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Brazilian Smart Grid review - KNBS


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Smart Grid (intelligence in the network) with customer insight

In the commodity trade process, every part has commitments and contributions. In order to avoid waste and contribute to the planet’ sustainability we need to raise awareness on the importance of the economy of limited resources. The reduction of financial costs without reducing comfort is an individual challenge that should be encouraged. Energy, water and gas companies, are expected to participate and interact with their customers to actively develop this new way of acting.

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Brazilian Smart Grid review - KNBS

  1. 1. Carlos Alberto FRÓES Lima, D.Sc.
  2. 2.  To evaluate the new energy industry, based on intelligent operation of its network, the knowledge of your active installed, new conditions of operation, the quality of delivered power and extended relationship with consumers  Regulatory and legislative conditions to enable the evolution of energy supply, energy efficiency and maintain the expected development of the country  New space to be occupied by residential consumers, the need for expansion of financial returns, personnel and energy companies. The consumer should have relevance in the process, may be (or should be) called to participate and cooperate in space efficiency, network usage, energy supplier and as a purchaser of services and other aggregate products
  3. 3. Smart grid on generation Smart grid on transmission Smart grid on distribution Smart grid on cliente Smart grid on operation Smart grid in energy efficiency Smart grid into new services and businesses Smart grid on control Smart grid on interoperability Smart grid in reliability Smart grid in billing and charging Smart grid in business and industry energy Smart grid on measurement Smart grid in sensing Smart grid in regulation and legislation...
  4. 4. Flow bidirectional communication and power!
  5. 5. Smart generation Smart transmission Smart distribution Smart client Smart operation Smart energy efficiency Smart new services and businesses Smart control Smart interoperability Smart confiability Smart billing and charging Smart business and industry energy Smart measurement Smart sensing Smart legislation and regulation ... Caution in translation for "grid" and "network" to realizing that the tips (customers, operation, generation, etc..) Are also part of the process!
  6. 6. Free choice of generating Offering green energy Energy services, gas and products Property meter Company data communication DECC - Department of Energy & Climate Change
  7. 7. • Provide a user-centered approach and allow new services to be offered on the market • Establish innovation as an economical way for the renewal of electricity networks • Maintaining security of supply, ensure integration and interoperability • Provide access to a liberalized market and stimulate competition • Allow the use of distributed generation and renewable energy sources • Ensure the best use of centralized generation • Adequately consider the impact of environmental constraints • Allow the participation of the demand side • Inform regulatory and policy aspects • Consider the social aspects SmartGrids ETP - European Technology Platform for Electricity Networks of the Future
  8. 8. Make profitable investments in smart grid Unlocking the potential of innovation in the electricity sector Larger consumer power for decision-making information Network security and customer generate jobs NIST – National Institute of Standards and Technology
  9. 9. Geographical and cultural constraints Energy intensive Energy Efficiency Program Program conscious use of energy Smart grid as control METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry)
  10. 10. PDE PNE PNEf ANEEL (P&D&I, EE, Agenda) ANATEL PROCEL Energy Efficiency Metrology...
  11. 11. Priority for implementation of smart grids and the ratio of external dependence (adapted from (SDD, 2010))
  12. 12. Communication strategies Continuity actions Relationship Intelligence Reliability security Privacy Sense of worth
  13. 13. Strategies for ROI New services and products Customer participatory and applicant Regulation and legislation Energy Efficiency Concerns: Public policy x polical x x social x enterprise
  14. 14. Thank you!