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Emportant Exit Management


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Emportant Exit Management

  1. 1. Emportant Tour- Employee Exit Management Employee & Employer Initiated Exit process Simple to use… from Recruitment to Retirement – we call it UnComplex
  2. 2. Employee can submit his / her resignation and start with the Exit Process using Employee Self Service Portal
  3. 3. Approval of Exit process: Reporting manager will be notified through Email for Exit request Approval, Approver can see all pending as well as processed exit request
  4. 4. Approver can see the details of Exit Request by clicking on each pending Exit form, and accordingly approve /reject the application
  5. 5. Once the Exit request has been approved, HR & Employee will be intimated through email alerts
  6. 6. Direct Separation (without online Workflow) : HR / Reporting manager / HoD can Initiate the Exit Process and specify Payroll parameters (Pay / Hold etc).
  7. 7. Thank You For More Information | +91-87 677 37 677