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Automate Your Attendance Process

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Automate Your Attendance Process

  1. 1. Different Users Login and Functionalities Our simple and easy-to-use attendance module caters need of every employee from entry-level to senior HR manager, making overall attendance management system effective and efficient. The functionalities that our system serves to ease HR workflow are:  Mark attendance for current day, mark break times in the shift, calculate effective working hours and regularize attendance as an employee and get it approved.  Manage (view/regularize) attendance of your team members as Manager and approve attendance regularization request of team members.  Configure attendance module and configure shifts as an HR Manager. We will explore functionalities of Empxtrack Attendance module considering three levels of employees wherein we have To login as an Employee, click Login button as shown below: Janet Levering – the employee John Steel – Janet’s Manager Terri Osborn – the HR Manager
  2. 2. Mark Attendance and Breaks as an Employee To mark your attendance as an employee, you need to:  Login as Janet Leverling to explore employee’s functionalities.  Go to My Profile >> My Attendance. The My Attendance page displays calendar and status of your attendance for current selected day. To mark your attendance, click on start time, add breaks and end the day. Empxtrack automatically calculates the time spent at work.  Click Start button to mark your start time for the day. Empxtrack allows users to configure and customize settings. Employees can also add MY ATTENDANCE shortcut on homepage and mark their attendance directly by clicking Start button.
  3. 3. Mark Attendance and Breaks as an Employee  Click on Go on break and End day buttons to mark break time and end day time. Break time and effective working hours will be automatically calculated by the system.  Click on Regularize your attendance button to regularize attendance for a specific date.
  4. 4. Regularize Attendance as an Employee  Update in time and Update out time in their respective text boxes after selecting respective checkbox against them in Regularize your attendance page and click Submit. The working hours and overtime will be calculated automatically and appear in CALCULATED TIME section  Click on Add note+ to specify the reason for regularization of attendance. The attendance regularization cannot be done by the employees themselves. Regularization request is submitted to the manager. View Regularization workflow on top of the page.
  5. 5. Apply for Leave(s)  Click on Apply for leave to apply for leave(s). Once you have applied for leave, leave dashboard appears with leave records of entire year wherein you can access the leave balance and status of applied leaves. Note: Employees can manage their leaves in My Leave section where they can apply leave, view leave transactions, leave policy and the holiday list specified by the company.
  6. 6. Manage Attendance as a Manager To approve attendance regularization request, you need to: 1. Login as John Steel (Janet’s Manager) 2. Click on View button to check attendance change request from Janet in My Messages section of the homepage.
  7. 7. Manage Attendance as a Manager Click Accept to accept the attendance regularization changes or click Send back to employee to send regularization request back to employee for correction, as desired. 3. Add notes, if required by clicking Add Note+ link and then click Accept/Close. 4. Once you have accepted the request, attendance regularization will be successfully done. Note: In addition to homepage, you can also manage regularization requests by clicking on Manage attendance link on ATTENDANCE FOR MY TEAM MEMBERS page. Simply select team member(s) whose regularization request you want to process and go to Actions>>Regularize.
  8. 8. Manage Attendance as a Manager As a manager, you can view and regularize attendance of your team members. To manage team member’s attendance, you need to: 1. Go to Manage>>Manage Attendance>>View attendance. The ATTENDANCE FOR MY TEAM MEMBERS page displays attendance statistics of your team members for a particular month. You can view the numbers of team members NOT PRESENT, marked INCOMPLETE attendance and their SHIFT DETAILS for a particular date. By clicking on View link, you can view details of team member, including Employee name, Employee no and Attendance status.
  9. 9. Manage Attendance as a Manager 2. To view or download attendance for any particular date or month, you need to specify the Start date and End date along with Data type. Then, click on View or Download button for desired action.
  10. 10. Manage and Configure Attendance as an HR Manager To manage attendance as an HR Manager, you need to 1. Login as Terri Osborn (the HR manager). 2. Go to Manage Attendance>>View Attendance to view attendance of all the employees for a particular month. Note: You can access all the attendance related functionalities as demonstrated in Manager’s Section. As an HR Manager, you can also configure attendance. To configure Attendance Module, you need to: 1. Go to Settings>>Employee Self Services>>Attendance>>Attendance configuration. Setup attendance configuration settings by selecting the respective sections on ATTENDANCE CONFIGURATION page. 2. Select Manual Settings tab to specify attendance capture mode. You can also restrict employee to mark their in and out time in case of external integration. Click on Update Values to finalize your selection.
  11. 11. Configuring Attendance as an HR Manager 3. Select File Upload Settings tab to specify the format and arrange the fields in the order in which you want attendance to be processed. Click Update Values button after finalizing settings.
  12. 12. Configuring Attendance as an HR Manager 4. Select Regularization Settings tab to specify the workflow of regularization you want to be followed by the employees and click Update Values button to save final settings.
  13. 13. Configuring Attendance as an HR Manager 5. Select Specify Calculation Rule to setup rules for calculation of effective working hours. You can make it attendance based as well. 6. Notice Add New Rule and Assign Shift buttons on the top of Specify Calculation Rule page. You can specify the rule that needs to be applied and the shift i.e. morning, evening or night to be covered under that particular rule.
  14. 14. Configuring Attendance as an HR Manager 7. Specify the limit for UNDER TIME CALCULATION RULE, OVER TIME CALCULATION RULE, WEEKEND CALCULATION RULE, HOLIDAY CALCULATION RULE and LEAVE DAY CALCULATION RULE and click Update Value button.
  15. 15. For a demo or more information, please contact