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Write the perfect job advert


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A short presentation that will help to ensure that your IT job adverts are of the highest quality and attract the best applicants.

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Write the perfect job advert

  1. 1. 5 small changes that will help you recruit the best IT professionals 26860503129552<br /><ul><li>16083641057094Recruiting staff is about quality of applications........not quantity of applications</li></ul>60279643858895=High quality applications and ideal member of staffTargeted job advert written with applicant in mindAdverts written to reach the widest possible audience will receive high numbers of low quality applications<br />Otherwise your ad will look like a CV baiting exercise70348923736431-1974291554168If recruiting for a number of nationwide positions, avoid listing them all in one advert2. Post localised adverts where possible<br />22288501820545If restricted by budgets at least create a separate advert for each regionNationwide adverts are un-targeted and frustrating for job seekers, and will result in low-quality applications <br />Specifying 'Competitive' as a salary raises questions for the job seeker, and often results in a failure to apply. 3. Include a tight salary bracket with your job advert-793754827270-789203782696-789212650580The job seeker will find out this information eventually, so try to present it at the earliest opportunity.Think back to when you were last job seeking. How frustrating did you find it when roles didn't include a salary bracket?A tight salary bracket (£10k or less) will seriously improve the number of high quality applications that you receive.<br />4. Include a clear and concise job title This will increase the number of relevant search results that your job advert will appear in.There is no need to be clever with the job title, just be accurate.28166792421980<br />5. Get the details rightIf you don't understand the difference between Java and JavaScript, or the difference between a web developer and a web designer, then ask for some feedback on your job advert from someone who does... <br />-4867892655651Also, in addition to reviewing advert content, research your target market so that your interview questions can really test your potential us (this sort of support is one of the many benefits of using an IT specific job board)<br />Either be an expert or consult an expert when it comes to writing your adverts (and interview questions)Ensure adverts have accurate job title, salary and location informationYou get out what you put in – low quality, generalised adverts attract low quality, speculative applicationsSo, when it comes to recruiting your next member of IT staff, remember...291193442830829119332199942896712087880<br />Please, add them below or drop us a line via our social media accountsWe can help you with that. An advert on will deliver you high quality applications from IT job seekers across the UK. Email or visit to recruit IT staff?Thoughts, comments or questions?<br />