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Embracing the Rise of the DIY Designer


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The rise of Canva marks a new era for both business and design. Entrepreneurship - particularly solo entrepreneurship - is increasing by leaps and bounds. At the same time, marketing has never been so digital and highly visual. Thus, entrepreneurs, with their tight budgets, are being forced to figure out how to code and design for themselves. (Which, for a non-designer, is immensely time-consuming and frustrating.)

While the rise of the DIY designer can be seen as detrimental to the design community, in this talk, Jenn explains why it is actually a godsend. Learn how this need is really an amazing opportunity for the design world; the exact benefits it can bring to us all; and practical tips on how you can be a part of this beneficial movement!

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Embracing the Rise of the DIY Designer

  2. 2. WHO’S THIS JENN LADY? ➤ Web Manager & Creative Director for the Allegheny County Division of Computer Services ➤ Website: ➤ Twitter: @JennMurrayWeb ➤ Describes her personality as Downton Abbey meets Wonder Woman

  3. 3. ALRIGHTY! LET’S DIVE IN! warning - awesome stuff ahead
  4. 4. AW, CANVA the diy design tool
  5. 5. DIY DESIGNER? let’s define this a bit!
  6. 6. SPECIFIC TYPE OF DIY DESIGNER ➤ Solo entrepreneurs or small business owners ➤ Have a tight business budget ➤ They recognize professional-quality design when they see it ➤ They understand how design can impact their business (i.e. branding image, customer perception, sales, etc.) ➤ Are savvy when it comes to technology & online marketing ➤ They get the importance of social media, having a great website, etc. ➤ Are go-getters/doers
  7. 7. DIY DESIGNER EXAMPLE (aka story time!)
  9. 9. SITUATION ANALYSIS ➤ Linda had a content strategy - but didn’t realize it! ➤ She chose a template based on what she liked artistically - rather than her content ➤ Thus, she was left frustrated and confused!
  10. 10. LINDA’S TESTIMONIAL “When I started my business, I had a small budget. I also work out of my home so my website is my storefront. I knew my site needed to be modern, beautiful, and professional - but I had a problem. Even though I knew enough to get my site up and running, I couldn't seem to achieve the look that I wanted. Through Jenn's website critique service, I received tons of practical, actionable recommendations that took my site from "meh" to "wow!" … Having a polished, professional website definitely helps to inspire confidence in potential clients.”
  12. 12. SURVEY RESPONSES ➤ They understand that quality design is vital for their business ➤ They do not feel confident in their design abilities ➤ They are seriously stressed out! ➤ Too much to learn ➤ Super time consuming ➤ Left feeling hopeless!
  13. 13. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR US? opportunity, peoples!
  14. 14. WHY THIS MATTERS ➤ This is fertile ground to educate the public (i.e. future clients & employers) about design! ➤ Such as: it’s a process ➤ We make decisions for a reason ➤ As entrepreneurship grows in the digital age, this market is only going to get bigger ➤ We can either do nothing - or - choose to seize this opportunity to help them and ourselves
  15. 15. WHY THIS MATTERS (CONT’D) ➤ There is always going to be a need for the pros ➤ As these businesses grow, they will eventually hire pros (whether in-house or outsourced) ➤ Either way, having a better understanding of design will mean they’ll make: ➤ Better design decisions ➤ Better employers & clients
  16. 16. JENN’S BIZ design for the business mind
  18. 18. EBOOKS
  19. 19. 8 short ebooks with supplemental worksheets
  21. 21. SERVICES
  22. 22. WHAT CAN YOU DO? i’m so glad you asked!
  23. 23. THINGS YOU CAN DO ➤ Out of the Goodness of Your Heart ➤ Keep an eye out for the DIY designer we’ve discussed today and invest in them a little more ➤ They can be friends, clients, etc. ➤ Write blog posts specifically geared towards the DIY designer ➤ Gets more content out there for them! ➤ Keep a DIY resource list on your website ➤ Hold a free or low-cost talk, seminar, or workshop ➤ P.S. The successful ones will need to hire a pro one day - and if they are already familiar with you… :)
  24. 24. THINGS YOU CAN DO ➤ Make Some Money While Doing Good ➤ Sell guides, online courses, or ebooks geared towards the DIY designer ➤ Cover topics such as logo design, typography, content strategy, or whatever your expertise is! ➤ Keep the “for dummies” book perspective in mind. Meaning, keep it simple and remember to approach things from the perspective of a non-designer, business person. ➤ Last But Not Least ➤ Refer them to me! :)
  25. 25. JENN MURRAY ➤ Website: ➤ Twitter: @JennMurrayWeb ➤ View this presentation via SlideShare:
  26. 26. QUESTIONS? don’t be shy!