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Restaurant turn key brochure.2.13

  1. 1. Empire Realty Group, LLCSpecialized Services to theRestaurant & Retail IndustryOffering Fully Integrated ServicesThat Align your Business Plans ToYour Real Estate & OperationsNeeds.Delivering The Total ConceptRetailers and restaurant operators today need to be experts in sourcingand directing a myriad of players across functions to make the realestate, marketing, construction and operations end of their businesswork. Thats something Empire Realty Group, LLC can remedy for itsretail and restaurant clients who want to expand their business but facedifficulty in doing so due to either a lack of resources, personnel,expertise, experience and/or time to get to that next level.Retailers and restaurants know that profitability doesnt just come fromhaving good products and services. Having a great concept and growinga business has become more challenging today. Location and customerexperience impact revenues while non-product costs like rents, CAM,repairs, maintenance, build out and renovations can make or break profittargets.Our “One Stop Shop, Single Point Of Contact”approach is designed to get results….fast.Our ServicesReal Estate:- Store Development Strategy- Market Analysis- Site Selection & Evaluation- Lease & Purchase Negotiations- Single, Franchisor, & Franchisee RolloutMarketing:- Concept Development- Brand Projection & GrowthConstruction:- Store Design- Permits & Entitlements,- Build, Renovate, Fit OutOperations:- Consulting- Vendor Sourcing- Franchise AssistanceNeed Help Opening More Stores?
  2. 2. 2MULTI-UNIT, FRANCHISEE AND F MULTI-UNIT, FRANCHISEE ANDLets Talk About Helping You Increase BusinessEmpire Realty Group, LLC enablescompanies to overcome obstacles togrowth through its experience andinnovative approaches to planningand executing how many stores theclient should open, where the clientsnext store should be, why it shouldbe there, what will it look like, howlong will it take to open, what it willneed to open it, and how much it willcost because up to now, it hasn’t beena core component of your business.Empire Realty Group, LLC is aleading retail tenant advisoryservices, retail real estatedevelopment and managementcompany that provides restaurantoperators and retailers with acomprehensive array of services thatcovers the entire real estate,marketing, construction andoperations start up lifecycle. Empireserves entrepreneurial, local,regional, and national corporateclients throughout California withthe primary goal of helping themproject their brand, grow profits andsustainably increase returns oninvestment.Our client oriented philosophy tothese services has helped developsuccessful and flexible real estatesolutions. The economic andlogistical value provided through ourunique, proven and innovativeapproach to commercial real estatetransactions has established ourcompany as one of the leading firmsrepresenting restaurant and retailtenants with their respective realestate requirements.Empire, led by Linnard Lane, wasformed in 1995 by leading tenantrepresentation real estate brokers andretail property developmentexecutives in Los Angeles and SanFrancisco who decided to form adifferent kind of company, oneaimed at delivering a better scope ofservices to the retail industrycovering California.Since its inception, Empire hashelped leading restaurant and retailcompanies such as Starbucks Coffee,Chipotle Mexican Grill, PaylessShoeSource, Jamba Juice, PeetsCoffee, TGI Friday’s, Applebee’s andothers locate, build, and open newstores across California. Ourimpressive growth, expertise, andmarket clout has resulted in theopening of over 138 new locations, allwithout compromising the corevalues that are the fundamentalingredient of our excellent trackrecord.Can You Help Me Expand? WhereDo I Start?Previously, when a retailer orrestaurant operator wanted toexpand or establish themselves, theyhad to source out the differentservices separately with consultantsor providers they hardly knew inareas they were unfamiliar with andstruggled with finding the time tocoordinate and direct all these serviceproviders while running anotherwise successful business. Inother words, its like going to severaldifferent repair shops you’ve neverused to service your car in a cityyou’ve never been to while you livein a different state.We expanded our business to reachretail and restaurant operators likeyou who want to grow their businessbut haven’t yet done so due to eithera lack of resources, personnel,expertise, systems, experienceand/or the ability to devote the timenecessary to get to that next level. Weknow from working with successfulcompanies like Starbucks andChipotle, how much time andattention to detail is required to openthe right stores, in the right areas, atthe right costs, and when. Largecompanies enjoy the luxury ofemploying in-house teams withresources and experience to projecttheir brands growth that younger orsmaller operators don’t have. That’swhere Empire comes in to deliveryou a competitive advantage.One-Stop Shop, Single Point OfContactEmpire alleviates that hassle, byoffering a one-stop shop, single pointof contact platform for retailers andrestaurants looking to expand theirbusiness.
