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5 Must Do's to Increase Attendance at Your Next Meeting


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Attendees are the lifeblood of meetings and events! As a meetings professional, you know strong participation means more business gets accomplished: sessions are well attended, stakeholders are satisfied, hotel room blocks are filled and best of all, the overall success of your event is maximized!

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5 Must Do's to Increase Attendance at Your Next Meeting

  1. 1. Our Panelist Loren Gold Executive Vice President Greater Raleigh CVB
  2. 2. Our Webinar Road Map Attendee and planner perceptions Actionable template for attendance promotion toolkit 5 must do’s to support and fuel your attendance promotion activities
  3. 3. Inconsistency Unawareness Opportunity
  4. 4. Planners show attendee satisfaction and attendee registration as their top 2 success metrics.
  5. 5. The vast majority of planner’s surveyed agree or strongly agree the CVB is the most expert resource on their destination.
  6. 6. More awareness is needed
  7. 7. Planners make a strong statement to the need for advice and consultation, matching attendee preferences to destination assets, and ease in accessing marketing materials. Combined Important and Very Important Ratings 45% 57% 61% 69% 72% 74% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% Being present and promoting the destination at the prior year's event Identify the match between attendee preferences and destination assets Marketing tools and support Welcome Program Advice and consultation on maximizing the contracted room block Marketing collateral and editorial copy Source: Convene ePanel, April 2017 Sponsored by Destination International’s empowerMINT
  8. 8. Approach of Destinations International’s Attendance Promotion Task Force Step 1 • Determined most essential components Step 2 • Gained planner feedback on what support they valued from CVBs Step 3 • Sought examples of execution
  9. 9. 5 Must Do’s to Support Your Attendance Promotion Practices
  10. 10. It All Starts With a Conversation: Planner Consultation & Profiling of Attendees Behaviors/Interests • Consult • Educate • Profile • Identify • Review 1.
  11. 11. What Influences the Decision to Attend?
  12. 12. Getting Out in Front: CVB Representation at Prior Year’s Meeting How do you get the most from the CVBs representation? – Attend – Align – Access and inform 2.
  13. 13. Planner Perspective "Don't bother to send someone who is just going to sit in the booth and pass out brochures!"
  14. 14. Planner Perspective "This process is as much about gathering intelligence as it is about giving destination information."
  15. 15. Build It and They Will Come: Marketing Tools and Support • Destination Links • Custom Sites • Email and Social Media 3.
  16. 16. How your CVB can help you create a plan by considering: • Generic or custom: what does the particular group warrant in terms of time and financial commitment from the CVB? • Relevancy: what information is most relevant/compelling to communicate to the particular group of attendees? • Timing: What are the key milestones of the event and the frequency of communication needed? • Effectiveness of channels: where are the particular attendees plugged in? What will be the most effective places to communicate?
  17. 17. Examples of Execution
  18. 18. Examples of Execution
  19. 19. Make It Easy to Grab & Go: Key Marketing Collateral & Editorial How can we reduce friction and give you easy access to the destination material you need? – Images – Maps – Videos – Transportation – Dining/Entertainment – Local Insider 4.
  20. 20. Examples of Execution
  21. 21. Examples of Execution
  22. 22. Don’t Let Them Stray: Support Attendance Promotion's Call to Action How can CVBs help planners maximize their contracted room block? – Understand the delta – Educate the attendee – Redefine the cut-off date – Beware of local factors – Protect a proper bell curve – Be armed for pirates and poachers 5.
  23. 23. Inconsistency Unawareness Opportunity
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