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Emprestimo Consignado

O empréstimo consignado é um tipo de empréstimo onde servidores e beneficiários do INSS podem ser beneficiados. A simula e realiza seu consignado com agilidade e sem burocracia.

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Emprestimo Consignado

  1. 1. WELCOME TO
  2. 2. ABOUT US Hello, we are the ! An online company, born in October 2005 and 100% Brazilian. We are the first and largest portal online request payroll loan. Of course, always taking into account the resolutions and rules of the Central Bank and banks that we represent. Nearly 10 years have passed since then and we are recognized by thousands of customers and banks we represent as a transparent institution, confident and above all invovadora.  Every day we wake up and think about how to improve the lives of those who need money, is to solve problems or invest in a dream. Therefore our commitment to bringing the most agile, and transparently peaceful solution . Whether it be through innovation in our service or our technology systems developed exclusively by our team for our customer.  Speaking of staff, unlike several others, your care here is unique , as well as all the support during the process of simulation and hiring of your loan. We will strive to conquer you!
  3. 3. UNDERSTAND MORE The loan Payroll is a type of loan in which the parcels are deducted directly from payroll, paycheck or if retired or INSS directly benefit. Currently payroll loan is the way to credit the fastest growing in Brazil. This is explained by its recruitment facility at low interest rates when compared to personal loan, overdraft or credit card. Options for your loan Currently, in making the payroll loan there are three types of operations. Of course, the choice depends on the analysis and the need for each. The three operations are: • New loan. • loan. • portability of credit refinancing.
  4. 4. Each portion of the loan is deducted directly at source (pay check / money / payroll) the day he receives the salary of value or benefit is automatically removed from the total value of the installment to be paid. The transfer is made directly from her body convened the bank without means of correspondent banking. Payment method
  5. 5. DEFINATION: Payroll loan The payroll loan is a type of loan in which the parcels are charged directly to the payroll of public servants (federal, state or municipal) or the Social Security beneficiary. Credit portability Portability (former loan repurchase) is a debt transfer from a bank to the other. And this transaction results in a credit balance. To perform the credit portability is necessary that you have the DED (demonstrating the evolution of debt) where the bank has the current portion . Loan refinancing Refinancing is a form of payroll loan in which the portion that is already discounted from the payroll is funded again. That is, back to be discounted its first installment and the term of the contract back to the original or larger, this operation a credit balance is released.
  6. 6. Sample of form
  7. 7. Phones 4007-1994 or 0800 722 0721 Hours: Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 18:00
  8. 8. For more information, please visit at: