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Remember Me?


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Published in: Education, Sports

Remember Me?

  1. Remember<br /> me ?<br />
  2. You <br />May have<br />Read about<br />my Life<br />Last Year<br />On Slideshare<br />
  3. I had <br /> Many Issues <br />but <br />Few Solutions<br />
  4. For one,<br />I had No Money, <br />So I picked Trash<br />
  5. I started <br />School<br />But <br />It was<br />Tough<br />
  6. I had <br />No Help<br />With <br />Homework..<br />
  7.<br />my Parents<br />Can’t Read<br />
  8. I Also<br />had no <br />Chance to <br />Play <br />Or <br />Have Fun<br />
  9. But <br />You Know What?<br />
  10. Things Have <br />Become <br />Better<br />This Year!<br />
  11. I now have tutors to help me study<br />
  12. The tutors are my <br />school’s older students! <br />
  13. So Now I do well in School<br />and <br />I Love School!<br />
  14. Also.. <br />
  15. I got to <br />play my <br />Favorite <br />Game –<br />Baseball…<br />
  16. ..with the <br />Famous<br />Carl Ripken Jr.!!!<br />
  17. Now I can Play in a Team –yeah!<br />
  18. And there is <br />1 More<br />Very Good News -<br />
  19. My Photography<br />Program ..<br />
  20. ..has gone <br />Professional!<br />
  21. My Photographs<br />Were Featured<br />In Many <br />Exhibitions.<br />
  22. Next<br />My Photography <br />will be <br />Exhibited <br />in Toronto !<br />
  23. However ..<br />
  24. ..I still Live<br />in a Slum..<br />
  25. ..and Help <br />my Parents<br />earn Money<br />
  26. But the Thing<br />is...<br />
  27. I have More Hope<br />
  28. Empowerment International<br />Gives me Hope..<br />
  29. ..and<br />Opportunities.<br />
  30. You can read more about me at <br /><br />
  31. Presentation by: Neha Singh<br />Photos by: Kathy Adams <br />& Students at Empowerment International<br />