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Emphosis company profile 2012


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Emphosis company profile 2012

  1. 1. Creative Communications SolutionsEMPHOSIS provide first class solutions to clients with a wide range of services in Event Management,Video Productions, Visual Communications and Web Solutions.
  2. 2. Integrated CommunicationA single source of multiple media channels. Increasingly companies see thebenefit of working with one supplier who can offer a standout package as anintegrated solution. At EMPHOSIS Creative Solution we offer a full spectrumof integrated communication services, which seamlessly combine live events,video and digital solutions into a complete customer experience.Event Management Video Production Web Services VisualInspiring Experiences Engaging Digital Media Creative & Cutting Edge Communication Bringing Ideas to LifeOur live Event Management offer Our productions will attract, mo- Bring your brand to life and engageis diverse and covers all aspects of tivate, and explain in a mode that with your customers online through Are you looking to enhance yourface-to-face communication, so if is time efficient and memorable. our professional web design so- brand visually? We offer print design,we have an audience of 50 or 5000, We will work with you to get the lutions. Using a combination of 3D modelling and animation,our strategic approach of Think… most from interviews, bring your creative skills and our innovative exhibition design and powerpointCreate… Deliver is applied to exceed products to life in animations, and technology, together with a wide presentation services to helpexpectations and deliver a first make your employee engagements range of contemporary techniques, showcase your brand or presentationclass communications solution. dynamic and consistent. we can help you deliver your brand and take it to the next level. online
  3. 3. Web, Digital Media & Video Events, Web & VideoIntegrated • Enhance web solutions with video production • Event Management and video productionCommunication • Online video interviews • Microsites and ecommerce website • Post event video showcased through professional web developmentIn an ever-changing world that provides uswith tough commercial challenges, you’ll be Communications and Digital Media Servicespleased to know that EMPHOSIS Creative We have a multi-skilled team of communicators specialising in live, digital and online mediaSolution are here to define your objectives communications all under one roof. With our customers at the heart of everything we do, we getand bring them to life through effective under the skin of your needs and develop ideas to engage your audience through events, video orintegrated media solutions web or a combination of all three.Whether it’s improving brand awareness or Our strategy is to Think…Create…Deliver from strategic concept planning to the point of delivery. Live, online, or on paper, there is always a solution that will engage, inform and inspire.developing effective communications, wecapture your imagination and apply creative Talk to a team who are passionate about delivering high standards and creating success stories. It’smedia solutions to suit your needs. your chance to make a difference and we’re here just for you.
  4. 4. Conference and What we can do for you: Event Planning and Technical SupportEvent Management Whether you need an event or conference planning at home or abroad, we’ve We believe we offer significant and unique insight into how major corporations can manage and execute initiatives using a range of electronic and live communication methods. done it before.Conferences and events are no longer considered Communications strategy, agenda planning and presenter options area day out of the office. Expectations are higher • Exhibition and Event Management key priorities when event planning. Creative skills then build on these and that’s when we apply visual aids from PowerPoint presentations,than ever. People have less and less time to • Corporate Events video production, design and print expertise, to internet and intranetattend events and are therefore much more • Product Launch Events development as well as exhibition design and management. • Roadshowsselective and more critical – of everything – We also provide full technical support including set staging & lighting • Gala Dinners & Awards Ceremoniesfrom the venue to the content and the speakers. design and construction & rigging of all audio visual equipment. Our internal • Exhibition Stand Design Event Management processes ensure you receive the service you deserve,Talk to us, we’re here just for you. • Powerpoint Presentation Design Services on time and on budget- to the highest standard of workmanship, exceeding all expectations. • Print design • Interactive Presentations Create something different and work with a team of people who are strategic • Online registration systems thinkers, who are creative in everything they do and who deliver on their word. • Feedback and interactivity website
  5. 5. Professional Video What we can do for you: Video Production ServicesProduction • • High Definition Video Event Videos Our productions are supported by our in-house client friendly digital studio, equipped with the latest video post production technology. Having our own facility gives us the flexibility to make your production • Corporate videos for shareholders and both time and cost efficient.The video production team have years of stakeholders in your businessexperience in corporate video productions and • Employee engagements for new business The integrated solution approach with events and web design provides not only dynamic stand alone videos but also DVDs, interactive businesshave worked with CEOs, Celebrities, Gover- practices presentations, and online video.ment, Politicus and products. We produce • Brand and product promotions videos • Consumer videos for products or services We provide a full video production service: creative direction, scriptcompelling communications which engage, writing, location filming, editing, project management, commercials at exhibitions or in-store marketinginform and motivate across all areas of • Health and safety or work training videos and promos, launch videos, point of sale, multi format duplication, DVD production, webcast services and streaming.your business. to show best practice • 2D & 3D animations – Motion Graphics We are used to interviewing at all levels in many environments and • Professional voice over artists can source locations, cast, hire models and actors when required. • Script and storyboard EMPHOSIS video production provides the ideal platform to translate • Broadcasting your messages into powerful, memorable programmes which people will want to watch.
