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Bsak primary schoolapplicationform221112


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Bsak primary schoolapplicationform221112

  1. 1. APPLICATION AND ADMITTANCE PROCEDURES FOR ALL APPLICANTSThe UAE Ministry of Education requires ALL the following documentation to be supplied to the schoolBEFORE ENTRY. Please supply the following documents along with a completed application form, theonly document that will be excused is the UAE Residence Visa and Emirates ID card if you are not yetresident in the Emirates.Please ensure you submit the originals and copies of the following documents or the application will not beaccepted. Applications for entry cannot be accepted until ALL the required paperwork has been supplied.1. BIRTH CERTIFICATE * Original and colour photocopyApplicant’s original Birth Certificate (BC) plus a colour copy.*Applicants born in South American/African/Eastern European/Asian and Middle Eastern countries need tohave their BCs attested by the issuing birth country and UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.Applicants born in the UAE need only supply their Arabic BC.BCs not in English must be translated into English or Arabic.2. UAE FAMILY BOOK Original and colour photocopy. Emirati students only3. PASSPORT PHOTOS 6 per applicant4. PASSPORTS * Original and colour photocopySponsor’s original passport including valid UAE Residence Visa, plus colour copy*Applicant’s original passport including valid UAE Residence Visa, plus colour copy*5. EMIRATES ID CARD Colour copy or stamped copy of ID card application form6. SCHOOL REPORT True copy of previous academic year or mid- term report accepted7. TRANSFER CERTIFICATE (for all new Year 1 Original only, faxed and emailed copies notstudents upwards, plus all FS2 students who have accepted. Please refer to attached samples.already attended school)The Transfer Certificate (TC) is only required if we are able to offer your child a place. It should be completedin English by the previous school, on official headed paper and bear the school stamp/seal.Students transferring from South America/Africa/Middle East and Asia must have their TC attested by theMinistry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UAE Embassy before relocating to Abu Dhabi.Students transferring from within the UAE are issued with an Arabic Transfer Certificate by the former schoolwhich is stamped at the Education Zone in the Emirate concerned.8. VISA LETTER TO BE SUPPLIED BY SPONSOR COMPANY ~ A sample letter is attached. This is only required in the absence of a valid residence visa.9. BSAK’S WEBSITE PERMISSION FORM10. BSAK’S MEDICAL FORM Please attach an up to date vaccination record to the completed medical formNotes:* The original Birth Certificate (of applicant) and passports (of applicant and sponsor) must be presented for checking at the time of application and will be returned immediately.~ If the UAE residence visa of the sponsor or the applicant has not been issued, the applicable passport (with a photocopy) showing the arrival stamp must be presented instead. In such a case, a letter from the employer of the sponsor must also be submitted confirming that the visa application is being processed. This letter must refer to the child by name. When the relevant visa has been issued, a copy must be provided to the school immediately.Your child’s application is only valid for 1 year. If a place is not secured within the year you will need to reapply for the next academic year. NB: Entry Fees are Non-Transferable and Non-Refundable
  2. 2. FOR OFFICE USE Result: A C C EP T / DE CL IN E APPLICATION FORM THE BRITISH SCHOOL AL KHUBAIRAT PRIMARY SCHOOL PO Box 4001, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Tel: +971 2 446 2280 Fax: +971 2 446 1915 Email: www.britishschool.sch.aeFOR OFFICE USE ONLY Application received by HAND/EMAIL/FAX on: __ / ____ /20______Assessment: YES/NO Date: __________ Time: ______ Year Applied For: _____ Registration No: ______Sibling Info: Applied/Offered/Registered ___________ Age Appropriate: ______ Class Admitted: _____To ensure that your child’s application is processed efficiently, please complete this form in CAPITALS, as fully aspossible. Please note that applications cannot be processed unless ALL sections of the Application Form are completed.If a section does not apply, please mark as N/A (ie not applicable) thus indicating that the information in the section hasbeen noted.THE CHILD AND SPONSOR’S NAME MUST BE AS DETAILED IN PASSPORT1. CHILD’S DETAILS First name Middle name Surname Date of birth Place of birth Nationality (dd/mm/yyyy) Muslim Christian Other Boy Girl Religion 1st language (ie language spoken at home) Fluent in English YES NO Other languages Date of prospective entry Grade/Year Group for which entry (dd/mm/yyyy) is sought Date of previous application Previous application to BSAK YES NO (dd/mm/yyyy)2. PREVIOUS SCHOOLING OR PRE-SCHOOL All applications from Foundation Stage 1 (KG1) upwards must include a copy of your childs latest school report. Without a report this application will not be processed. Name of previous school Country Principal’s name Tel Email Date of entry Date of leaving Year/Grade on leaving Will Transfer Certificate indicate that the above mentioned year has been YES NO completed? Is it possible that your child requires special educational support? YES NO If yes please specify: YES NO Has your child encountered any difficulties at his/her previous school? If yes please give details: PTO
