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CVBs: Curators of Community Knowledge Networks


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How CVBs can connect you with thought leadership and high-leve content to enrich your meeting's programming.

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CVBs: Curators of Community Knowledge Networks

  1. 1. Our Panelist Melissa A. Riley Vice President Convention Sales and Services Destination DC Rob Hampton Senior Vice President Convention Sales and Services Visit Seattle
  2. 2. Our Webinar Road Map Prepare for the conversation Reach into the local knowledge hubs and intellectual capital of the community Use your CVB as the conduit and connector to differentiate your meeting experience
  3. 3. Don’t wait until the sun sets to integrate all the city has to offer into your meeting or event.
  4. 4. What is intellectual capital or a knowledge network?
  5. 5. Intellectual Capital or Knowledge Networks work or invention as a result of creativity/innovation belonging to a particular individual, organization, or community. universities arts and sciences government entrepreneurs award winners
  6. 6. Exciting news from your meeting destination!! You can integrate local knowledge networks and intellectual capital into your meeting programming to create a unique and authentic experience. We can’t wait to show you how! Your CVB Sales, Services and Marketing Professionals Meeting Professional Competitive Differentiator
  7. 7. “Visit Seattle embodies the spirit of innovation and is willing to take risks.” Kati Quigley, CMP Senior Director, Community Marketing Microsoft “I really know something impacted me when I can’t wait to share it with others.” Jim Goodman Vice President, Conferences and Continuing Education American Dental Association
  8. 8. EIF Media Coverage Online reach of 270,000
  9. 9. Things to consider if you want to tap into destination assets:  Begin with a conversation not a Google search  Be open to something new  Start in the bid process to look beyond rates, dates, space  Ask about Ambassador Programs  Ask about key industries and business clusters
  10. 10. To mine destination intelligence for my meeting… What tangible resources are available from the CVB to assist? What information do I share? What questions do I ask??
  11. 11.  Help the CVB understand your attendee profile  Talk about the goals of the organization and the meeting  Share the top trending/hot topics your attendees are talking about  Discuss session content and key topics  Reveal the baseline of your budget  Don’t just bring in speakers/go out into the community to get education  Be prepared to have your marketing support the offerings  Develop collateral, editorial, microsites and integrate social media to convey rich meeting content mined from the destination
  13. 13. Keep in Touch Web LinkedIn Destinations International: Network for CVBs and Meeting Professionals Email Blog