.• NGO contracts were signed from the first of March• Six NGO Partners on board (Rationalisation and new partners)
  11. 11. Key Processes – Current activities of the NGO partners• Mapping / Stakeholder analysis / Line Listing• Developed a common methodology, tools and required outputs through a consultative process for destination and transit sites.• Status: – Mapping completed. – Stakeholder Analysis Completed – Line Listing Continuing
  12. 12. Estimates of Mobile population (combined-both transit sites) Total Going % to Going % to Going % to Mobile Delhi Delhi Mumbai Mumbai Others OthersSource -Accham 3253 407 13 1606 49 1240 38Source -Kanchanpur 6543 2265 35 411 6 3867 59Source -Others 15252 3919 26 3859 25 7474 49Total 25048 6591 26.3 5876 23.5 12581 50.2• Those from Accham, more people go to Mumbai than Delhi.• Those from Kanchanpur, more people go to Delhi than Mumbai• More number of people go to Delhi than to Mumbai from the two source districts
  13. 13. Key Processes – Overcoming the communication divide across countries• Communication & KM - Ning• One Stop Shop – Chat, Forum, Tele, Google-docs, Blog, Events, Calendar, Map, Groups, Photos, videos, audios, Transliteration, Archives, Intra, Google-search, SMS- web, Wiki• Status – Started in Dec 09, Analytics show high usage – Will require dedicated facilitator support
  14. 14. Snapshots of Activities in the Field• EMPHASIS team crosses the heavily guarded Indo- Bangladesh Border
  15. 15. Snapshots of Activities in the Field• EMPHASIS team at the Indo-Nepal Border at Gaddachouki
  16. 16. Snapshots of Activities in the Field• Meeting with stakeholders at various locations
  17. 17. Snapshots of Visitors in the Field• Visitor to EMPHASIS – Richard Greenhalgh (chair of CARE-UK Board)
  18. 18. Snapshots of Visitors in the Field• Visitor to EMPHASIS – Jane Adisu & Nino Gurgulia
  19. 19. Who will EMPHASIS work with?• Impact population (revised): – Mobile population from Nepal and Bangladesh to India. – Mobile Population from Accham and Kanchanpur and Jessore and Satkhira only – Both Men and Women (Single men and all women) – Come to India for at least three months at a time – Have been in India for less than 5 years – Spouses left behind at source sites
  20. 20. Budget Scenario if Mumbai included Overall Original As per S1 DeltaP1 544,056 576,874 (32,818)P2 32,475 93,410 (60,935)P3 15,272 15,888 (616)Mgt & Operation 669,161 687,738 (18,577) 1,260,964 1,373,911 (112,947)SPC 75,658 82,435 (6,777)Total 1,336,622 1,456,346 (119,723)
  21. 21. THANKS