  3. 3. 3MULTI-UNIT, FRANCHISEE AND F MULTI-UNIT, FRANCHISEE AND“Our goal is to find profitable retailopportunities that best representsour clients brand, negotiate the bestpossible terms and protect ourclients interests”Empire essentially acts as theclients outsourced real estate,marketing, and constructiondepartment that delivers acomprehensive range of servicesfocused on increasing their Clientsprofitability through real estate,marketing and constructiondecisions. Entrepreneurial retailersmay currently rely on a trustedbroker, a food service vendor, or acontractor for advice but to us, that’sjust a piecemeal approach to growth.Unless you have the time, resourcesand experience to tie thatinformation together and process itinto real results, you’re likely toachieve an outcome that’s morecostly, time consuming, and inhibitsprofitable growth in the long run.As the single point of contact,Empire possesses the ability, tools,and overall vision to coordinate andincrease a retailers profitability bycoordinating and scaling its clientsbusiness needs as a whole, just likeits larger competition, therebyavoiding hidden or overlookedrisks, reducing overall costs, andpromoting healthy and sustainedbusiness growth. Up to now, thistype of comprehensive serviceoffering hasn’t been available tobusinesses with 10 stores or less.Smart GrowthWhen Empire takes on a new Client-typically a company that is looking toexpand into a trade area or across aseries of trade areas in California,either by growing its existing base orpenetrating a new market for the firsttime - Empire will come in, collaboratewith the client to better understand itsbusiness, then develop a strategic planutilizing its market knowledge,resources, and the most advancedmapping and marketing tools availablein the industry. Once the strategy isdefined and the client agrees, Empirethen implements it on the company’sbehalf by identifying profitable retailopportunities, securing locations thatcapture the target customer, andnegotiating the best possible leaseterms to protect our clients interests.We possess the expertise to helptenants secure locations where realestate positioning impacts therevenues of the company.Once a location is secured, Empire’sextensive infrastructure is thenengaged to ensure that your brand isproperly projected, the business termsof your lease have been aggressivelynegotiated, the plans, permits, signs,and construction come to fruition, thelook, feel and layout of the store meetsthe budget and your expectations, andthe store opens on time.From there, Empire focuses on theclients entire facility infrastructure,making sure its properly articulatedand executed while working onexpense management and reductionthroughout the term. Empire isinvolved in all aspects of thetransactional side, whether the Clientopts to lease or purchase a newlocation, renew locations, resize themor relocate them entirely.Statewide Experience & KnowledgeOur vast knowledge and experience inlocal markets on a statewide basisallows us to apply economies of scalein virtually every market in California,saving time, driving profitability andreducing risk for our clients. As far aswe’re concerned, a dollar of extra costis a dollar of lost profits, knowingwhere, when, and whom to ask theright questions and managing the rightanswers prevents unexpected delaysand costs before they become aproblem.Over the years, Empire has gainedvalue in developing and maintaining anetwork of collaborative relationshipswith local brokers, Landlords, financeand banking professionals, regulators,architectural and engineering firms,consultants, contractors, and relatedorganizations all over California.“Empire’s mission is toempower retailers to dowhat they do best,operate their business.Our team will handleeverything else on thereal estate, marketing,and construction side.”
