Is hr becoming redundant?


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The role of Human Resource keeps changing from time to time. Current breed of human resource managers should keep their skills current and this will allow them to manage resources efficiently

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  • 'Redundancy' implies that the ROLE of HR is disappearing. HR has always had a dual role - tactical/transactional and strategic.
    As in manufacturing, much of the tactical/transactional is being outsourced either to IT solutions or to HR outsourcing specialists. In that sense the tactical/transactional role is becoming redundant ... or is it? I am seeing many organizations start to question whether the gizmos really do work (initial excitement and utilization rarely correlate with sustained usage and impact); whether we have lost something in the process; whether the shared services model truly does produce the ROI (once locked into an HRSS model, the cost to change often enables the supplier to escalate their charges). I cannot yet determine which will happen first - the return of bell-bottomed trousers or decentralisation of HR services!
    Re the strategic role, I believe it is far from redundant and far from being satisfied. HR are still learning. We flip flop from trivialising processes (we call it 'simplifying') and over complicating them by creating new flavors of the month for things that are actually easy. HR's challenge is to become truly strategic in parallel with learning the (a) behavioral engineering power of contemporary technology, and (b) business intelligence management power of contemporary technology so that we in HR participate in the design and implementation of processes and technology that truly drive enhanced business performance, and don't get sold gizmos that become redundant themselves.
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Is hr becoming redundant?

  1. 1. Is HR becoming Redundant?
  2. 2. 2The crux• Technology is providing efficient solutions to all transaction-related HR issues(which 50 to 60 % of HR staff performed earlier) and this one-time cost isbeing capitalized in certain cases.• HR outsourcing & HR technology platforms tend to be more cost effective forall organizations and is slowly replacing the previous concept of using a hugeHR staff.• Trained HR professionals may thus have to graduate to new roles suchas HR analyst, business analysts or system implementation specialists
  3. 3. Copyright 2013 | Saigun TechnologiesPvt. Ltd.3What do CEOs think?
  4. 4. 4CEO viewsAll initiatives, aimed at business growth, require better management of key humanresourcesSoftwareMaintaining employeerecords/personal filesManaging various HRprocessesPreparing MIS on HREnsuring statutorycomplianceCEOs want to view information, downto its source, in their own time &draw their own conclusions aboutdeveloping people in their companies
  5. 5. CEO viewsCopyright 2013 | Saigun TechnologiesPvt. Ltd.5Employees are perfectly capable of creating & updatingtheir personal dataIt is typically thought that HR is only needed to deal withlabour disputes & manage employee unionsCEOs are uncomfortable expanding the HR departmentwhen it means recurring and increasing costs every yearThe focus is to create a loyal workforce and CEOs do not see how a qualified HRresource fits in his/her business setup
  6. 6. Copyright 2013 | Saigun TechnologiesPvt. Ltd.6What then is the new role for HRprofessionals?
  7. 7. New role of HRCopyright 2013 | Saigun TechnologiesPvt. Ltd.7HR professionals offer to the new breed of CEOs who will soon move to managebigger establishmentsManpower planningHR systems configurationCareer managementAlignment of employeesto corporate objectivesReview of Skills &CompetenciesTraining, development &evaluationManaging IRHigher revenue per employee and lower manpower costSkills & competencies required to manage new jobswould also need reviewDesigning of programs to develop new skills &competenciesMake use of tools like Balanced Score Card &spread awareness across the companyDefining the career path for an employee in any jobposition shall help in arresting attritionLabour intensive organizations (manufacturing,infrastructure development etc.Need HR executives who can configure the ‘UserConfigurable HR Software’ solutions
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