  3. 3. 3. OTHER FACTORS Are there any musical, artistic or sporting achievements that you wish to make us aware of? Are there any family circumstances which you feel we should be aware of?4. MEDICAL HISTORY Allergies Physical limitations Previous illness (which could affect his/her activities) Other5. SIBLINGS Siblings registered at BSAK YES NO Name Class Name Class Siblings applied for BSAK* YES NO Name Year Group Name Year Group *Would you be willing to accept one place at BSAK? YES NO6. DETAILS OF CHILD’S SPONSOR (FATHER/MOTHER) Surname First name Middle name Title (Mr/Mrs/Dr/HE) Nationality Employer P O Box Home tel Office tel Mobile Muslim Christian Other Email Religion7. DETAILS OF SPOUSE (WIFE/HUSBAND) Surname First name Middle name Title (Mr/Mrs/Dr/HE) Nationality Employer P O Box Home tel Office tel Mobile Muslim Christian Other Email ReligionTo apply for entry to The British School Al Khubairat for my above mentioned child, I understand that allentry & tuition fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. I declare that I am the childs parent/legalguardian and that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, all information given is correct and complete.The school reserves the right to withdraw the place offered before or after admission in the light ofincomplete disclosure.Signed ___________________________________________________ Date ______________________Please see checklist and information sheet for details of other documents to accompany this application form.
  4. 4. Attach photo here please Admission No SCHOOL HEALTH RECORDPlease complete all sections of the School Health Record, Consent & Declaration and Immunisation Record and returnto school with other registration documentation.It is essential that this form is received prior to your child commencing school. The information provided will betreated as confidential by all staff. If you have any queries, please contact the School Nurse or Registrar directly.Student Details:Students Last Name (as passport) First name Middle NameGender: Male / Female (Circle) DoB Year ClassContact details:Father’s Name Mother’s Name Home Telephone NumberMobile No Mobile No Home Telephone NumberEmployer Employer Emergency / Other Contact NumberUAE Doctor Name Clinic Practice Name Telephone NumberMedical History / Concerns (Current or Past)Medical History / YES NO If ‘YES’ please Medical History / YES NO If ‘YES’ pleaseConcerns provide details Concerns provide details*Allergies Neuromuscular Disorder Medication Mobility Concerns Food Broken bones/dislocation Bees, Insects, Jellyfish Muscle/joint injuries Others Neck/back injuries History of Anaphylaxis History of concussion*Asthma Problems runningAsperger’s Syndrome Psychological ConcernADHD Respiratory IllnessADD *Seizure Disorder /ConcernsAutism Speech DifficultiesCardiac/Heart Concerns Skin DisorderCancer Sickle Cell AnaemiaDental Braces, Caps, Surgical Operation – PastBridges history*Diabetes Type 1 Thalassemia DisorderDiabetes Type 2 Vision Disorder / ConcernsDyslexia Wears Glasses / Contact LensesG6PD Please list any prescriptiveGastrointestinal Disorder medication your child will need to take in school (Continue overleaf if necessary)Hearing disorders Any other concernsHepatitis (Continue overleaf if necessary)*Students with these concerns need to have their doctor complete the school’s Individual Care Plan (ICP).See School Website (Nurse’s Page) for appropriate Individual Care Plan or contact the Registrar for furtherinformation. ( Office Use onlyReceived Date Received DateCompleted Health Record Completed Consent & DeclarationCompleted Vaccination Record *Individual Care PlanAttached Photocopy of Vaccinations
  5. 5. SCHOOL HEALTH RECORD Consent and DeclarationPlease note that the following consents are valid for the duration of time that your child attends BSAK, unless you inform the school otherwisein writing or by telephoning the school nurse directly.Print Child’s Name Date of BirthAs the parent / guardian of the child above I give my consent to the following:1. Consent for the Administration of Paracetamol (Secondary School Students only)  In the event of your child developing discomfort from dental, menstruation, muscular or mild cold symptoms, without fever, the school nurse may, after assessment, wish to administer age-appropriate Paracetamol to your child.  No alternative would be offered.  Students with fever are referred home for care.  All students who receive medication are monitored and you will be duly notified of any new concernsI consent to my child being given Paracetamol, should it be considered necessary, by the School Nurse.Parents Name (Print): ________________________________________________________Parents Signature ________________________________________________________Date ________________________________________________________2. Consent for Emergency Treatment Should your child require prompt medical treatment you will be contacted and asked to collect your child from school. In the event of a serious emergency, an ambulance will be called immediately. You will be contacted and advised to meet at the Hospital; the nearest hospital is Sheikh Khalifa Medical City on 24th Street near Karama Compound.I consent that my child may be taken to hospital in the event of a serious emergency.Parents Name (Print): ________________________________________________________Parents Signature ________________________________________________________Date ________________________________________________________3. School Declaration The school requires parents to disclose of any health and special educational needs at the time of the application. Failure to do so may result in the parent meeting additional costs through support or loss of a school place. The school reserves the right to withdraw the place offered before or after admission in the light of incomplete disclosure.I have understood and agree to the above conditions.Parents Name (Print): ________________________________________________________Parents Signature ________________________________________________________Date ________________________________________________________4. School Health Screening The Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD) mandates that all children are screened annually for health concerns, this includes a simple vision, height, weight, body mass index (BMI). Parents of children identified with a possible concern will be telephoned by the school nurse. Results of screening are not shared with students. All results are recorded in your child’s school health record and transferred to HAAD as mandated. For further information regarding school health screening, refer to the HAAD website http://www.haad.aeI consent to my child being included in the mandated HAAD health screening as outlined above.Parents Name (Print): ________________________________________________________Parents Signature ________________________________________________________Date ________________________________________________________
  6. 6. SCHOOL HEALTH RECORD Vaccination RecordVaccine schedules differ from one country to another due to particular health concerns of each country. Pleaseensure that your child is up to date with immunisations prior to starting at BSAK, consult your own doctor or theschool nurse for further information.Please attach a photocopy of your child’s current immunisation record.The Health Authority requires that the school maintains current information of each child’s immunisation history.1. I confirm that the attached photocopy is a true copy of my child’s immunisation records. Name of Student Name of Parent (Print) Signature of Parent2. If you have chosen to defer routine immunisations for personal or ethical reasons, please attach a signed letter stating your decision for school reference. NO / YES (Please circle if immunisations have been deferred). If ‘YES’ please attach letter.3. Has your child ever experienced an adverse reaction to an immunisation? NO / YES (Please circle). If ‘YES’ please provide details. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4. Does your child have any sensitivity/allergy to: egg albumin, neomycin, streptomycin, baker’s yeast, gelatin, thimerosal? These ingredients may be added to some immunisation as a preservative. NO / YES (Please circle). If ‘YES’ please provide details. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------For Office use only Immunisations Administered at BSAKVaccine Name Date Dosage Site Batch Expiry Date Comment Nurse’s Number Signature