  4. 4. 4MULTI-UNIT, FRANCHISEE AND F MULTI-UNIT, FRANCHISEE ANDstate is our specialty.“Our primary goal is to support ourretailers to do what they do best,operate their business withoutgeographical limitations. Our teamwill handle everything else on thereal estate, marketing, andconstruction side.”Construction ManagementSo, Would You Like SomePermits To Go Along With ThatNew Store or Restaurant?One of the reasons clients come to usis that they found the process ofobtaining permits to open their firstbusiness so time consuming, costly,bureaucratic, and aggravating, that italmost cost them their businessbefore they even opened.They’ve told us that with the relatedtime delays, cost overruns, andfrustration, they wouldn’t do it againor they’d hire someone else to do it.“As the single point of contact, Empirepossesses the ability and overall marketvision to increase a retailers profitabilityby scaling its clients business as a wholepromoting healthy and sustained businessgrowth.”Brand ProjectionWe understand the intricate tapestryand characteristics of different tradeareas across California. Just as notevery Client is the same, neither areits customers. Understanding whereour Clients customers reside, howthey shop, and advising how toreach them is our business.We supplement our hands-onknowledge with access to the latestdemographic and psychographicstudies, surveys, and marketmapping information. Helping ourClients build customer loyalty andproject their brand in differentmarkets is an art, not just a skill.Maintaining good relationships withgoverning agencies, knowing whicharchitectural and engineeringconsultants, general contractors, andsign companies to choose, what yourbuild outs should cost in a givenarea, and then assembling the rightteam to build them anywhere in theThat’s where Empire Realty Groupcomes in, we create and delivervalue by expediting the permitprocess, saving you not only timeand money but also the hassle oftrying to figure out which permitsyou’ll need and navigating themyriad of different agency protocols.So you’re thinking of opening a caféor restaurant in California? Here arefive (5) departments you’ll need towork with in order to obtain therequired administrative approvalsand necessary building permits priorto construction:1. Planning & Zoning2. Health Dept.3. Building & Safety4. Fire Dept.5. State Dept. of Alcoholic &Beverage Control1. Planning & Zoning -This department is usually the first stop for any new cafe or restaurant owner. The departmentchecks your current zoning and confirms all of the allowed uses of your site. They review the exterior design of yourbuilding including awnings and proposed signage. They also identify the number of parking spaces required and anyconditional use permits that may be required. Same applies if you’re a retail use.2. Health - This department reviews your proposed kitchen equipment, standard operating procedures and even yourmenu. In addition, the Health Department may ask for you to obtain additional clearances from other local agencies. Forexample, in Los Angeles, if you have any type of oil or grease in your restaurant than you will be required to submitplans to the Industrial Waste Division of Public Works. This division will review your sewer grease protection and insurethat the proper grease trap or grease interceptors are in place.3. Building & Safety -This department reviews your construction documents for handicap accessibility (ADA) and checksall proposed architectural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing improvements to insure that they meet current buildingcode. They also review your project to see if it meets the new "green code".4. Fire -The Fire Departments main function is to insure life safety. They review access points into the site and also insuresafe escape paths are available in case of a fire or earthquake. The department is also responsible for approving all firesprinkler and/or alarm system installations or improvements.
