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Presentació Manel Quero


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Presentació Manel Quero

  1. 1. 你好 nǐ hǎoSales of engineering services for the automotive sector in China. Business case: Applus IDIADA Manuel Quero Manager, Business Development February 2012
  2. 2. Business case: Applus IDIADA 01_ Short Corporate presentation 02_ OEMs Chinese market 03_ Applus IDIADA’s China implantation process 04_ Business in China 05_ 10 Keys to Success
  3. 3. Who we are & what we doApplus IDIADA is an engineering partner to the automotive industry providing completesolutions for product development projects worldwideOur assets:• Professional team Experience in An international team of more than 1300 skilled management of and experienced engineers and technical large projects experts specializing in automotive product development• First class state-of-the-art testing facilities A modern comprehensive proving ground and Complete leading-edge laboratories solutions• International presence in 20 countries for automotive Being close to our clients, to perform projects engineering locally and better understand each market requirements• Innovation Know-how in all Testing and major vehicle CAD & CAE tools Continuously developing new services in a functionalities strategic, integrated and controlled manner
  4. 4. Main milestones in our history and shareholder structure 1971 - First steps of IDIADA as “Institute for Applied Automotive Research” at the University of Catalonia (Higher Engineering School) 1990 - Spin-off from the University and creation of IDIADA as an independent company belonging 100% to the Regional Government of Catalonia 1999 - Privatization and creation of IDIADA Automotive Technology SA belonging 80% to Applus and 20% to the Regional Government of Catalonia Regional Government of Catalonia 80% 20%
  5. 5. Turnover evolution(in millions of euros) 100 % 90 R: 11,7 G 80 CA 93,1 70 60 71,5 50 62,5 40 48,0 30 20 10 0 2005 2007 2009 2011 CAGR: Compound Annual Growth Rate
  6. 6. International presenceItaly Switzerland Germany 50 p. Czech Republic 100 p. Poland Russia KoreaTurin Geneva Ingolstadt Mlada Boleslav Poznan Nizhny Seoul Munich Liberec Novgorod Ilsfeld Hradec králové WolfsburgUKLondon JapanHinckley TokyoFranceParisMulhouseUSADetroit China 40 p. ShanghaiSpain 700 p. BeijingBarcelona ChongqingHeadquarters & Technical CentreMadridGranada TaiwanMojacar Lu Kang –Vigo Taichung area Thailand Project Management Bangkok Engineering CAD / CAE Testing Homologation Brazil 180 p. Turkey Saudi Arabia India 70 p.p. 110 Malaysia Sao Paulo Istanbul Riyadh New Delhi Kuala Lumpur Facility Management Curitiba Pune Tatuí
  7. 7. IDIADA’s services Engineering Homologation Proving ground testing Testing facility design
  8. 8. Complete development projects Development led by vehicle functionalities and performanceComprehensive engineering capabilities for turnkey vehicle development projectsat international level: Concept, CAD, CAE and testing of all major vehiclefunctionalities with unique in-house state-of-the-art facilities Main Vehicle FunctionalitiesPassive Safety Active Safety Environment Comfort Reliability Product Product Concept Engineering Engineering Styling & Package & Development Validation Homologation Finding & Design Simulation Feasibility Surfacing Test Benchmarking (CAD) (CAE)
  9. 9. Engineering (1/7)Passive Safety Structural analysis / Restraint system integration / Occupant protection / Pedestrian protection
  10. 10. Engineering (2/7)Active Safety Advanced chassis evaluation techniques / Chassis tuning & system development / Brake system development
  11. 11. Engineering (3/7)Powertrain Integration / Engine calibration / CNG conversion / Alternative fuels / Anti-pollution systems
  12. 12. Engineering (4/7)NVH Interior noise tuning / Noise and vibration releases / Exterior noise / Vibration fatigue
  13. 13. Engineering (5/7)Comfort HVAC system development and validation / Thermal comfort
