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Emportant Attendance Management System


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Emportant Attendance Management System

  1. 1. Emportant HRMS Time & Attendance Management
  2. 2. Emportant HRMS Time and Attendance Management made UnComplex Do you have these challenges in Attendance management? • Reconciling your attendance and Leave records • Getting data from multiple locations • Ensuring error free attendance for each employee • Preventing data manipulation • Accurately calculating hours worked, overtime and late coming Emportant makes this really easy with our time-tested Attendance and Leave process: • Get the complete picture without trying to merge data from two systems • Provide Employees and Managers online access to the attendance and leave records • Drive HR policy through automated rules for OT, Comp Off, Late deductions, etc. Let us show you how… 1
  3. 3. Emportant HRMS- Time & Attendance Flexible Time Attendance Rules : • Multiple shift timings, Overtime rules • Interface with attendance recording and access control machine • Multiple holiday calendar for each location (state / country / etc) • Tracking of late coming/early going • Tracking of authorized and un-authorized leaves • Change of shift • Regularization of late coming, shift mismatch, missing swipes etc. 2
  4. 4. Attendance Management with multiple options: Web Attendance: • ESS - Employee can mark his /her attendance through employee self service portal • Attendance report monthly / weekly / daily • Real time sync with payroll & leave • Restrict web attendance to a group of employees / from a particular network IP Realtime Attendance Integration- • Integration with attendance recording systems: • Integrate with your existing hardware using our API / DLL, OR • Procure new hardware recommended by us direct data push from machine to Emportant • Get Attendance data from multiple locations data at single system • Push Data residing in Attendance database File upload based Attendance Capture • Upload your attendance data on daily basis using flat file / txt / csv format • Upload from multiple location / from multiple users • Upload process takes less than a minute each day 3
  5. 5. Self Attendance 1. Employees can mark their attendance through the web portal, & all the in-out time will be recorded in real-time 2. You can restrict the access for the attendance marking to specific group of Employees and to a specific IP address Emportant HRMS- Self Attendance
  6. 6. Employees can view their attendance records for any date range
  7. 7. Shift Master: you can define multiple shifts and set the rules for late time / early go limit as well as OT allowance
  8. 8. Shift Master: you can define multiple shifts and set the rules for late time / early go limit as well as OT allowance
  9. 9. Roster Definition: you can define the shift roster (cyclic/non-cyclic) based upon function/ designation/department of employee
  10. 10. Roster Definition: you can define the shift roster (cyclic/non-cyclic) based upon function/ designation/department of employee. Here you can see Functional Role for particular department
  11. 11. Attendance File Upload: you can upload the Attendance data in terms of present or absent, so that at the same time you can record all the leave taken and attendance data
  12. 12. Holiday Working: you can schedule employees to work on Holiday based on their department / location / employee specific
  13. 13. Swipe card issue: you can record the swipe card details as well as all the add new swipe card details. Card Id refers to the card number or Fingerprint Id.
  14. 14. In-Out Details: HR can have a report to see the in- out details of ay employee, he/she will get details summary of all the employees attendance data
  15. 15. Mass Timing Regularization: HR can regularize the attendance data for any employee based upon the request / reason for attendance regularization, you can define your own reason for attendance regularization like, Hardware failure, Bus late, etc…
  16. 16. Manual Swipe Entry: Admin can add the manual swipe entry of any employee if required, in case of any swipe card issue and employee fails to swipe his time details, admin can mark his attendance
  17. 17. Delete swipe details: if the attendance data is uploaded mistakenly, admin has a rights to undo/reverse the data
  18. 18. Temporary shift change: if the roster is defined and employee wants to change his/her shift due to any sudden reason, admin can change the shift on temporary basis
  19. 19. Roster Attachment: You can attach shift rosters to employees
  20. 20. You can create multiple shifts rosters for different types of employees and you can attach these rosters to department / employees
  21. 21. Thank You For More Information | +91-87 677 37 677