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Ecosystem Services and Markets + Seminar + Workshop


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Forest: From global trends to local practices

Held at Fundação Luso-Americana para o Desenvolvimento,
Rua do Sacramento à Lapa 12, Lisboa, Portugal
April, 26th 2012

Published in: Technology
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Ecosystem Services and Markets + Seminar + Workshop

  1. 1. Seminar and Workshop Ecosystem Services and Markets Forest: From global trends to local practicesOrganização:Quercus – Nacional Association for Nature ConservationSponsor and Support:Caixa Geral de Depósitos, FEADER - PRRN Rede Rural, Fundação Luso-Americana para o Desenvolvimento,GNF - Global Nature Fund, Autoridade Florestal NacionalVenue: Fundação Luso-Americana para o Desenvolvimento, Rua do Sacramento à Lapa, 21, LisboaDate: April, 26th 2012Target Audience:NGOs working on forest related topics (from Portugal and other EU countries); companies from agri-forestsector; decision-makers, public services working on forest management; academia, etc.Framework and Goals:Under the projet Enterprises and Biodiversity - Rural World, Quercus selected some business sectors which fortheir dynamism, economic relevance and existence of good environmental practices, may have a more activerole and influence on rural areas and society in general. Departing from an analysis of current internationaltrends of valuing environmental services, including services provided by ecosystems and biodiversity, we willanalyze pro-biodiversity practices implemented on the ground by Portuguese companies and finally move backto the discussion on the role and contributions from various stakeholders in the protection and economicvaluation of ecosystem services of forest in Portugal and Europe.
  2. 2. PROGRAM09:30h – Opening Charles Buchannan (Manager, FLAD), Nuno Sequeira (President, Quercus) e Francisco Viana (Director Coordinator - Direction of Communication and Branding, CGD)09:50h – Introductory Presentation Paula Silva, Coordinator of project Empresas e Biodiversidade, Quercus10:00h – Why biodiversity and ecosystem services matter for business: Out-puts from the European Summit on Business and Biodiversity Joost Bakker, Project manager, Global Nature Fund10:20h – State of biodiversity markets in the world Nathaniel Carroll, Director of Biodiversity Markets, Ecosystem Marketplace, Forest Trends10:45h – Coffee-break11:10h – Economic valuation of biodiversity and ecosystem services (BES) in forest Nuno Oliveira, CIGEST - Instituto Superior de Gestão, Grupo Lusófona11:30h – Best practices for promoting forest ecosystem services Alfredo Cunhal Sendim, Herdade do Freixo do Meio Francisco Almeida Garret, Herdade do Conqueiro Vasco Campos, Caule – Associação Florestal da Beira Serra12:00h – The experience of Quercus: Forest plantation, management and promotion of best practices New concepts for a Green Economy: the initiative Eco-Saldo (Eco-Budget) Domingos Patacho, Coordinator of working group on Forests, Quercus Paulo Magalhães, Condomínio da Terra Project Manager, Quercus12:20h – Forest ecosystem services payment schemes in Portugal: Current approaches and undergoing projects, future perspectives. Lúcio do Rosário, Coordinator of the working group on “Ecosystem Services of Forest Areas” at Autoridade Florestal Nacional.12:45h – Lunch break14:30h – Workshop (World Cafe method): Good practices for pro-biodiversity management of forest – challenges and opportunities Contributions to build a SWOT analysis on forest ecosystem markets in Portugal Discussion on payments for forest ecosystem services in Europe16:00h – Presentation of discussion outputs and conclusions16:30h – Closing17:30h – Guided wine tasting at Sala Ogival, ViniPortugal, Praça do Comércio More informations: E-mail: