The Customer Show - 2011- Enhancing customer service and experience through social media


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The Customer Show - 2011- Enhancing customer service and experience through social media

  1. 1. Enhancing customer service and experience through social media Sanjay Deshmukh Vice President – SCG QI Neelesh Sali Sr. Director – International BusinessEmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower Listen. Learn. EmPower 1 SCG QI. All Rights Reserved. 1
  2. 2. Arabic is the The fastest growing most spoken internet region in the language on 10 world at 2,260% the web 09 07 08 06 05 03 04 growth (2001 – 2010) 20% 01 02 of the population use internet 12 Million new users every yearCustomer participation in Social Media is on the rise has a new user Qatar has world’s 100,000,000 registered Searches in every 3 Google,Hawaa minutes and daily by users in more thanWorld 61,000 posts highest facebook penetration Arab world every day Sources: Discover digital Arabia, n2v.comEmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower SCG QI. All Rights Reserved. 22 2
  3. 3. ...and so are social media applications for customer service A survey of C-level executives from Capgemini presents some interesting insights on how businesses and senior executives perceive social media in parlance of customer service 52% 57% 36% of the surveyed senior of senior executives see 36% of executives executives indicate that social media as a way to mentioned that they social media is currently garner customer input measured the value of a part of their customer and insight on products its social media program care operations and complaints for customer careSource: Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower 3 SCG QI. All Rights Reserved. 3
  4. 4. Along with better customer service, it can even drive efficiency and business profitability WHAT THEY DID Lenovo used social media to help them learn, from the customers point-of-view, the top issues with service, product features, functions, delays in shipments; all from a global perspective HOW IT WORKED By providing feedback from customer service teams to product development and engineering, Lenovo was able to reduce the volume of service calls THE BUSINESS IMPACT 20% decrease in service call volumes, increase in customer service agent productivity and a shortened product problem-resolution cycleSource: Forrester ResearchEmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower SCG QI. All Rights Reserved. 44 4
  5. 5. Organizations today need an actionable framework that responds to customer sentiments, requests and unmet needs proactively Tools for aggregating customer chatter across channels Methodology and processes to action on customer services Monitoring and tracking of performance of actions undertakenEmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower SCG QI. All Rights Reserved. 55 5
  6. 6. Such a framework can be used to tap into the followingopportunities REAL TIME ALERTS ONGOING TRACKING – Customer Service – Top Themes – Negativity – Social Media Referrals – Critical Issues – Sentiment Analysis – Customer Delight – Channel breakout – Engagement – Share of voice – Sales Opportunity – Top Influencers – Reputation – Potential AdvocatesEmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower 6 SCG QI. All Rights Reserved. 6
  7. 7. How to enable this framework : bringing disparate sources to acommon analysis platform Data Sources Data Processing Insights Social Media Data Chatter Analysis • Leverage the knowledge held, created, shared by Internal Human stakeholders Data Service Modeling Analytics Data • Normalizing parameters across Reports, Regions Data Transformation and Categories CSAT Convert Unstructured Surveys Information To Structured DataEmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower 7 SCG QI. All Rights Reserved. 7
  8. 8. The mechanics behind the framework Identify Sources E-mails Forums Blogs IVR Data Aggregate Filter Rules Engine FEEDBACK Qualify Analyst driven Tag application of business rules for service alerts Customer Engagement Continuous Tracking Service Sentiments Perception Consideration IssuesEmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower 8 SCG QI. All Rights Reserved. 8
  9. 9. Case study: mapping customer service perception using socialmedia across the service life cycleClient FAULT RESOLUTIONOne of world’s top Agents struggled toTelecom company understand the nature of faultTheir need leading to slow resolutionsTo be recognized as the bestcustomer experience provider USAGE Slow speed, abruptSolution disconnection, poor customerMap current customer service service and faulty billing etc.perception across the service annoyed several userslifecycle to identify areas forimprovements DEPLOYMENT Agents not keeping customer informed on deployment visit time PRE-ORDERImpact Issues understanding accent on Indian call centre serviceCustomers experience representativesimproved by 38%
  10. 10. Case study: alert mechanism for better handling of customerservice queries and sales opportunities Sales alerts Service alertsClientGlobal leader in datastorage solutionsTheir needUtilizing online queries for salesand service fulfilments Engagement alerts ENABLE ACTION Determine Solution  Pain areas related to customer services Monitor technology forums  The most important product attributes for and define rules for auto alert exceeding end user expectations mechanism Develop  Strategies that addresses enduring Impact customer service needs and expectations Client C-SAT went up by a staggering 42%
  11. 11. Case study: tracking and responding to customer service issuesby monitoring company fan page ENGAGEMENT INDEXClient Proactive serviceA leading financial engagements increased byservices company from US over 200%Their needTrack customer issues by RECOMMENDATION INDEXmonitoring fan page and 61% users recommendedprovide warnings on emerging client services owing to its proactive engagementnegativities REPUTATION SCORE vs. COMPETITOR Solution A rule base alert mechanism which provides alerts on service issues faced by customers Impact Reputation index saw jump of over 56%
  12. 12. Case study: understand voice of your customers by integratinginternal data with community based listeningClient Client CompetitorGlobal leader incurrency cardsTheir need 33% Unhappy aboutQuantify customer experience Service verification 59%and identify improvement chargesareasSolution Safe 26% transactionsIntegrate internal IVR, sales, Security won customerservice data with social media 58% confidencefeedback premium cards 30% Respect provided 48% were admiredImpact Sentiments (%)3 major CE improvementareas were identified
  13. 13. Benefits of listening social media led framework over traditionalcustomer research frameworksQUICKER TURNAROUND PRODUCTIVITY COSTSFaster turnaround to issues Proactive engagements will Lesser service calls will lead toreported on online forums reduce incoming service calls cost savingsOPPORTUNITIES ALERTS REPUTATIONOnline opinions can help Social media sentiments can Better reputation managementIdentify unmet customer needs act as an early warning system owing to proactive approachEmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower 13 SCG QI. All Rights Reserved. 13
  14. 14. Retail/CPG Advertising Communications/ High Tech/ Pharmaceuticals Financial Public Relations Telecom Health Care ServicesEmPower Research LLC SCG QI404 E. 79th St. PO Box 32330Suite 16E Dubai, UAENew York, NY 10075Tel : +1 646 435 0030 Tel: +971 4 3912313 Disclaimer: The data presented in this presentation is collected from publically available resources. EmPower Research or SCG doesn’t take any responsibility on the authenticity of the data disclosed in this presentation and outcomes of decisions taken based on such data by the recipient of this presentation. Listen. Learn. EmPower