  14. 14. Engineering (6/7)Reliability Structural, Powertrain and general vehicle durability / Market driver assessment, road characterization and fleet validation
  15. 15. Engineering (7/7)Electronics ECU functional and fail-safe validation / SW&HW development support / On-board Networks definition & validation / EMC assessment Break ECU out box (BOB)
  16. 16. Proving Ground The most comprehensive independent proving ground
  17. 17. Homologation Official homologation capabilities recognized in all markets worldwide
  18. 18. Testing Facility Design Consulting services for complete project management of automotive testing facilities, from feasibility studies to commissioning
  19. 19. Investments Continuously investing in new testing facilities: average 8 M EUR per year Approximate value of the existing testing facilities: 300 M EURExamples of some recent investments• State-of-the-art Hemi-Anechoic Chamber for full NVH vehicle characterization• Wet handling track that complements our capabilities in vehicle dynamic evaluation
  20. 20. Main strengths and advantagesDevelopment Integration • Project Management • Integration of CAD, CAE and Testing • Design led by functionality • Thorough knowledge of all major vehicle functionalities • Strong international presence
  21. 21. Business case: Applus IDIADA 01_ Short Corporate presentation 02_ OEMs Chinese market 03_ Applus IDIADA’s China implantation process 04_ Business in China 05_ 10 Keys to Success
  22. 22. OEMs Chinese Market BHMC Brilliance Great Wall Motor BBDC Brilliance BMW BAIC Foton HaFei ZZN Harbin Changchun FAW JAC Beijing Shenyang FAW-Mazda NAW Iveco Baoding FAW-VW Tianjing NAW Fiat Zhengzhou FAW Toyota Hefei NAC-MG Nanjing Shanghai DY KIA Chongqing WuhanCA Ford Mazda Hangzhou Wuhu SVW Nanchang Geely Changan DFM Fuzhou BYD Liuzhou CA Suzuki DPCA Guangzhou Geely-maple SEM DFM Honda SGM Haikou Chery SAIC SAIC GM Wuling GZ Toyota Jiangling-Ford FAW Haima DFM Nissan GZ Honda Changhe Suzuki
  23. 23. Business case: Applus IDIADA 01_ Short Corporate presentation 02_ OEMs Chinese market 03_ Applus IDIADA’s China implantation process 04_ Business in China 05_ 10 Keys to Success
  24. 24. Main milestones in China 2000 First projects in China (Homologation & Engineering) 2004 Establishment of a permanent base in Shanghai as a Representative Office 2006 Moving to bigger premises (400 sqm) 2007 Transformation of the Representative Office into a Limited company in China (WFOE) 2008 Moving to new facilities in Shanghai, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park (1.000 sqm) 2010 Opening of a Branch Office in Chongqing
  25. 25. Labor and office costs LABOR COSTS RANK RMB/YEAR (12 payments) Shanghai KAM 200.000 Chongqing KAM 120.000 / 140.000 Senior Automotive ENGINEER 150.000 Civil SENIOR ENGINEER (on site) / Shanghai 180.000 Junior Automotive ENGINEER 90.000 / 120.000 OFFICE COSTS M2 RMB/MONTH RMB/M2 monthly DESCRIPTION 70 20.000 285,71 Business Center in Shanghai (with furniture) 400 50.000 125,00 Business Center in Shanghai (without furniture) 1.000 80.000 80,00 Hi Tech Park PuDong 5.000 120.000 24,00 Industrial Area PuDong
  26. 26. LocationsStaff Total European Chinese 2006 4 1 3 2007 7 1 6 2008 12 2 10 2009 23 3 20 2010 26 3 23 2011 45 5 50Locations Beijin g Shanghai (main office, current location) Chongqing (branch office) Shanghai Chongqing Beijing (branch office) Guangzhou Guangzhou (office to be opened in 2012)Shanghai Chongqing Beijing
  27. 27. IDIADA’s presence in China Team in China • 50 people, including 5 European Senior experts What we do today Homologation Passive Safety CAE Vehicle dynamics Project management What we are developing Durability, Brakes, Component testing Complete vehicle testing CAD / CAEOffices in Shanghai, Beijing and ChongqingOpening in Guangzhou 2012
  28. 28. New workshop space in Shanghai • Space: up to 2.500 m2 workshop • Operational during the first quarter 2012
  29. 29. Business case: Applus IDIADA 01_ Short Corporate presentation 02_ OEMs Chinese market 03_ Applus IDIADA’s China implantation process 04_ Business in China 05_ 10 Keys to Success
