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21st century learning and teaching


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21st century learning and teaching

  1. 1. 21st Century learning and Teaching Modus operandi andAdvantagesSummaryWith growing technologies, the methods of acquiring education are also growing. It is always betterto opt for something that is advanced because if a teacher is departing knowledge then there is apossibility of human error but that is not the case with technology.With changing time, the method of acquiring and providing knowledge is changing. During oldendays, students use to go to the classroom and knowledge sharing use to take place in place inclassrooms only but these days advanced learning has become popular. During olden days, the onlyway available for gaining knowledge was books but now, new methods like that of Elearning LMSand usage of other advanced technologies has started.Methods using for learning and teaching in 21st centuryThere are many methods that have being introduced at regular intervals so that the students canlearn many things and at a faster rate and at the same time, the teacher’s work is also reduced to alarger extent. Few of the popular methods that are being used are as follows: - 1. Elearning LMS – Elearning LMS has become a popular thing because of the ease and comfort with which it can be used. With the help of Elearning LMS, the students get involved in what is being taught. 2. Online learning – There are many online learning classrooms where the lectures are conducted virtually. The user can get access to wide range of knowledge by way of this mode of learning and the quality of education that student from all over the world receives remains same. 3. Digital learning – Digital learning means carry the study notes in a digital equipment like that of laptop, mobile or e-book reader so that the person can study anywhere as per their convenience.Advantages of learning and teaching methods used in 21st centuryThere are many advantages of using advanced technologies to depart knowledge rather theclassroom teaching. 1. If a person prepares an elearning LMS then that can be used by various people and it can be used for longer period of time. Same is the case with Online learning as well, once the course material is prepared, it can used at any point of time as per the users requirement. 2. If a person is too busy and hence, he doesn’t have the time to attend classes but he is eager to learn then he can take up some online learning courses where he can listen to the course content at any point of time as per his convenience.
  2. 2. 3. Another advantage that is offered by digital learning is access to knowledge anywhere and everywhere because it is merely impossible to carry fat books with oneself at all point of time. Digital learning has reduced the physical efforts of carrying books.About emPoweremPower is a leading provider of comprehensive Healthcare Compliance Solutions through LearningManagement System (LMS). Its mission is to provide innovative security solutions to enablecompliance with applicable laws and regulations and maximize business performance. empowerprovides range of courses to manage compliance required by regulatory bodies such as OSHA,HIPAA, Joint commission and Red Flag Rule etc. Apart from this emPower also offers custom demosand tutorials for your website, business process management and software implementation.Its Learning Management system (LMS) allows students to retrieve all the courses 24/7/365 byaccessing the portal. emPower e-learning training program is an interactive mode of learning thatguides students to progress at their own pace.For additional information, please visit Contact (emPower)Jason Gayamarketing@empowerbpo.comemPower12806 Townepark WayLouisville, KY 40243-2311Ph: 502 -400-9374http://www.empowerbpo.com