  5. 5. 5MULTI-UNIT, FRANCHISEE AND F MULTI-UNIT, FRANCHISEE AND5. State Department of Alcohol and Beverage Control - The State is only involvedif you plan on serving and/or selling any type of alcoholic beverage.Administrative or Conditional Use Permit approvals may also be required on theCity or County level, most commonly known as a "CUP". The State reviews yourproposed hours of operation, the local crime rate and even the concentration ofalready issued alcohol permits in the neighborhood. They also performbackground checks on all principals and ask to review business financials.If any of this confuses you, I suggest you reach out to us for a feasibility analysisreport prior to securing a lease. Our research will allow you or us to betternegotiate your lease since the submittal requirements, processing time andassociated costs will all be outlined for you. Empire Realty Group, LLC workswith all of the above mentioned departments on a regular basis across the stateand can assist with expediting the overall review time and get your store,restaurant or café open faster.The Design and Construction ProcessNow the Fun Part BeginsThroughout years of experience, Empire Realty Group’s team members haveparticipated in organizations that challenged and expanded their depth ofknowledge in the planning, processes, organization, solutions and executionnecessary for today’s projects.With this, Empire has gained value in developing and maintaining collaborativerelationships with state and local regulators, architectural firms, engineers,consultants, contractors, and related organizations all over California, so much sowe are proud to say its senior executives have led the completion of over 56ground up shopping center developments and numerous chain store tenantimprovement assignments. Once charged with the assignment to build your store,we have the experience to help you get it open on time and on budget.Program Management PhaseOnce our Client completes negotiations of their lease letter of intent with theLandlord, we go to work and prepare a detailed Site Survey to include:• Performing an initial site inspection and assessment of the existing facilities• Conducting code review, predevelopment site research, and environmentalassessments• Identifying agency contacts (all impacting jurisdictions and governingauthorities)• Confirming water, sewer, storm water, telephone/cable, electrical and gasutility services and fees• Performing an economic feasibility analysis and preliminary project timelineThe Site Survey will also identify any unusual circumstances or permit proceduresthat will impact the store’s design development and construction phases, yourphysical and operational requirements, project budget, and store deliverytimelines. Most restaurants and retailers often overlook this phase yet it’sprobably the most critical. Identifying risks before you commit to substantialtime, money, and lease obligations will enable the job to go much smoother. Ourphilosophy is simple, “80% of the work is done before construction ever begins.”That’s why we enjoy the reputation we have for on time and on budget delivery.Ground Up or InteriorImprovementsWe’ll coordinate the jobfrom plan check andpermits, to constructionbidding, build out andfixture installation, evenyour sign installation.
  6. 6. 6MULTI-UNIT, FRANCHISEE AND F MULTI-UNIT, FRANCHISEE ANDDesign Development PhaseEmpire will work with the client to determine the optimal store layout based onspace, merchandising, and cost considerations and establish creditable project costbudgets (hard and soft cost budgets through conceptual estimating). Empire willalso select the design and consultant teams including the architects, engineers,interior designers and all other specialty consultants and direct these professionalsthroughout the design process to ensure that all store design elements are properlyincorporated and efficient communication and coordination is maintained betweenthe design team, Empire, and the client for budget adherence.Pre-Construction PhaseEach store is unique and should be approached differently; whether it involvesselecting a general contractor and managing the bid process, or acting on behalf ofthe client in a construction manager role. Empire will manage and secure all plans,permits and authorizations for construction including obtaining any conditional usepermits and other zoning approvals, signage rights, meet with city/county officialsand make presentations at public hearings to Planning Commissions, DesignReview Boards, City Councils and neighborhood groups if necessary. Empire willmanage the entire plan process from concept, through the design development set(initial estimates) to permit drawings and construction set for establishing the initialand final guaranteed maximum pricing. Empire will also assist the client inobtaining cost estimates, establishing a budget and maintaining the budget throughproject closeout. We believe cost control starts on the first day of design and endswhen the client uses the facilities. Empire will manage the budget and schedulesfor the stores construction in addition to coordinating all construction activitiesthrough completion.Construction PhaseEmpire, through its trusted network, will source the best general andsubcontractors to fit the jobs requirements and clients criteria. During theConstruction Phase we’ll assist the client by conducting the bid process andnegotiation of all bids from contractors for the stores construction and coordinatevendors for critical construction steps. Empire will also supervise the performanceof all construction work, support the client with the installation of any furniture,fixtures and equipment, and oversee the general contractors field constructionoperations from ground breaking to certificate of occupancy issuance throughperiodic site meetings and inspections. Lastly, Empire will coordinate, process,manage, and supervise the general contractor and architects duties with respect to:• Verifying all necessary bonds and insurance are in place before work starts• Information, Shop Drawings, Samples and Submittals to insure plan compliance• Change Order Management to the project’s scope, schedule and related costs• Testing, Inspection and Special Services• Progress Monitoring and Reporting• Process progress and final pay requests, invoices and lien releases• Performing Punch List inspection completion and obtaining all Building finalInspections and Certificates of OccupancyProject Close Out Phase• Initial Start Up of equipment,• Providing final project review recapping layout• Delivering Operations and Maintenance Manuals, Warranties and CloseoutDocumentation to the Client.
  7. 7. MULTI-UNIT, FRANCHISEE AND FRANCHISOR DEVELOPMENTThe business of opening restaurants is different than the business of running restaurants and that’s where manyoperators face the greatest risk, expense, and challenge; getting to the opening date. We have substantial market andoperational knowledge to help you execute your multi unit goals or franchise expansion obligations. Many of thecorporate restaurant and retailers we’ve worked with also have franchise components to their businesses. In fact, themost successful franchisors operate their own stores in addition to selling franchises as a means of keeping theirconcept and brand value relevant, extending brand recognition and profits, and monitoring the integrity ofoperations and the customer experience. As you know, franchisee and multi-unit area developer franchiseagreements usually require the franchisee to open a pre-determined number of stores within a fixed time period,failure to meet your obligations can have serious consequences. We have the capabilities and resources to offerindependent operators, franchisees and franchisors a solid value proposition by leveraging our services, personneland experience to help you execute your business model obligations and hit your targets.Now that your first store is a hit, Want to OpenAnother?Need help with executing your commitments as aFranchisee or Franchisor?Need to source new or better suppliers?Need help with building or scaling up youroperations infrastructure?Because of our knowledge and provider resources, typically we can accomplish your expansion needs at a costfar less and in a shorter period of time than if you were to do it yourself. After 16 years of retail developmentexperience in California, Empire removes the learning curve and stress of store development, the consequenceof your taking time away from an otherwise existing profitable business, and reduces the associated cost risksto you and your business as a whole. Consider us your outsourced Real Estate, Marketing and Constructiondepartment without having to carry the overhead of one.Franchise & Multi Unit Operator Business SupportWe work with Multi Unit Operators and Franchisees to:• Develop a strategic plan for unit expansion clearly highlighting the requirements, obligations, and value propositionfor the operator and/or both the franchisor and the franchisee.• Develop a detailed budget and implementation plan and then recruit and lead the team that will be responsible forprogram execution. If need be, we will coordinate our efforts with the Franchisor’s franchise department.• Lead development of an end-to-end business process that is very operator/franchisee-friendly and is designed toreduce the time it takes to meet your store count obligations.We work with Franchisors to:• Analyze markets to identify franchise growth opportunities; find qualified and compatible franchising candidates,and skillfully lead prospects through the new franchisee process, including negotiation, due diligence and launch, allwith the support of a team we will help recruit, if needed.• Assist with recruiting personnel to oversee the franchise sales process including the handling of franchise leads,interviewing franchise candidates, evaluating franchise applications, and advise on awarding franchise contracts.• Assist franchisees as they prepare to commence operations, and work with operations personnel to implementappropriate pre-opening training and support programs.• Assist with franchise model development and deployment, the recruitment and recommendation of candidates withskill sets to manage the on-going operation of the franchise channel.