  6. 6. Visual Communication Visual Communication Services Print & Branding 3D Design Presentation ServicesVisual communication is, for us at EMPHOSISCreative Solution, the core of what we do. Print design utilises a limited area, Building virtual 3D models of products Your presentation must work for you such as a front cover or a one-pager means that valuable creative time is but equally it must work effectivelyWhat we aim to do on every project is take in order to communicate a message spent on new product development for your audience. Try to include someyour words and bring them to life through through creative design which can designs with mileage in them. So participatory role for your audience. be further enhanced by incorporating you don’t need to photograph them Powerpoint Presentations are at theirgreat design imagery. This could be still texture and shape into the design. An in order to share them. We can then best when slides and presenter(s)photographs, creative video footage, print audience will view interactive web take this one step further and bring work together – seamlessly delivering pages very differently to print pieces the product to life through animation the right information, at the rightand design, created graphics, or through live which normally wouldn’t be, they which can be exported to a video file, time, to captivate the audience.performance. need to be increasingly immediate, embedded into your PowerPoint being easily digestible and with an presentation or uploaded to your Interactive presentations | Corporate eye catching creative graphic design. website. templates | Image research and manipula- tion | Inserting photographs, charts, 3D, Display design and print | Folder design 3D modelling | 3D logo design | 3D animation | Standard (4:3) and wide- and print | Literature design and print | Product modelling | 3D Built environments screen (16:9) ratio presentations | Video Brochure design and print | Logo design | 3D Architectural buildings | 3D Animation embedding | | Branding rendering
  7. 7. Web Services and What we can do for you: Web Design and Development ServicesDigital Innovation A wide range of feature rich digital solutions for sales, communications, marketing and training, Our aim is to deliver ‘fulfilment by design’ and we believe that successful web solutions should apply this principle to the whole customer journey. Fulfilment by design begins with search marketing delivering compelling experiences in support and social media, extending through to the deployment of visuallyWe design, develop and deploy innovative of contemporary interactive web strategies. rich web design, delivering compelling experiences that both attractweb solutions, supported by a range of • Web Development and inform, connecting your customers with the services and information on your products through our ecommerce solutions.contemporary e-marketing services. After • Online Video and Digital Mediaunderstanding your aims we create a solution • E-learning We understand how to engage with your customers online through • Interactive Web Design and Media (Flash) web design and bespoke development solutions for ecommercefrom start to finish with usability, design, websites and corporate brand websites whilst carefully articulating • Ecommerce Websitesfunctionality and SEO in mind. • Content Management Systems (CMS) your brand identity. • Search Engine Marketing Our extensive knowledge of the online world has helped our clients • Social Media and Email Marketing achieve great things through mobile application development or • Hosting a mobile version of their site, using Flash and interactive design to engage and deliver your brand online to increasing traffic through • Mobile sites and Mobile Apps search marketing, social media and email marketing strategy.
  8. 8. Are you planning your next event, looking for a How to find uscreative professional video or creating an innovative Our Creative House, Indonesiaweb solution? Or are you just interested in finding Jakarta Selatanout more information on how our range of services can Kebayoran Baru Jl. Haji Nawi Raya 21Abenefit your business? Please contact us through t: 0818 887245the details beside. e: