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Environment in eni


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Environment in eni

  1. 1. Cooperation with Southern neighbours The Possibilities under the European Neighbourhood Instrument for Environment and Climate Change Ajuts europeus per a projectes ambientals i d'energia: Life i Eni 15 July 2014
  2. 2. European Neighbourhood Policy • Created in 2004 it aims at strengthening the prosperity, stability and security of all. It is based on the values of democracy, rule of law and respect of human rights. • Two branches: • Eastern Partnership • Euro-Mediterranean Partnership- Union for the Mediterranean • Funding Instrument • European Neighborhood Instrument (ENI) • €15.4 billion (2014-2020)
  3. 3. Why cooperating with our Southern Neighbours on Environment • The Mediterranean Sea • Implementation of MSFD requires action from all riparian countries • Migratory species • Migratory routes from the EU to Africa • Illegal hunting and poaching of birds (Egypt, Libya, Lebanon) • Promotion of peace • Environment is sometimes the only area where cooperation is possible
  4. 4. ENI: Types of interventions Regional envelopes • One for the South and another for the East • About 10-20% of the total envelope • Projects centrally managed by DEVCO covering all countries in a sub-region and addressing common challenges. • Priorities and projects defined, designed and monitored with the line-DGs
  5. 5. ENI: types of intervention-ENI South Indicative allocation 2014-2020 €674,000,000- €824,000, 000 Indicative allocation for the 1st period (2014-2017) €371,000,000-€453,000,000 Building a partnership for liberty, democracy and security 20% Building a partnership for inclusive and sustainable economic development 20% Building a partnership between the people 25% Support regional and sub-regional institutional cooperation 15% Complementary support 20%
  6. 6. ENI South – Environmental regional programmes • Support to H2020 three pillars • Capacity Building: €4 million • SEIS II (EEA): €4 million • MeHSIP II (EIB): €6 million • Support SCP • SWITCH-MED: €24 million • Support Marine Protected Areas • MPAs-II: €3 million • Support water management • SWIM II: €15 million
  7. 7. ENI: types of intervention-ENI East Indicative allocation 2014-2020 Indicative allocation for 2014-2017 €741,000,000 - €906,000,000 €418,000,000 - €511,000,000 Including Eastern Partnership including Flagship Initiatives 75% Regional cooperation frameworks 10% Energy and transport initiatives involving the wider region 5% Horizontal and sectoral support to regional cooperation 10%
  8. 8. ENI: Types of intervention Bilateral assistance • One per country: Single Support Frameworks (SSFs) • About 70-75% of the total envelope • Mainly negotiated by the EU Delegations with the countries, for either two or four years • Managed by the EU delegation • Environment will probably be recognised as a priority in almost all southern countries but Algeria
  9. 9. ENI: Types of intervention ENI-wide programmes: managed centrally by the Commission - €3,084,000,000 to € 3,455,000,000 (2014-2020) • Neighbourhood Investment Facility (NIF): • support for investment projects to leverage funds from European financial institutions • €595 million for 2014-2017) • Environment is a priority; • TAIEX-SYGMA: to provide capacity building activities on demand from the partner countries (€37 million); • Cross-border Cooperation: it includes a series of programmes between EU and ENP countries. Environment is a priority (€489- 598 million for 2014-2020) • Erasmus+ Mundus:€400 million for 2014-2017.
  10. 10. More information available at http://www.enpi- financed/index_en.htm