  8. 8. 8MULTI-UNIT, FRANCHISEE AND F MULTI-UNIT, FRANCHISEE ANDMULTI-UNIT, FRANCHISEE AND FRANCHISOR DEVELOPMENT(Continued)• Assist with sourcing suppliers in areas from packaging, non-proprietary food products, and vendors producingproprietary recipe based food products under strict confidentiality agreements to maintain product integrity,managed commodity pricing and consistency of the customer experience.• Assist with managing and recruiting personnel to oversee and implement their marketing and social media presence.We also offer extended consulting services either through in-house personnel or trusted third party providers in areassuch as:1. Employee Sourcing & Team Development2. Liquor Licensing3. Equipment Leasing and Acquisition4. Social Media Programs and CampaignsOperations ConsultingKeeping the customer experience relevant and your business competitive by recognizing and adjusting to changingtrends is an essential key to ongoing success. Factors such as choosing the right business systems for running youroperation, updating signage and store design, evaluating your product mix, even sourcing different suppliers could meanthe difference in gaining 1.5% - 2.5% to the bottom line. We can help you do that. For example,Are Your Business Systems Helping or Hurting You?For example, with changes in laws and technological advances, are you sure you have the right equipment? The point-of-sale system (POS) isn’t just for ringing up sales any longer. More and more, restaurants and retailers are using POSsystems to control everything from inventory to scheduling. But with so many options on the market, the challengeoperators face is determining exactly what they need in a POS system. We can help you navigate the process of whichsystem is right for you and the future growth of your operations.Are You In Compliance?Staying in compliance with government ordinances, imposed bank fees, and credit card security requirements all impactyour bottom line. For example, do you know if you’re PCI Compliant? Since the five major credit card brands joinedforces in 2004 to create the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI), merchants have been scrambling tomake their systems PCI compliant or risk punitive sanctions by the credit card issuers.Three Benefits of Using Empire Realty Group“Empire can increase speed to market, assist the client to create a strong ROI and decrease headaches”Owning a restaurant seems like a dream come true to many, but it is easy to underestimate the amount of work involved.Some might think that becoming part of a franchise is simple, but navigating the company requirements with the realitiesof the leased space can be difficult. We believe 80% of a restaurant’s success is determined before you even open thedoors. Empire can help streamline the process and ensure success.EfficiencyFinding the right location, knowledge of your market and competition, negotiating a lease, working with governingagencies to get your building, health, and alcohol permits, dealing with architects and contractors, getting equipmentdelivered, choosing furnishings and the myriad of other details that go into the development of a restaurant can be time-consuming.Franchisees need to hire staff and coordinate permits and construction, market the restaurant, deal with loans and orderinventory, all in a tight time frame. Empire and its team of specialist have the experience, contacts and a process in placeto keep the pieces moving.While an operator is busy hiring staff, perfecting recipes and getting the attention of customers, Empire is obtaining anynecessary permits, overseeing construction and ensuring the restaurant meets all codes, such as being ADA compliant.
  9. 9. 9MULTI-UNIT, FRANCHISEE AND F MULTI-UNIT, FRANCHISEE ANDMULTI-UNIT, FRANCHISEE AND FRANCHISOR DEVELOPMENTCostStart-up costs vary greatly, depending on the location and franchise. A safe estimate, according to a recent Forbes article,is at least $400,000 and maybe more to purchase the franchise, lease a space, purchase equipment and hire at least aminimal staff. Those costs can quickly balloon, however.Empire has cost-savings measures in place that can help. For example, because Empire routinely works with reputableand experienced, architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, and equipment vendors, it can ensure the best pricepossible when taking bids. During the construction phase, Empire employs a well developed set of control measures tomonitor the stores budget and build out progress through delivery. In addition, Empire can help a franchisee focus onessentials, keeping costs down while ensuring that customer requirements are met.In addition to savings, Empire can help an operator earn more. Because Empire handles the oversight of the permittingand build out process, it can ensure that deadlines are met and speed up the process of opening a restaurant. The faster arestaurant opens, of course, the sooner the operator can start taking in revenue.The costs of opening a restaurant also extends to site location, negotiating the best lease terms, and the commonlyoverlooked