The Community Enthusiast: Source code revealed


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The Community Enthusiast: Source code revealed

  1. 1. The Community Enthusiast: Source Code Revealed Debjani Deb Managing PartnerEmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower Listen. Learn. EmPower 1
  2. 2. Historically, market research involves collecting, analyzing & generatinginsights from qualitative & quantitative data Depth Interviews Paired Depths Triads Face-to-Face Interviews Mini-Groups Telephone Interview Focus Groups Omnibus Survey Observation Online Survey Workshops Postal and Self- Completion Survey Time Consuming $ ExpensiveEmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower 2
  3. 3. Of late, social media has emerged as a rich repository of spontaneoususer sentiments on category and brands 66% 14% 21% 31% Of online 14% either publish a 21% post ratings or 31% post updates Americans now use blog/ web page or comments in social networking social media upload video/ audio online forums sites HOW MANY TURN TO SOCIAL MEDIA WHEN MAKING PURCHASES Travel Apparels Personal Care Food/Beverages Groceries 28% 26% 18% 26% 17% Sources:,, Knowledge Networks – May 2010EmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower 3
  4. 4. “ Social media listening isnt only replacing some survey research but also making it harder to do by changing consumer behavior and expectations. "The more people see two-way engagement and being able to interact with people all over the world, I think the less they want to be involved in structured research," she said. "If I have something to say to that company now, there are lots of ways to say it.“ "But we need to get away from the notion that being representative of something is the only way to learn," she said. "I still hear people say, That social-media thing, thats not really going to pan out. We will learn enormously whether [social-media samples are] representative or not." “ Joan Lewis Global Consumer and Market Knowledge Officer, P&GEmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower 44
  5. 5. However, understand the pros and cons Pros Cons Spontaneous primary opinion Data is highly unstructured reflecting behaviour attitude and May not get specific response to interest questions we seek to answer You can tap “latent” needs/ Origin of declaration often unidentified opinions that have been expressed Represents only that population pro actively that is online and chooses to You save on costs express an opinion You save on time Conclusion Social Media can be an agent for deriving deep insights if one can convert unstructured data to a structured formEmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower 5
  6. 6. Market is moving from a pure tool based listening to insight generation Tool Generated Community Listening Listening  Garbage in –  Like a focus garbage out group, the first  Understands stop for online content but not research Context  Triggered instead of being True Insights from spontaneous World at Large 2 Research Benefits  Going to where the 1 DISCUSSION is  NOT biasing by asking the questionEmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower 6
  7. 7. So how does one enable focused community based learning? Tools for aggregating across communities of interest Methodology and processes to harness online opinions with statistical significance Insight generation and learning through human analysisEmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower 7
  8. 8. Patterns and Perception key to bringing structure to the unstructured EmPower uses pattern recognition tool for Pattern iterative search string Perception Recognition refinement and Identification human/analyst analysis for theme identification Topics of Pattern Sub topics within discussion around Human recognition Brand / Category / analysis Brand / Category / tool Stakeholders Stakeholders Perception or themes : What is in the consumer’s mind share for Brand / CategoryEmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower 8
  9. 9. 3 ways of using community based learning 1 Precursor to traditional research 2 Alternative to traditional research 3 Augment traditional researchEmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower 9
  10. 10. Applications are seen across different types of communities Advocacy Groups Stakeholder Communities 4 Event Communities Hobby Ethnic Integrating 2 Communities 7 Community Communities Data Influencer 1 5 9 Groups Ideation Forums 3 8 Enquiry Forums 6EmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower 10
  11. 11. 1: learning about target audience hobbies for betterengagement strategy Top hobbies / interestsClient MusicGlobal leader inaerated beverages MoviesTheir need SportsTo identify top online platformsto engage target segment Communities Inbound VisitorsSolution Yahoo!Music 119825 7.4MIdentify top online Allmusic 11603 391Kcommunities of interest andunderstand behavior in thesecommunities 41% 26% 19% 41% discuss 26% expressed 19% liked a new beverages in health concerns flavor andImpact online from aerated recommended to30% increase in target communities beverages friendssegment engagement
  12. 12. 2: better stakeholder segmentation by listening to focusedonline communities Yummy Mummy: 1Client Highly emphasized on nutritional aspects of foodWorld’s leading baby Coach Mom:care brand 2 Encourages leading disciplined life at an early age Sponge Mom:Their need 3 Put their own needs aside for kid’s welfareCustomized campaignmessaging targeted at Gen-Y Economy Mom:moms 4 Discounts, coupons attracted economy mothers Green Mom: 5 Identified to be environment-conscious Solution DIY Mom: Analyzing chatter in Gen-Y 6 Moms prefer doing things themselves for their kids mom communities revealed 8 different segments of moms Ever Connected Mom: 7 Mothers who are updated with modern technology Impact Safety Mom: A new campaign which 8 Always on the lookout for prevention of diseases led to 12% sales growth