  30. 30. Aim Doing business in China requires understanding the people, culture, etiquette and approach to business By acquiring cross cultural skills, international business people can maximize their prospects of success in China 中國 Junģ gue
  31. 31. Peoples Republic of China – Brief Area: 9,60 million km2 Population:1,345 B Religion: 56 ethnic groups in China, The Han people make up 92 percent Languages: Chinese Currency: RMB yuan Capital City: Beijing Main festivals: New Years Day (January 1), the Spring Festival (the New Years Day by Chinese lunar calendar), International Labor Day (May 1), and the National Day (October 1)
  32. 32. Peoples Republic of China - History & Environment China is one of the worlds oldest civilizations with a chronicled history of more than 5,000 years On 1 October 1949, established the Peoples Republic of China as a socialist state Located in East Asia, it is a single-party state governed by the Communist Party of China China has become the worlds fastest growing major economy, the worlds largest exporter and second largest importer of goods A member of multilateral organizations including the WTO, BRIC, G-20 China is a recognized nuclear weapons state and has the worlds largest standing army with the second-largest defense budget
  33. 33. Peoples Republic of China – Public Holiday 2011 / 2012 Major Public Holiday Calendar
  34. 34. CultureValues Trust / Mistrust In business transactions, trust must be established before any serious business relationship can be cemented Face / Hierarchy Face and hierarchy are closely related to the creation and development of the business network Time / Long Term Orientation For Chinese, once a relation is established it is hard to break and once a relation is broken, it is very difficult to reestablish
  35. 35. CultureBusiness Culture Chinas ethical system involves respect for superiors, duty to family, loyalty to friends, sincerity and courtesy Age brings increased respect and status Handshaking is the accepted greeting, with a light handshake encouraged, lasting as long as ten seconds Chinese lower their eyes slightly as a sign of respect Staring may make Chinese uncomfortable It is very important for Chinese people to "maintaining face" in everything they do. Therefore • Never insult or openly criticize someone in front of others • The relationship you develop with a person represents your relationship with his or her entire company • Gifts are important, although expensive gifts could be taken the wrong way
  36. 36. CultureBusiness CultureDos Be aware of all favors done for you and prepare to respond in kind In China, business relationships are personal relationships; establish a trusting personal relationship that demonstrates your respect Business cards are importantDonts• Avoid unintentional criticism of others• Dont poke fun at someone, even if in fun
  37. 37. Chinese Etiquette and CustomsMeeting Etiquette Address the person by a position title and their surname Greetings are formal and the oldest person is always greeted first Handshakes are the most common form of greeting with foreigners
  38. 38. Chinese Etiquette and CustomsGift Giving Etiquette• In general, it is always welcome by gifts given• Do not give scissors, knives as they indicate the block of the relationship• Do not give clocks, handkerchiefs as they are associated with death
  39. 39. Chinese Etiquette and CustomsGift Giving Etiquette Four is an unlucky number so do not give four of anything. Eight is the luckiest number, so giving eight of something brings luck to the recipient• Always present gifts with two hands• Gifts are not opened when received• Gifts may be refused three times before they are accepted
  40. 40. Chinese Etiquette and CustomsDining Etiquette The Chinese prefer to entertain in public places rather than in their homes, especially when entertaining foreigners If you are invited to their house, consider it a great honour. Arrive on time Remove your shoes before entering the house Bring a small gift to the hostess Eat well to demonstrate that you are enjoying the food!
