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Solving Top 6 Problems of HR in the Retail Industry


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Retail in america is a competitive space. With the customers increasingly gravitating towards discount stores and e-commerce websites, and the ever-increasing choices in front of the consumers has turned the retail industry into a warfront.

Among everyone else, HR executives have the responsibility to support their organization here. They have the onus on them to build an engaging workplace that attracts young talent and help design beautiful experiences for the business's customers.

We carefully mixed a set of data that points to the gravity of the situation, the water-cooler conversations that represent the problem and the solutions to 6 major problems that HR Executives are facing in the retail industry.

Published in: Recruiting & HR, Retail
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Solving Top 6 Problems of HR in the Retail Industry

  1. 1. Solving Top 6 Business Problems of HR in the Retail Industry Spotting HR problems at the water-cooler
  2. 2. can help you solve issues related to Leadership Development Goal alignment Employee perception Promotions & Policies Internship programs Overstaffing 3 6 9 12 15 18
  3. 3. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT 70% of employees who lack confidence in the abilities of senior leadership aren’t fully engaged Source: Dale Carnegie Training
  4. 4. Water-Cooler Conversations “Upper management don’t have a clue about what is really going on in the stores” “Our management is not fair with the employees” “There is a lot of nepotism” “Management doesn’t have a clue of what’s really going on in stores”
  5. 5. 360 Feedback • Employees, managers and HR manager can select reviewers for a person • Everyone submits online feedback from their computers • Reviews can be kept anonymous • HR manager/coach can analyze reports of individual reviewers as well as compare reports from multiple reviewers • HR Manager/coach can use these insights to help the manager improve Performance Management
  6. 6. GOAL ALIGNMENT When goal alignment is not a primary focus, about two-thirds of a company’s time and resources are wasted Source: Inc Magazine
  7. 7. Water-Cooler Conversations “Everyone here cares about their bonus, and just want to make it harder for others to do their jobs” “Our management needs to monitor and watch the store managers”. “I keep on doing the busy work, none of which has nothing to do with my job” “The corporate team makes work harder on the employees”
  8. 8. Goal Management • Employees and managers can set SMART goals for themselves • People can view goals of the business and their division, when they set their own goals • For interns and new employees, managers can import goals from job descriptions • People can prioritize their goals by assigning them different weightages Performance Management
  9. 9. EMPLOYEE PERCEPTION 92% business executives have seen favoritism affect employee promotions Source: Georgetown University
  10. 10. Water-Cooler Conversations “The Company is unprofessional and lacks structure” “Our management is not fair to the employees” “There is a lot of nepotism” “Senior management doesn’t have a clue about what’s really going on at the store-level”
  11. 11. Employee Communication • Employees can submit anonymous feedback through notes and online HR help desk • You can conduct employee surveys before changing policies • You can communicate one to one with the employee, or include their manager in the conversation • The feedback can be made a part of the performance appraisal Talent Management
  12. 12. PROMOTIONS & POLICIES Management Transparency is the top factor when determining employee happiness Source: TINYpulse
  13. 13. Water-Cooler Conversations “The management constantly revokes employee discounts, and does not give a reason” “The store policies change by the minute” “Our favorite store manager was transferred” “Management takes away more from good employees and give it to the employees that they like”
  14. 14. Employee Database • Store previous appraisals online and use these as basis for promotions • Understand relationships between people before initiating transfers and promotions • Communicate company policies through a self-service system for the employees which they can access on their mobiles / laptops Talent Management
  15. 15. INTERNSHIP AND TRAINING PROGRAMS New hires who undergo a structured on-boarding program are 54% more productive at work Source: Wynhurst Group
  16. 16. Water-Cooler Conversations “The internship program is in infancy. There isn’t much to do” “The Firm needs to teach and prepare employees for management roles” “The company needs a solid internship program”
  17. 17. Employee Onboarding & Training Management • HR manager can establish and change the process to onboard new employees • Employees can learn about their team members and managers from a single screen • Employees can easily access documents like company policies as well as training curriculum • Employees can submit feedback on training electronically • Manager can assign training goals and evaluate ROI of training Talent Management
  18. 18. STAFFING OPTIMIZATION For retailers with many stores (>100), and few employees per store (<20); standardization, visibility and control yield results in line with expectations
  19. 19. Water-Cooler Conversations “Management hires people who misrepresent the product and share nothing with our target customers” “Managers hire pushovers, instead of qualified candidates and people who will fit the culture” “I am just at this temporary job until I find something better” “My hours are scarce. The company appears to be overstaffed”
  20. 20. Time and Attendance Management Workforce Management • Track and report time-off requests • Reduce unplanned absence by recording and monitoring all leave records • Ensure a consistent leave policy and automate process across organizations • Managers can track time spent on every different kind of activity on a daily basis
  21. 21. You’re looking for the right technology to run HR in your business can help with that View Datasheet