  13. 13. 3: learning about communities which influence your targetsegmentsClient Activities &World’s leading male Lifestylegrooming brand Gaming MusicTheir needTo engage influencers at point Technologyof market entry (POME) Social ActionSolution RelationshipsQuantify influence parameters Selflike awareness, engagement, Actualizationimpact etc. to gauge Work-life Celebritiesinfluence balance Personal fulfillment Peers Parental InfluenceImpact16% increase in POMEcustomer base
  14. 14. 4: tracking impact on brand equity and consideration byadvocacy groups / communities Increase in Awareness SentimentClientA leading confectionarymanufacturer NegativeTheir need SentimentGauge impact on brandreputation owing to onlinecampaign by environmental Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4advocacies First timers Solution Loyalist Track brand KPIs in correlation with brand loyalty to measure impact of the campaign Switchers Impact Increased awareness led to 37% more first-timers
  15. 15. 5: understanding ethnic cultural values and nuances bystudying corresponding communitiesClient Need statesA leading CPG Why ? With Whom ? How ?companyTheir need • Gifting • Family • Eaten with milkTo learn about Chinese need • Leisure – Children during breakfaststates related to cookies • Friends and before • Nutritional value going to bed atSolution nightListening to Chinesecommunities for associationsof cookies and how they varyby occasionsImpactRe-branded their cookiesas gifts for occasions
  16. 16. 6: alert mechanism for better handling of customer servicequeries and sales opportunities Sales alerts Service alertsClientGlobal leader in datastorage solutionsTheir needUtilizing online queries for salesand service fulfilments Engagement alerts ENABLE ACTION Determine Solution  Pain areas related to customer services Monitor technology forums  The most important product attributes for and define rules for auto alert exceeding end user expectations mechanism Develop  Strategies that addresses enduring Impact customer service needs and expectations Client C-SAT went up by a staggering 42%
  17. 17. 7: expectation management by listening to niche communitieson event / launchesClient HiOne of world’s topPharma companyTheir needMeasure euphoria aroundtheir new drug launch Competition drug in AwarenessSolution pipelineQuantify sentiments ,awareness and benchmarkagainst competitor’s pipelinedrug Launched drugImpact Lo -Ve Sentiments +VeEarly alert on competitor’smuch greater popularity
  18. 18. 8: idea generation and white-space identification by listening tocategory discussion communities BeautyClient GreenWorld’s largest wellness Ecosystemcompany Nature Moisturizing SpaTheir need Glowing Skin EnvironmentalIdentifying new opportunities Exfoliate Manicurein the health and wellness Regularspace Shower Cleansing Hands H1N1 Hygiene Healthcare Meditation H1N1 Solution Cholera Chinese Regular Security Shower Listening to category Medicines discussions on new emerging Vaccination OTC drugs associations of wellness Impact Naturopathy Energy Drinks Spiritual Revamped product R&D as per new associations
  19. 19. 9: understand voice of your customers by integrating internaldata with community based listeningClient Client CompetitorGlobal leader incurrency cardsTheir need 33% Unhappy aboutQuantify customer experience Service verification 59%and identify improvement chargesareasSolution Safe 26% transactionsIntegrate internal IVR, sales, Security won customerservice data with social media 58% confidencefeedback premium cards 30% Respect provided 48% were admiredImpact Sentiments (%)3 major CE improvementareas were identified
  20. 20. Benefits of listening to online communities over traditional research Cross-Stakeholder Re-scoping Solutions Flexibility Lesser Cost Global Reach Unbiased Social Insights Media Real-time Research Insights Lesser Agile and Execution De-risked TimeEmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower 20
  21. 21. Primary research vs. social media costing: an illustrative case Understanding physician opinion/issues faced on COPD category Project Scope in UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy. Primary Research Elements Social Media Research Elements Sample Size = 200 Sample Size = 200 Component Complexity Component Complexity Sampling High Sampling High Questionnaire Design High Questionnaire Design NA Questionnaire Administration High Questionnaire Administration NA Honorariums Honorariums NA Data Analysis Medium Data Analysis High Approx Cost $ 40,000 Approx Cost $ 20,000 Approx Execution Time 8 -10 weeks Approx Execution Time 4 - 6 weeks
  22. 22. What is needed to kick-start your online community led research Well-defined research problem that fit1 the criteria2 Adequate conversation volumes Understanding of possible shortcomings3 and cross functional buy-in A reliable methodology for harnessing4 data with statistical significanceEmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower 22
  23. 23. Retail/CPG Advertising Communications/ High Tech/ Pharmaceuticals Financial Public Relations Telecom Health Care Services Contact Information Debjani Deb ddeb@empowerresearch.comEmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower Listen. Learn. EmPower 23 23