  41. 41. Business Etiquette and Protocol in Chinaationships & Communication The Chinese dont like doing business with person they dont know • Business relationships are built formally after the Chinese get to know you • The Chinese see foreigners as representatives of their company rather than as individuals
  42. 42. Business Etiquette and Protocol in Chinaationships & Communication Rank is extremely important in business relationships and you must keep rank differences in mind when communicating The Chinese prefer face-to-face meetings rather than written or telephonic communication Meals are not usually the place for business discussions, depends on the level of confidence
  43. 43. Business Etiquette and Protocol in ChinaBusiness Meeting Etiquette Meetings require patience. Mobile phones ring frequently and conversations tend to be noisy. Never ask the Chinese to turn off their mobile phones as this causes you both to lose the face • Guests are generally escorted to their seats, which are in descending order of rank. Senior people generally sit opposite senior people from the other side • • Only senior members of the negotiating team will speak. Designate the most senior person in your group as your spokesman for the introductory functions
  44. 44. Business Etiquette and Protocol in ChinaBusiness Negotiation • Only senior members of the negotiating team will speak. Designate the most senior person in your group as your spokesman for the introductory functions • Be prepared for the agenda to become a jumping off point for other discussions Chinese are non-confrontational. They will not overtly say no, they will say they will think about it or they will see Chinese negotiations are process oriented. They want to determine if relationships can develop to a stage where both parties are comfortable doing business with the other Decisions may take a long time, as they require careful review and consideration
  45. 45. Business Etiquette and Protocol in ChinaBusiness Negotiation Do not use high-pressure tactics Business is hierarchical. Decisions are unlikely to be made during the meetings you attend Your starting price should leave room for negotiation
  46. 46. Business Etiquette and Protocol in ChinaBusiness Cards• Business cards are exchanged after the initial introduction• Your business card should include your title Hold the card in both hands when offering it, Chinese side facing the recipient• Examine a business card before putting it on the table next to you or in a business card case• Never write on someones card in front of the clients
  47. 47. Business EntertainmentBusiness Entertainment Wait to be seated, as there is a seating etiquette based on hierarchy in Chinese business culture The host is the first person at the table allowed to begin eating and drinking. Then, the rest of the company can proceed with the meal • Business is usually not discussed during the meal • It will be appreciated if you use chopsticks. When you are finished eating, place your chopsticks on the table or a chopstick rest • Toasting, usually with Chinese white wine, is an important part of Chinese business etiquette. Toasts will be proposed throughout the meal. The popular toast is “GanBei" ("bottoms up!")
  48. 48. Business Entertainmentpected topic of conversation Popular Topics Chinese scenery, landmarks Weather, climate, and geography in China Chinese art, antique Food, shopping etc. in China Your travels in other countries Your positive experiences traveling in China Topics to Avoid Never use the terms such as Red China, Mainland China, and Communist China. Just say China‘ Never say “Taiwan is an independent country"
  49. 49. Tips: How to Receiving Chinese Clients Visit • Pick up between Hotel and the company • Souvenir is necessary • Dinner is a plus • Information about sightseeing and shopping is a plus Medium Term Stay • Pick up between Hotel and the company • Supply the rice for lunch if necessary • Enjoy the local attractive nightlife • Leave some free time for sightseeing and shopping
  50. 50. Business case: Applus IDIADA 01_ Short Corporate presentation 02_ OEMs Chinese market 03_ Applus IDIADA’s China implantation process 04_ Business in China 05_ 10 Keys to Success
  51. 51. 10 Keys to Success 3. Understand the cultural gap 4. Be patient with the operation gap of the customer 5. Be patient with the skill gap of the customer 6. Be professional and flexible 7. Respect Chinese tradition 8. Understand the unclear explanations 9. Respect everybody you meet 10. Making friends prior doing business 11. Giving prior to gaining 12. Travel a lot around China
  52. 52. 非 常 感 谢 您 的 关 注Thank you very much for your kind attention
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