Leveraging Free and Low Cost Research for Information and Insights


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The presentation was delivered by Kirby Thornton and Dan Mayer from Empower's Decision Sciences team at Cincinnati's AMA Market Research event on 5/23/12.

The meeting's goal was threefold:

1) Share free or low cost research tools we use

2) Learn about free or low cost tools the audience uses

3) Identify watch-outs around free research.

For more information, visit www.empowermm.com

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Leveraging Free and Low Cost Research for Information and Insights

  1. 1. May 23, 2012Information Yearning to be FreeLeveraging Free and Low Cost Research for Information and Insights
  2. 2. Obligatory Social Slide Tweet about today’s topic: #freeresearch Today’s Topic: Sharing free and low cost research ideas with the Cincy AMA Research SIG. #freeresearch Follow us on Twitter at: @kirbythornton Visit us at: www.empowermm.com Or http://www.empowermm.com/blog1/#freeresearch
  3. 3. Objectives Share free or low cost research tools we use Learn about free or low cost tools you use Identify watch-outs of free research#freeresearch
  4. 4. Empower’s Decision Sciences Team Market Research, Online and Media Analytics A data-driven approach • Fuel insights • Inform decision making • Demonstrate success Changes to client’s business = changes to ours Information Yearning to Be Free; Leveraging Free and Low Cost Research for Information and Insights#freeresearch
  5. 5. Free or Low-cost Research Matrix Quantitative Qualitative • Survey Methods • Gutcheckit • Qualtrics • Field Agent • Google Market • Qualview Research • Google Analytics • 4Q Website Study Social Geodemographic • Board Reader • MapPoint • Twitterfall • Demographics Now • Radian6#freeresearch
  6. 6. Quantitative Quantitative Research • Poll Everywhere • Survey Methods – perfect for convenience samples • Qualtrics • Google Market Research • Google Analytics • 4Q#freeresearch
  7. 7. Google Market Research Example#freeresearch
  8. 8. Qualitative Great for in-depth insights and motivations Not projectable to a larger group Qualitative Online Research • Gutcheckit • Field Agent • Qualvu#freeresearch
  9. 9. Online Qualitative Example#freeresearch
  10. 10. Social Listening to Learn Tools Note the volume and tone of the online conversation about your brand. What can we learn about key conversation threads, uncovered consumer needs or even brand benefits around your brand and its competitors. Social Listening to Learn Tools • Board Reader • Twitterfall • Radian6#freeresearch
  11. 11. Twitterfall Example
  12. 12. Geodemographic Tools Great for visually spotting local market conditions Use of lifestyle clusters based on ‘birds of a feather flock together’ Geodemographic Tools • US Census • Google Earth • MapPoint • Demographics Now#freeresearch
  13. 13. Reaching Mexican Consumers The US/Mexico border crossing is less than 3-miles south of the new location but Mexican consumers must first pass a Walmart and GNC.
  14. 14. Trade Area Analysis- Laredo 1 Mile Radius 3 Mile Radius 5 Mile RadiusTotal Population 5,286 85,932 161,897Expected Population 7.6% 14.6% 12.9%Growth 2011-2016Percent Female 52.8% 51.9% 52.3%Percent of Females ages35 to 64 (as a percent of 25.7% 29.6% 30.6%all women)Total Households 1,713 24,560 46,536Median Household Income $65,086 $50,115 $42,718Percent Hispanic 93.1% 94.5% 95.3%Percent of Households 47.2% 51.8% 50.7%with childrenHealth Care Supplies andEquipment Expenditures $1,064 $879 $817by HouseholdPersonal Care ProductsExpenditures by $225 $182 $167HouseholdTotal Employees 6,055 38,278 65,076Source: Demographics Now 2012
  15. 15. Lifestyle Segments - LaredoOnly two Mosaic lifestyle segments represent 92% of the trade area’s householdscompared to only 5% representation in the US. Percent Percent of Segment of US 3-mile Definition HH’s trade area Nuevo Horizons Middle aged, mid-scale income 1% 70% Hispanic families living mainly within US border cities Mid-scale Hispanic families and single Ciudad Strivers 1% 22% parents in gateway communities. TOTAL OF SEGMENTS 2% 92%
  16. 16. When Free Bites Back…The Downside Biased research providers • Networks • Publishers Data paralysis Incomplete#freeresearch
  17. 17. Thank You.