practice of performing a site survey to uncover the “hidden costs” of leasing a particular location before theybecome surprises and lead to delays. Managing these costs properly can many times yield cost savings or lead to costavoidance improving your ROI.Location: No two locations or trade areas are exactly alike and picking the right site is more art form than science.Empire has the knowledge, relationships, and tools to advise you why one location may be better than another for yourconcept. We believe real estate serves as the platform to help you deliver the best customer experience and increase yourtop line sales.Lease Negotiations: The principals of Empire have successfully negotiated hundred’s of restaurant and retailleases, its one of our specialties. We know what a favorable lease looks like and why. We add value for our clients byknowing how to structure a deal and what concessions and contributions to ask for. More importantly, how to negotiateand obtain the best business terms possible from your Landlord at the letter of intent stage before you begin to incurcostly legal fees. We go way beyond just dollars and cents.The Hidden Costs of Store Development: Once the site is selected, Empire conducts a site survey to help discoverany potential costs that could ruin your budget or worse, make the location unfeasible, such as unusually high or costprohibitive utility connection fees, legacy and/or non-code compliant building repairs that the city will require you tocure, or time consuming zoning issues just to name a few. Identifying risks and creating solutions before you commit tosubstantial time, money, and lease obligations will enable the job to go much smoother.ExperienceOpening a restaurant can be a daunting task, especially when dealing with a franchise that has very specific requirementsfor where it should be located, how a store looks, and how it operates. At Empire, we understand our chief mission is tohelp our clients extend their brand appeal in the environment that best suits their needs, and then help them implementand execute their strategy.• Each restaurant, even those that are part of a franchise, is unique. Empire listens and responds to the specific needs ofthe client. We ask our operators who they want to serve, what type of neighborhood they want to locate in, and whatkind of price point the operator wants to hit and how the operator wants the restaurant to be perceived. We haveyears of experience identifying and translating the life, energy, economics, and human dynamics of an area throughthe real estate that best delivers the optimal environment our retailers and restaurant concepts are seeking.• Success to us is about doing a lot of little things right, not just about doing a few big things well. We’ve been fortunateto have been involved with some very talented and experienced architects and designers, food service professionals,and operators over the years, and still do. Through “in the field” market applications, we’ve learned valuable lessonsof what works, what doesn’t, and why that still hold true today. We’ve worked with many corporate and franchiseoperations. We take the time to become familiar with the clients prototype and brand standards so we can make thebuild out process run smoothly.
  10. 10. 10MULTI-UNIT, FRANCHISEE AND F MULTI-UNIT, FRANCHISEE AND(Continued)Experience• Empire and its team members also know how to help an operator make the most of a restaurant space. Every squarefoot of a restaurant or retail operation has a cost associated with it—either with the build-out, or rent, or themaintenance of it. For example, we look at whether one piece of equipment could replace several others or you couldhave POS stations in different places to save servers steps. We advise our clients to frequently examine their overallsales per square foot and operating metrics. Examine benchmarks for sales per square foot averages and per seat on acategory and time of day basis. It’s worth consulting with Empire before you build out a restaurant but you can alsodo this down the line if you’re already open.• We know how important it is for our clients to tell their brand story in every location they have: who are you; whatdo you stand for. We work with our operators to help make sure every thing in your restaurant tells the brandpromise, its personality, its positioning and the story. Every single item—even the quality of a fork—tells customerssomething about your brand and why they’re there. Don’t believe this matters? Just walk into any Starbucks,Chipotle, or Whole Foods, you can bet those customers are there for a reason.• Restaurants are a unique type of establishment, with specific codes that need to be met. Navigating the relationshipbetween franchisor and franchisee can be tricky, and using a firm like Empire who knows how to listen to both sidesand find solutions is essential.hEmpire has the capabilities and resources to offer independent operators, franchisees and franchisors a solid valueproposition by leveraging our services, personnel and experience to help you execute your business model obligations andhit your targets. Our fees are based on the assignment and the Clients needs. Although we recommend a comprehensivestructure, we realize not all Clients require all of our services. Call us for a consultation, once we understand your needs,we’ll scale the services that align with your budget. We want to be your strategic growth partner.hMULTI-UNIT, FRANCHISEE AND FRANCHISOR DEVELOPMENT
