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Storytelling: using your story to inspire a movement for progress


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Knowledge Gateway Learning Webinar on Storytelling delivered in collaboration with One Global Economy.

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Storytelling: using your story to inspire a movement for progress

  1. 1. Learning Webinar Series Storytelling: using your story to inspire a movement for progress Knowledge Gateway in collaboration with One Global Economy
  2. 2. Objectives Provide Knowledge Gateway members an opportunity to learn how to effectively tell their stories for advocacy purposes. After this webinar Knowledge Gateway members are encouraged to tell their stories through: 1. Knowledge Library (where stories and video clips can be uploaded under ‘document type’ Advocacy and Women’s Stories) 2. Photo contests focusing on women’s economic empowerment (upcoming) 3. Blog (upcoming)
  3. 3. Housekeeping • We would love to get your feedback and comments. If you have any questions or comments during the presentation send them through the chat box. • If you would like to speak during the Question and Answer session, please raise the hand sign on your dashboard. The moderator will then unmute your microphone when it is your turn to speak. • After the presentation, please take the time to fill out our short evaluation survey. • If you encounter any technical difficulties during this webinar, please send an email to:
  4. 4. Speakers: Moustafa Mourad, President and Founder, One Global Economy Elizabeth Kountze, Director of Partnerships Moderated by Anna Falth, Manager, Knowledge Gateway for Women’s Economic Empowerment
  5. 5. Storytelling (Improve your writing, speaking and the reach of your message)
  6. 6. Story: Purpose Elements of a Strong Story Beginning, Middle, End Message Theme Tone Setting Characters Title that engages Hooks
  7. 7. Elements Organizing Tone Characters Setting Overarching Narrative Show vs. Tell Humanity G Storytelling Improves Your Writing
  8. 8. G Storytelling Improves Your Blog - Share your own story - Connecting with your readers & participants - Organizing entries - Sharing others’ stories - Have fun!
  9. 9. Networked story telling Story sharing  Expanding choices  Empowering individuals & households  Linking individuals & their stories to markets Digital Storytelling
  10. 10. G Digital Storytelling: Photo “There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.” - Ernst Haas Photo editing sites/aps: - Instagram - FrameTastic - LINE Camera Photo credit: UN Photo
  11. 11. G Soccket : Power soccer ball USAID’s Powering Agriculture Grand Challenge: An Egyptian handbag manufacturer’s story: Digital Storytelling - Video
  12. 12. G What is the difference between story and narrative? Story: Us and them, narrative is typically “We” Story: Beginning, middle, and end- Narrative is in process. So we, together, fulfill the narrative. So audiences become communities working together toward a common goal. That’s how story fits into a larger campaign to build a movement. Learn more in our Community Connectors digital literacy module on creating a media campaign: literacy/session-17-creating-a-media-campaign Narrative
  13. 13. G Sharing on Social Media
  14. 14. Importance of Local Stories, Voices & Content G Creating Opportunities for people to share their stories: The Beehive Combines ‘Global Best Practices’ with localized content for a meaningful experience.  Written by local people,  Accessible to individuals with a maximum of 4th Grade education in their language. Interact with community portal & Facebook pages(
  15. 15. Collaboration Space & Hyper-local Content  A social network for Technology Center managers to access training curriculums, business courses for sustainability of centers, share best practice and collaborate on new ideas.  Highly localized, easy-to-populate, community portals that interact seamlessly with country-wide Beehives.
  16. 16. G Turn Your Community Members into Advocates
  17. 17. Get started on blogging 1. Start your own blog 2. Contribute to Knowledge Gateway blog If you would like to share your story, please send it to us on
  18. 18. Learn more about storytelling digital-storytelling
  19. 19. Thank You! Any questions and/or comments?