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Conduct Performance Appraisal


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Empxtrack allows a quick setup of the appraisal module such that you can get a 360 view of an employee along multiple parameters such as Competencies, Goals, Relative Ranking, Self Evaluation.

It allows each stakeholder to rate and comment on the employees achievements and contains features for comparative analysis, feedback from peers and juniors, salary recommendations and view of the full employee profile in the appraisal.

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  • Wonderful product for Employee Appraisal. The comparative view functionality is unique. You can review all employees on one parameter or one employee on all the parameters.
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Conduct Performance Appraisal

  1. 1. This presentation will help you understand different processes involved in Empxtrack appraisal module including: Users and Functionalities A. Initiate appraisal as an HR manager. B. Fill appraisal form as employee and submit the same to manager. C. View and rate appraisal forms as manager. D. Configure appraisal plan, forms and module. Note: We would be exploring most of the functionality with 3 employees: Janet Leverling – the Employee John Steel – Janet’s Manager Terri Osborne – the HR Manager To login as an Employee, roll on the mouse to the employee and click on Login button (as shown in the picture)
  2. 2. Initiate Appraisal as an HR Manager To initiate appraisal, you need to: 1. Log in as Terri Osborne and initiate appraisal as HR Manager. 2. Go to Manage>>Performance Management>>Manage Processes. 3. Select Initiate appraisal process link from the Appraisals section on Manage team processes page. 4. Select Plan A appraisal plan from the drop-down list. The sample employees are already selected. 5. Type Janet Leverling in field against Select employees and remove all other employees from the selection. 6. Click Initiate.
  3. 3. Initiate Appraisal as an HR Manager The appraisal is successfully initiated for Janet in case an appraisal doesn’t exist for her. Note: You can set aside her appraisal and initiate a new one.
  4. 4. Fill Appraisal Form as an Employee To fill appraisal form, you need to: 1. Login as Janet Leverling. 2. Go to My profile>>My performance>>My appraisal. 3. Read the instructions to fill appraisal form in Introduction Form of My Appraisal page. 4. Fill all the forms available and rate yourself, wherever required. 5. Click on Submit button on submit form to complete the appraisal process.
  5. 5. View and Rate Appraisal as a Manager To view and rate appraisal, you need to: 1. Login as John Steel (Janet’s Manager) 2. Click on View tab of Janet’s appraisal message to view her appraisal ratings. Alternatively, go to Manage>>Performance management>>Appraisals, select the team members, and click Evaluate to view appraisal of multiple team members together.
  6. 6. View and Rate Appraisal as a Manager 3. Select checkbox of the employee whose appraisal you want to view and edit. Put comments if required.
  7. 7. View and Rate Appraisal as a Manager You can view the comments and ratings that the selected employee has marked and provide your remarks wherever you are not satisfied. Employee ratings will appear as shown. Note: Click on the Submit button on submit page to send the final appraisal ratings to HR manage.
  8. 8. View and Rate Appraisal as an HR Manager HR manager cannot provide ratings to employees. To view and rate appraisal as HR manager, you need to: Alternatively, go to Manage>>Performance management>>Appraisals, select the team members, and click Evaluate button under ACTIONS menu to view appraisal of multiple team members together.
  9. 9. View and Rate Appraisal as an HR Manager 3. Click on each form listed to view the ratings of employee and their respective managers. You can provide ratings wherever required. You can view the final scores rated by Employee and Manager along with the comments that Manager has added in appraisal form. Also, you can click One attribute for all employees or All attributes for one employee button to get a comparative view of team members on specified parameter(s).
  10. 10. Finalize Appraisal as an HR Manager 4. Go to submit form and click Submit button to finalize the appraisal. The appraisal is successfully done and can be seen by employees, managers, and HR manager anytime but cannot be edited.
  11. 11. Configure Appraisal as an HR Manager To configure appraisal module, you need to: 1. Login as Terri Orsborne 2. Go to Settings>>Performance Management>>Configure Appraisal. 3. Click Create a new performance plan button to create a new plan. These plans allow you to initiate appraisals based on a specific set of configurations whenever required. You can also select the Edit, Copy, Delete option under Actions menu for desired action
  12. 12. Configure Appraisal as an HR Manager 4. Select the plan type, plan duration, workflow to be used and provide notification settings in Time & notifications tab. 5. Select the appraisal forms to be used in the plan and then configure the selected forms using Forms & settings tab. 6. Set visibility rules for the forms and fields for the employees in different roles using Visibility rules tab. 7. Save the performance plan settings and your appraisal configuration is successfully done.
  13. 13. For a Demo or more information, please contact