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Personalized, fun way to master Math and English


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PracTutor customizes learning for each student based on individual skills and empowers them to
master every concept of the Common Core Standards in grades 1 through 8.

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Personalized, fun way to master Math and English

  1. 1. Personalized, fun way to master Math and English Helped me identify the students who needed di erentiation and then allowed me to assign them speci c recommended topics. No other Math or EnglishprogramIknowofcandothis. Connie, A middle school teacher in IL  MeettheCommonCoreStateStandards  Engagestudentsindividually  Validate where students are and where theycango Your objectives: Why you'll love our services:  Focuses on excelling the Common Core StateStandards  Personalizedlearningpath  Reveals student progress, and suggests intervention PracTutorcustomizeslearningforeachstudentbasedonindividualskillsandempowersthemto mastereveryconceptoftheCommonCoreStandardsingrades1through8. All kids - whether they need intervention, accelerated learning or career and college readiness - canachievetheirgoalswithPracTutor.
  2. 2. Teachers:  Datadriveninstructionmodel  Ensuresstudentdataprivacy  Intuitiveteacherdashboard Students:  Adaptstostudentlevels  Real-timetestreportswithanswersheets  AutomatedResponsetoIntervention Parents:  Controloverstudentlearningpath  Connectparentswithteachers  Accesstoreports,tests,andlearningitems Benefits } An online personalized, fun way to learn, practice and master Math and English for students in Grades 1 to 8. PracTutor identifies strengths and weaknesses of each Math and English concept for eachstudentandactivelyworkstowardstransformingweaknessestostrengths. Each student is unique. 12806 Townepark Way, Louisville, KY 40242-2311 Call us: (855) Math Ela | Email: | Visit us at