  7. 7. Dear Prospective ParentsSchool Website & PublicationsPhotographs of pupils at work, school outings and special events are included on the website and inpublications. Including images of pupils on the school website and publications can be motivating for thepupils involved and provide a good opportunity to promote the work of the school. However, the school hasa duty of care towards pupils which means that we would never include the full name of a pupil alongsidean image. Most of the photographs show pupils in groups engaged in an activity.We realise that some parents may not wish their child’s photograph to appear on the website, thereforeplease complete the slip below and return it along with your application form.Yours sincerelyPaul CoackleyPrincipal School Website & PublicationsWe do not object to our child’s photograph appearing on the school website/publications □We do object to our child’s photograph appearing on the school website/publications □ * please tickName of Child ClassName of Child ClassName of Child ClassSignature Date
  8. 8. SAMPLE TRANSFER LETTER – TRANSFERRING FROM ANY OTHER COUNTRY Please have the following typed on the School’s letterhead, showing the full name and address, including country and telephone number of school. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN1. Name :2. Date of Birth : dd/mm/yyyy3. Place of Birth :4. Date of Admission : dd/mm/yyyy5. Class of Admission :6. Last Year/Grade Attended : (equivalent to Year _____ in the English curriculum)7. Date of Leaving : dd/mm/yyyy8. Reason for Leaving :9. Completed Year _____ and has been promoted to Year ______ for the Academic Year 2012/2013.(NOTE: Point 9 is only applicable at the end of an academic year i.e. June for Northern Hemisphere andDecember for Southern Hemisphere).Signature of Headmaster/Principal:Date: dd/mm/yyyy(PLEASE INCLUDE THE SCHOOL STAMP)Parents please note that without this letter it will not be possible to legally register your child in school or with the Ministry of Education in Abu Dhabi.Students transferring from South America/Africa/Middle East and Asia must have theirTransfer Certificate attested (stamped) by:  the Ministry of Education of the country in which the previous school is situated;  that countrys Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and  the U.A.E. Embassy. If there is no U.A.E. Embassy in the country concerned go to the Embassy of your Nationality
  9. 9. SAMPLE VISA LETTER TO BE SUPPLIED BY SPONSORS EMPLOYER Please have the following typed on the Sponsor Company’s letterhead, showing the full name, address, email and telephone number of the Company in the UAEVersion 1 (if Sponsor has his/her own Residence Visa)DateThe British School Al KhubairatP O Box 4001Abu DhabiUAEDear RegistrarThis is to certify that Mr/Mrs _________________ is employed with our company and his/her ResidenceVisa has been obtained. We are currently processing the Residence Visa for his/her child(ren) namely:(Each childs name to be listed)and we will forward these when available.Yours sincerelyAuthorised Company Representative________________________________________________________________________________________________Version 2 (if Sponsor does not yet have Residence Visa)DateThe British School Al KhubairatP O Box 4001Abu DhabiUAEDear RegistrarThis is to certify that Mr/Mrs ___________________ is employed with our company in the position of______________. We are currently processing the Residence Visa for him/her and his/her child(ren)namely:(Each childs name to be listed)and we will forward these when available.Yours sincerelyAuthorised Company Representative
  10. 10. CHECKLIST FOR SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION1 Applicant’s Birth Certificate and copy i) BC issued by the birth country of the applicant ii) UAE Arabic Birth Certificate, if the applicant is born in the UAE iii) Attestation of BC if child born in Africa/Asian/Arab/Eastern European & South American Countries by Embassy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs iv) Legal translation of BC into English/Arabic2 UAE Family Book and copy (Emiratis only)3 6 passport photos of applicant4 i) Applicant’s passport and copy ii) Applicant’s UAE Residence Visa / Diplomatic ID and copy iii) Sponsor’s/Father’s passport and copy iv) Sponsor’s UAE Residence Visa / Diplomatic ID and copy v) Change of name deed if applicant’s name differs to BC5 Copy of Emirates ID card or copy of stamped application form if ID card not yet received6 Company letter (if visa under process)7 School report ( FS1 – Year 12) Mid Year Applications for Year 7 Copy of MIDYIS Data Test i) Applications for Year 8 – Year 10 Copy of MIDYIS Data Test Year 12 Applications ii) Predicted GCSE results Reference letter Educational Psychologist report and IEP for students with Special iii) Educational Needs8 BSAK’s website permission form9 BSAK’s medical & vaccination record form (3 pages) plus up to date vaccination record10 Transfer Certificate (only required if we offer a place) i) Original Transfer Certificate in English or Arabic ii) Attestation of T/C for students coming from Africa/Asia/Middle East & South America iii) Arabic T/C (transfers within UAE) iv) No Objection Letter from parents if student is repeating the year at BSAK.