Process Map Introduction


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What is Process Mapping and why is it important?

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Process Map Introduction

  1. 1. Why Process Mapping is Important. We all work in and are part of processes. Processes are important because: They’re a major component of all organizations. The Cascading Flowchart A process focused organization can also show how a can be more profitable and responsive to changing specific process fits into competitive environments. Most organizational problems the overall company have their root in processes, not people. organization. Organizations can manage work more efficiently and effectively through a process mind-set. Sales Macro Human Customer Finance And Distrribution Resources Care View Marketing Company Macro Benefits Accounts Accounts Asset View And Payroll Payable Receivalbe Management Finance Payroll cycle Sample Payroll Process Closes #1 Complete All personal Enter HR Entering new Info correct? Corrected Employee info N #3 Personal info # 4 #2 Y Employee Change or Enter in Correct info and Payroll how time is Period hours # 5 Logged # 13 Review and Approve Manager Approve as Overtime # 15 Needed # 6 Contact N Employees Contact Payroll who did not Employee # All Overtime Y Finalize Send data Data Correct Review N Paid Time report hours 12 N N employees OK? For Batch To Payroll Accepted? Errors # Completeness Off OK? #9 reported? # 14 Processing # 16 Processor # 17 # 18 19 #7 # 11 #8 Y Y Start Review Y Process # 10 Payroll Produce Vendor Payments # 20 TASK PROCEDURE FLOW CHART: Optimization of Points of Opportunity Task Sequence # Time Symbol Frustration Description Why do This? On-Line Solution Team Member List Step # 3 30-45 M N Low Incomplete Data Can’t process W/O Info Eliminates phone tag HR Admin Step # 8 1 Day N High Info Scattered HR must verify period info Assembles info neatly Payroll Step # 11 1 Day N Medium Data not in synch with approval Policy requires approval Notifications Easy Bus Owner Step # 14 1 Day N Medium Policy does not match system Errors delay checks to emp. Ease of use IT The Task View or list is the result of the To find out more how Business Process Mapping and how Process Improvement can analysis of Basic Flowcharts and a help your organization and to book a training for your organization. summary of the problems, potential Contact: solutions and team members who can Robert L. Sayre recommend specific solutions. 484-707-4529.