  11. 11. Empire’s ExperienceLinnard Lane, Empire’s Managing Member, has over 30 years of extensive transactional and business experiencein retail property development, site selection & acquisitions, market strategy & financial analysis, project feasibility,leasing, permits & entitlements, and construction management producing over 543,000 sq. ft. of lease transactions valuedat more than $136 Million and the acquisition and development of over 130 shopping center and free standing retailproperties.Linnard began his career in retail development in 1981 for one of California’s largest retail real estatedevelopment companies, La Mancha Development Company based in Los Angeles. By 1984, as its Director of Real Estatefor Southern California, he was personally involved in the acquisition, development, and leasing of over 74 shoppingcenters throughout the Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside and Ventura County trade areas. In addition hesupervised the leasing of over 223,000 sq. ft. of lease transactions and managed the company’s 54 shopping centerportfolio covering 140 stores and directed all property management and lease administration department staff.By mid 1985, after conducting local and statewide market analysis and trade area studies to identify new growthopportunities outside of Southern California, Linnard spearheaded the opening of and became La Mancha’s NorthernCalifornia Division Manager directing all of its development activities including marketing, construction, leasing, andacquisitions producing over 45 new shopping centers covering approximately 288,000 sq. ft. and leases with Blockbusterand Hollywood Video, Little Caesars and Dominos Pizza, Barnes and Noble, 3Day Blinds, Payless Shoes, 7-11, OfficeMax, Kragen Auto among others. He also developed additional relationships with various local and county governmentalagency members as well as a network of 3rd party leasing and Investment brokerage houses, general contractors,architects, escrow and title companies which he still maintains today.In 1995, Linnard founded Empire along with one of the states largest and most successful retail tenantrepresentation brokerages with offices in San Francisco, Ventura, Los Angeles, and San Diego creating a boutique realestate firm which has now grown into a full service commercial real estate company specializing in retail real estatedevelopment, leasing, property management and advisory services. Empire’s mission was and still is to facilitate theexpansion of established national and regional lifestyle and urban infill retail and food service clients in the Californiamarketplace.Since Empire’s beginnings, Linnard has managed and participated in all phases of the store and shopping centerdevelopment cycle for over 155,000 square feet of stores for Starbucks Coffee, FedEx Office, AT&T, Petco, TGI Fridays,Applebee’s, Addison Ave. Federal Credit Union, Wachovia Bank, Peets Coffee, Chipotle, Jamba Juice, Payless Shoe, andTaco Bell. He was also retained by the city of San Leandro and Union City redevelopment agencies to advise ondowntown core developments and received the Design of Excellence award from the city of San Leandro for bestadaptive reuse and the Cultural Heritage award from the Stockton City Council for its redevelopment project near theUniversity of the Pacific. Linnard has also devised, participated in, and implemented aggressive multi-store roll outmarket penetration programs, and deployed innovative techniques to open multiple stores in high barrier to entrymarkets for Starbucks Coffee, Chipotle, and Noah’s Bagels. Empire developed a reputation, which it still enjoys today, asbeing the “go-to” company that restaurants and retailers rely upon for obtaining permits and on time/on budget storedelivery anywhere in California.Professional Affiliations:Linnards Professional affiliations have included International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC); has been anexpert witness in the commercial real estate field for arbitration and mediation proceedings in California; and has been aguest lecturer at the University of Southern California, Lusk Graduate School for Real Estate Studies, John Shea Series.Education:Linnard received his B.S. degree in Psychology, Real Estate, and Business from Arizona State University in 1980.In addition, Linnard completed studies in the professional continuing education program at University of California, LosAngeles (UCLA) in Advanced Real Estate Finance and Restaurant Industry – Operations and Management.
  12. 12. For more information, please contact:Linnard LaneManaging MemberEmpire Realty Group, LLC12100 Wilshire Blvd. 8th Fl.Los Angeles, CA 90025(310) 806-9380, (510) 588-4041 efax,